All about round photocons

All about round photocons

After reading the article, you can learn everything about round photocons. Options with balls and metal frames, photo plants with a banner for a wedding and children’s options. Scheduled, how to make a round photo view with your own hands step by step.


Good round photowon – the one that takes into account the topics of photography and her nuances. Of course, you should carefully choose a place where shooting will be. The most practical solution has long been recognized by the use of metal collapsible frames. They are easy to mount anywhere, and then transfer if the need suddenly disappears. The selection of a particular place is determined by sufficient free area and level of illumination + should also be paid to the safety of the design.

Still worth considering who planned to photograph. So, children’s photowons are framed by balls almost always. For shooting adults it is practiced less.

The only exception is to prepare for the wedding photo shoot. You still need to consider how solemn the event is, and how many people will be photographed at the same time.

Interesting ideas

Very good and original composition composition with balls. Their adding them immediately makes the advantage winning visual. It is quite possible, for example, framing the central platform with decorative details – complex calculation. Plants in a cylindrical vase and several lush golden balls look quite attractive. It is very important to competently think about the lighting of the composition.

You can do and otherwise. For example, laying out the balls almost full circle near the photowons center. Pink, silver and light yellow balls perfectly complement each other. An elegant greeting inscription is inflicted on the wall. In general, the composition looks original and attractive.

And also quite well look:

  • Photosons with white balls and pandas, with symbolic figures (if it comes to celebration of the birthday)+

  • Simple ball composition surrounding+

  • Here is such a two-color composition of an unusual form.

But all the above options, no matter how good they are by themselves, are mostly suitable for children’s parties and the same holidays. However, not only kids want to be photographed in decent conditions. Therefore, banners are often excellent decoration. They can even be black, which does not reduce their aesthetic advantages. The following photo is a bright confirmation.

You can also beat the idea using combined with a banner of a white-blue chain of balls. The inscription on the wall is relatively simple and fulfilled without any fonts.

However, this laconicity is completely paid off by the general grace and the original decor of the outdoor zone.

Photosone can be performed in the form of a simple arch. In this case, there is no longer any need for any inscriptions – simply decorated with a circle with balls, and put a dark red background.

Round photo places are quite appropriate for the wedding. An excellent idea can be the use of decorative candles and floral decorations. The background should be argued and supplied with elegant inscriptions – the names of the heroes of the day.

Wedding seats for photo sessions are equipped in restaurants. Professionals also willingly use conventional techniques – “Renuits” of candles, inscriptions, colors + they carefully think over the lighting, may even add a table, which is clearly visible in the photo.

A luxurious wedding celebration also allows the use of “children’s” solutions – balls of different tones. True, they will have to choose with taste and very carefully. The photo also clearly seen how important the flower addition to the composition competently choose.

Round structures decorated in several places with flowers, also look excellent. The arch looks even more beautiful thanks:

  • Candles+

  • Point illumination guessing behind+

  • scattered petals.

Baby birthdays are nice to spend with the help of Candidi Bara. The colors of this composition are chosen taking into account the general approach characteristic of the holiday. Usually balloons are not taking around the circle, but on one of the parties. Small stands, often renting, will become a good decoration and stand for small items. The circle can be issued with an original picture, and sometimes – the inscription.

How to make it yourself?

Round photowon, like its other types, are most often drawn up with a scattering. It is possible to go around without backs only in completely unique cases when the lighting itself is perfect and allows you to make excellent pictures. But much more often there are serious problems, including glare all sorts. In any case, you need to pay attention to the additional decor. Moreover, it is him in many respects and creates a dominant mood.

Decorating the background possible:

  • Phantom+

  • garlands+

  • Svagami+

  • Artificial colors+

  • lambrequins+

  • Kulisami.

From decorative colors, peonies and roses are best. So that the backs stood tight and stable, it must be put on reliable “paws”. When installing on the ground instead of them, the “fives” minimum of 45×45 cm. The thickness of plywood should be at least 1.2 cm. You can shelter the backdrop of round photocons:

  • clean white web that does not shine, but shines+

  • plywood, wood-chip or wood-fibrous plates+

  • Packing corrugated cardboard+

  • expanded polystyrene+

  • wallpaper or rolled paper (but these materials are visible only for the back side of the composition, and that – only as Erzats).

To exclude errors, you need to draw up a drawing yourself or orient to finished schemes. Big photo places are made on the basis of frames or bobs from a bar. Inside them stretch the canvas, watching it to be delivered smoothly and smooth.

Very popular chalk and stylistic boards, which allow you to create excellent inscriptions and look amazing themselves. Otherwise you can focus on your fantasies and original ideas.

Beautiful examples

It looks original with white and blue balls. The difference in the size of the balls allows to achieve the original effect.

The circle that becomes the background for shiny metal cylindrical stands for flowers, can be decorated with flowers.

Round background can also be divided into vertical strips – this is a very original solution.

Round glossy photowon with her hands in the video below.

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