All about scripts for children for the new year

All about scripts for children for the new year

For each of us, a new year meeting is the time when all people are waiting for surprises and a wonderful celebration. Wizards and magicians become big, and small: preparing gifts, decorate the house and green guest from the forest. How to make these days unforgettable? Family’s holiday is a great solution: adults and children can play together, show their talents, get joy from communication and training.

Features of training

With the advent of children, the family of life is changing. Weekdays and weekends are built, taking into account the schedule of the day of the baby and those that older. This also applies to the meeting of the New Year, which is now held in the home atmosphere.

In young parents, such innovations often cause a sense of discomfort – after all it will have to stay at home and skip bright impressions, the opportunity to chat with friends.

To silently spend these days in a family circle, we suggest to organize the magic idea by attaching fantasy, a little time and labor.

Preparation of the children’s holiday will delight the children and will help adults to switch from everyday affairs. Parents know their children better than anyone. If guests are scheduled, this should also be considered.

For example, it is not recommended to invite a large number of visitors to the family, where the child is quite small, – such an event will not bring joy to the baby. Let only close relatives or friends be invited.

Some Soviets.

  • It is better to plan and write a scenario of the athex in advance. A plan is drawn up in a family circle, and the advice of the younger is accepted on a par with the elders.
  • Write a list of guests, among which will be both adults and children.
  • Discuss home decoration, a festive menu, taking into account the preferences of the invited. Learn from parents in advance which products are under the ban, and what the child wants to visit. And, of course, select and pack gifts.
  • Be sure to remove the time for children’s games, pick them up so that the guys of different ages were interesting. Be sure to participate adults in this process. Festive contests, quiz and even ordinary seekers will raise the mood and erase the borders between the ages.
  • Help me choose a preschooler outfit, with younger schoolchildren discuss clothes options. For masquerade, if it is scheduled, the costumes are preparing in advance and keep secret from other participants.
  • Free the space around the ate, the dance is one of the New Year traditions. Why not arrange funny dancing around forest beauty!

    Planning to organize a New Year’s holiday, it is necessary to decide whether Santa Claus and Snow Maiden will be invited. It is important to remember that animators for small guys should not be the same noisy and clowns, as for older audience. A stranger in a bright suit with a white beard can cause reliability at the kid and even scare. How long will communicate with a fabulous guest, depends on the reaction of the baby, his willingness to come into contact and the interest of what is happening.

    In preparation, the age of participants should also be taken into account, and the time allotted by the act. The smallest is recommended to give a small, but the most important role. If you plan to invite Santa Claus, then gifts will, of course, will hand. Dad, grandfather, family friend in Toulup and with a beard will not create an atmosphere of fairy tales – even kids will easily recognize a familiar face. Mystery and attaches a unique charm to the main day of the year.

    You can do without snow grandfather, for example, to say that Santa Claus came in and left a bag with gifts. To do this, it is necessary to sew a large bag of fabric suitable color, decorate and fold in it gifts.

    Successfully organize and carry out an event a thoughtful plan and a pre-prepared scenario for children for the new year will help. There are options for different ages on the network. It is interesting to come up with the proposed proposed. Roles and replicas are distributed, taking into account the age and ability of each. Let all those present be prepared and involved.

    Pick up unexpected ideas for the event so that it does not look like a matinee in kindergarten or a Christmas tree in a puppet theater. For the kid, it is better to make a chamber evening without fireworks and noise noise. From a large number of impressions, small children quickly get tired, you can try to combine active and quiet classes.

    Interesting ideas

    The optimal option is to prepare a flexible program in which all the main points of the upcoming celebration are prescribed, and several additional fragments. The main action sometimes ends quickly, then a pre-prepared list of contests and games will come to the rescue.

    Usually, The script consists of a plot that play 2 leading characters, and several modules, including tournaments, competitions and contests. For the smallest better limit to a small view with a dance around ate and presenting gifts that go smoothly into familiar games for them. For schoolchildren, 8-12 years old will need a more active and complex event – Masquerade, Quest, theatrical scenes or even a small performance.

    If children of different age take part in action, it is recommended to select instructions and tasks according to age. For kids, it will be reading the poem, guessing the mysteries, imitation to the music of movements of fairy-tale characters, for example, how grandfather is pulling or bunny in the forest jumps. Senior guys give the tasks of logic, questions about the intelligence and the horizons, one can offer to independently stage the famous fairy tale in the format of militant, comedy, melodramas.

    It is important to use everyone so that a cheerful mood filled the whole company.


    For the holiday, which will be arranged at home, preparing more thoroughly. Decorate rooms, make out the place where it is planned to hold an event. For a short concert or performance make an improvised scene, and for the masquerade create a mysterious atmosphere. Guests warn in advance, you can even make special invitations.

    On the costume ball, each participant is preparing a suit, a funny story from his character or number. For a concert, they are offered to fulfill their favorite song or scene from the film, and the audience must be guessing the artist or film.

    And you can crash to the teams and arrange a competition, who is better cuts snowflakes, the costume of a snowman will put up faster, will tell the most unusual history. For the victory in contests Gifted by a sweet prize – marmalade, cookies.

    Invite the children to pass the quest in search of a bag with gifts, which Left for them Santa Claus. Deciding the first task, the guys find the following and so up to 6 levels. These can be verbal riddles or pictures and even the photos on which the next task is encrypted.

    Festive table for children – this is also part of the celebration. Need to decorate it and make an unusual and memorable.


    Getting to walk in the company for preschoolers and younger students are an adventure, especially if you are going to the whole family. Walking outdoors strengthen health, and New Year’s entertainment in the yard or in a country cottage is a mobile and cheerful pastime.

    Modern children spend too much time in the virtual world, and there is no time for live communication. How do you like to meet a holiday without television and internet, far from urban fuss? Dress the Christmas tree on the plot, decorate the porch, spread the bonfire or arrange fireworks. It is important to forget anything, leaving for a vacation from home.

    Here, an open-air disco is possible around the Christmas tree, in which everything dance. Or can be divided into two teams and arrange a competition, who blinds the best snowman or build a fortress, will sing a song, will win snowballs.

    Good idea – to spend a role-playing game, only you should distribute roles in advance and discuss the rules. Imagine yourself with astronauts who fell on an unfamiliar planet. Night Sky, LED Garlands, White Snow Create Suitable Registration. Or let the cosmic aliens come to conquer the planet Earth a day when the earthlings are completely losing the vigilance, and will remain to celebrate the New Year. You can not leave anywhere, but, for example, go to the rink, drove from the slide. Joint walks in the park or in the yard to diversify games by entering the element of competitiveness. There will be funny contests or phantas.

    After fun in the cold, it will be nice to return to the home comfort, to warm up and gather at the table. Then play the whole family in the “field of miracles”, relax and chat. Everyone can take part, but questions, prizes and chocolate coins will distribute the lead. Then put to sleep kids and wait for the battle of the Kraist at the table in a circle of friends and relatives.

    In other places

    You can spend the children’s Christmas tree and where many children are often going to:

    • in the center for out-of-school+
    • at school (general education, musical)+
    • in kindergarten+
    • in library+
    • In the gym.

    Choose participants who will help the organizers lead. They are given the role, give out words and carry out rehearsals. With the rest of the guys are learning a cheerful song or suggest breaking the team: come up with a name, motto, draw posters for a support group.

    An excellent idea will be a journey or quiz dedicated to the traditions of the holiday. For example, as New Year is met in the countries of the world: France, Spain, Denmark, Poland and others.

    Offer to prepare theatrical representation for children may like friends and colleagues. It is possible to organize his display in a hospital or an orphanage.

    The script for a theatrical performance is easy to find on the Internet. Raise the mood and charges the positive performance “Silver Arrow” – On the adventures of fabulous heroes in modern realities. Will not let the game program for preschoolers and younger students “New Year’s Fun”. Among the many existing options are selected and create a suitable event for a particular event.

    We come up with the program

    The plot of the script can be different, it remains to fill it with the game program. Even if the planned event takes a short period of time, filling it with contests and small games will be an excellent solution.

    • “Who has a Christmas tree”. From white paper cut out the Christmas tree and distribute to each guest. Distribute billets, pencils and markers, glue and sequins. Offer to decorate the Christmas tree. The best christmas tree is awarded the first prize.
    • “Owl on the hunt”. Choose a leading, it becomes the “owl”. The rest depict different animals on their own selection. After the word “day!»All participants move and having fun. Lead says: “Night!”, And all get silent. “Owl” flies on hunt, carefully watching each. Loses the one who moves out, laughs – he becomes leading.
    • “Donashi Snowball”. Two representatives from different commands should chapped up to one place. Everyone in the hands of a spoon with snow (such a game is great for the street). Who turned out to be faster and did not drop the snowball, he won.
    • “Shooting snowballs”. Prepare target. On Snowball Street Real, and in the room, shells are crushed out of paper and throw, trying to get into the basket. Who has more hits in the target, he gets the title of “Metal”.
    • “Snowman tagging”. Two people from plasticine must make a snowman. Everyone uses only one hand, the second is tied up behind the back: one – right, and another – left. On the whole process is given for about 5 minutes, it depends on the age of participants. Competed several par. Who quickly coped better, then won.
    • “New Year’s auction”. It is proposed in turn to call items associated with the winter holiday: snow, spruce, snow maiden, gifts and so on. Who could not come up with the next subject finishes playing.
    • “Congratulations”. Suggest to come up with congratulations for each other. The text should begin with the letter specified by the lead. For example: on “P” – “joy, success, health and happiness to you and your relatives next year”.

    Entertainment quiz on the topic of the coming celebration will make it possible to learn and will learn a lot of interesting facts. Sample answers list:

    1. Joulupukka, Per-Noel, Babbo Natal – this … (Santa Claus).
    2. That winter is never the same? (Snowflakes).
    3. In which country first dressed up a fir? (In Germany).
    4. What do if a New Year’s Eve man meets one? (Put an empty device).
    5. What is Santa Claus? (Sani, harnessed by the top of the horses).
    6. Motherland Snow Maiden? (Kostroma).
    7. What a favorite dish near the Snow Maiden and Santa Claus? (Ice cream).
    8. When the new year started to Peter I? (September 1).
    9. What is the Russian traditional dance near the ate? (Dance).
    10. What a gymnastic trick committing land to the beginning of the upcoming year? (Turnover).
    11. Why in Russia was taken to bind the legs of the New Year’s table with a rope when they sat down for him? (They did in order for the next year the family was friendly and did not partition).

    About what games to play with children for the new year, see in the following video.

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