All about origami for the new year

All about origami for the new year

Not everything, probably, know that the word “origami” appeared only in 1880. But the art of folding paper figures arose much earlier, and for a long time, paper crafts were called “Orikat”. The popularity of this type of creativity has long been outside of Japan, graceful products made of paper loved people on different continents. They decorate at home, classes and children’s studios, origami appear even in offices. Just one paper crane (for example) already changes the atmosphere of the room, and also participates in the creation of a home coat. And quite precisely, origami figures are able to support the New Year’s atmosphere in the house.

What you need?

The main tool in Origami – Hands. And, of course, the author’s fantasy, as well as the ability to clearly follow the instructions. But without paper, of course, can not do.

Here are some tips on choosing a material for New Year origami.

  • White office paper – most affordable option. It has sufficient density and convincing smoothness. Such paper is suitable for modular origami, because it is non-slip and able to keep the form.
  • If you can do Colored office paper figures, it expands the capabilities of the master. Such paper is painted on both sides, it does not whiten on the bends.
  • To make simple models (for example, beginners), suitable Little Sheets for Records, they are often called stickers.
  • “Kami” – This is a special paper for origami, which can be found in stores for creativity. It is convenient because it is already cut into fragments of the desired form, usually square. Square size can be different. More often than one side “Kami” white, the other – color, and the set includes samples of different colors. But you can find two-sided colored paper, and ornamented.
  • Colored paper for children’s creativity. But first you need to check whether this material is not torn to the bends, does it not slide.
  • Journal lists. If there are magazines of good typographic quality, the sheets of them are quite suitable for bright origami samples.
  • Wrapping. Durable, with a good print, it is also convenient for creative experiments. But only matte samples are needed.
  • Embossed paper. For the manufacture of colors (for example, Christmas poinsettia) it fits perfectly.
  • Corrugated. Can be used to create separate elements of crafts, for example, patching stems.
  • Japanese paper Uoshi. This is an expensive version of the material for creativity, as it requires manual dressing. Paper soft, fibrous, because the folds of it will come out too soft.

    For simple figures, dense paper is quite suitable, for complex, modular compositions, is needed slippery, thin, but durable paper.

    From the napkins on the table, you can also make interesting figures, but not in all cases the napkins are coping with the task.

    As well as to create origami for the new year, you will need: Glue (thick PVA or adhesive pencil), paints, cutter, scissors, rules (triangles and vehicles), pencil and other additional accessories like sparkles, rhinestones and other little things.

    How to make it yourself?

    According to the schemes, even a beginner can navigate, it shows how to make decorations in the Origami technique. You need to start with the most simple schemes that will give confidence and get acquainted with the main techniques of technology.

    For beginners

    You can start with a minimalistic Christmas tree. It will be performed and adults and children. For the first origami lesson – the perfect option.

    For work, you need 4 sheets of paper 8×8 cm (3 green, 1 brown).

    We will analyze step-by-step instructions.

    • One green square need to be folded into the basic figure “Double Triangle”.

    • To do this, schedule diagonal bends.

    • Square must be turned over.

    • Figure folds in half, unfolds.

    • Billet returns to the front side.

    • Left and right extreme points on the central axis should be added to the middle. Top square – omit. So the double triangle is done.

    • All other green modules are made in the same way.

    • Now it is necessary to make a trunk of the Christmas tree. Fold the basic form “Double Square”. Again the diagonals are diagonally and turning the workpiece, the central axes are scheduled.

    • Right and left corner need to bend to the middle. So it turns out a double square.

    • The workpiece is located free edge down, the external points are going to the center. The same is done with the bottom angle, it reveals. Also need to do on the other hand.

    • The trunk remains to complete, the opening made in advance folds, upper and lower corners – to adjust. The cruciform must be folded, its center will be the top of the new form.

    • Side valves come inside. Green modules, one by one, are invested in each other, glue together. So all triangles are connected, creating a silhouette of the Christmas tree.

    Last Added Assembly Detail – Tree Barrel.

    For children

    An interesting version of the New Year’s craft – star-origami. Like suspension, she diversified Christmas balls on the Christmas tree. And she can become a gift box or serving element on the table. For the manufacture of the star, it is advisable to use double-sided colored paper (contrast).

    Consider step by step how to make an unusual star.

    • You should start on the side of the sheet, what will be inside the star. The bottom edge folds up. Upper left corner bends down to the center down. Your finger needs to be squeeed on the diagonal. It turns out a small fold.

    • The lower right corner is bended to the cross to the scheduled earlier. The left edge of the upper layer is aligned by right. The billet folds along the dotted line.

    • Now you need to make another fold “Gorka”, the left side is reducing back. Align all the edges of the figure. It turns out, as in Figure 11. The figure cuts off the top of the oblique line.

    • If you reveal the pattern, there will be a pentagon with clear edges. His corners are coated according to the scheme (Figure No. 14). Inside the figure clearly visible a star. All 5 angles are reinforced. It will turn out another star, more reminiscent of snowflake.

    • The workpiece must be turned over, add each vertex on the dotted line. Inside, again, the star was formed. Her rays must be bent to highlight the face of another pentagon formed.

    • Now all the folds of crafts should be strengthened to give a star-box.

    So, without glue, you can make a very beautiful star, which will serve not only the decoration, but even a small casket. Lovely gift to grandmother or mom. Of course, very kids, dososholate is unlikely to cope with this work. But younger schoolchildren in one work lesson make such simple, but spectacular crafts. Yes, and not necessarily wait for lessons: for mom and dad good way of creative weekend, together with the child.

    You can start with lighter crafts that are made in 8-10 receptions.

    But in this box, the complexity is only in the number of steps, all the steps will be understood by the child who helps the adult.

    More complex options

    A very beautiful ball is made of round modules, such an exercise implies the interior style, which focuses on the aesthetics IKEA. This is not quite classic origami, because glue for collecting the model is used, but the balls are obtained in such beautiful that you can not focus on this moment.

    It is necessary to use metal-based paper for the manufacture of balls, and vintage music sheets or even the pages of the old book are also suitable (can be used in English), and packaging bilateral kraft.

    Step-by-step instruction includes several points.

    • Circles with the same diameter are cut from square leaves (each side of 8-10 cm).

    • One of the billets must be folded in half, arrange a round open edge down.

    • Left extreme point also need to be folded to the center. The same step is repeated on the right side.

    • The workpiece can be completely disclosed.

    • Now it’s time to fold the extreme points that are located in the middle, to the center. The so-called double triangle will be released. In the picture you can see how one module will turn out. And such modules need to do another 17.

    • Finished modules are to be connected to blocks, in one block – 6 pieces.

    • Upper, lower and central parts need to glue. It is not worth it to take PVA – his substance may be too liquid, which will leave ugly waves. Glue-pencil cope with this optimally.

    The edges of halves are carefully lubricated with PVA glue, fasten.

    • That’s all – the ball is ready. The more interesting, brighter the paper is brighter, the more effectory the decoration for the Christmas tree will look.

    And one more example of a great New Year’s decoration, definitely imposing the Scandinavian interior style – pleated balls.

    Gentle pleated ball origami can be performed with your own hands.

    • For one ball, you will need a sheet of fine, tight paper (10 by 35 cm).

    • The sheet should be divided by vertical, making a step in 1 cm.

    • Lines on a sheet should be made by bigovka (you can do it and the opposite side of the usual stationery knife).

    • The sheet needs to be folded in half the “valley”, its long edges for 1 cm.

    • Now the diagonal lines are applied to a sheet after 2 cm (as in the photo).

    • Attention – Now the diagonal needs to be carried out in the opposite direction to get a grid for future collar folds.

    • Further, one by one, the bends “Mountain” and “Valley” are made. As a result of this work, it turns out an attractive volumetric design.

    • The resulting product will be collected by the harmonica, stroking the folds very carefully. And these need to do 2 sheets.

    • Now at the ends of the two obtained halves it is necessary to break holes (hole punch or seer).

    • Through the entire harmonic, you need to skip thread and tie, pulling it into the ball. From satin tape should be made of a loop, which node will fall inside toys.

    The edges of halves are carefully lubricated with PVA glue, fasten.

    From such beautiful balls you can make a real garland – In the hole on one side (specially left wide) will pass the light bulb. And the loop is not needed. It turns out a very beautiful Christmas decor: it’s hard to guess that the thing is not purchased in the store, but is done with your own hands.

    Beautiful examples of crafts

    And “for dessert” excellent examples of successful samples for inspiration – 10 New Year origami.

    • Little, but a pretty composition with Santa Claus (even two), deer and christmas trees. Conceptually not very difficult in performance.

    • Beautiful in their concise cardboard stars for decor – can be made of designer paper.

    • Another variation of the stars for the decoration of the Christmas tree, at home, as a craft to school and many other. You can make different sizes.

    • Cute Christmas Tree – Perfect Pendants for Simple Decor. And they can decorate greeting boxes.

    • An example of how pretty (and uncomplicated performed) can be a advent calendar.

    • Simple Snow Maiden, which can be collected in the picture.

    • Whether little Santa, or New Year’s dwarfs – in any case look the same pretty.

    • A little unusual, but cute balls on the Christmas tree. You can still begin to do in November.

    • The charming kid in the origami 3D (you can also do not only bunny, but also a dog, kitten).

    • Here is such an interesting wreath of a picture on Christmas theme. If you put it in the social network, you can collect all the “hearts”.

    Successful creative experiments!

    About how do it yourself make origami for the new year, see the next video.

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