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Know all about styles’ style parties important not only for professional celebrations. Carefully compile the script of the thematic day of birth is not easy – you have to consider how to dress on the anniversary and another holiday in retro style. A separate topic – contests for adults and children who need to be selected with taste.


It makes no sense to go into long discussion about the positive or negative were these people. But, anyway, The idea of ​​the style of “styles” can be an excellent choice for any person who wants to organize a chic holiday. To spend it, by the way, it is not necessary to take even some room. Fully meets the authentic spirit, by the way, conducting the themed retrotor outdoors – it was more convenient to hide and disguised. Other suitable solutions can be:

  • Conventional Restaurant Hall+
  • Imitation of a chic old apartment+
  • “Cutting Entertainment Club” (abandoned house, wasteland or construction).

As an adult birthday, anniversary, and a holiday for children can be successfully held only in a bright, chic environment. It is precisely it fully meets the spirit of this style. Screaming shades and juicy, avant-garde paints (which in other stylistics are unacceptable). You can actively use bright curtains and curtains. Walls frame with colored garlands and old gramophone plates.

If there are no finished plates, they can always be made of paper. Center “Plates” must be painted in bright tones. Such decor elements are postponed by a chain on the satin ribbon. An excellent choice can be photographs of the most true styles, even cartoons will be able to beat on them. An important addition is photographs of famous musicians and other creative figures, athletes, covers of popular albums.

The logical completion of this approach is the use of old players, radiol or cassette tape recorders. By the way, they can also be applied in direct appointment. In the room must be provided for photowon. It is best to make it near a large canvas.

IMPORTANT: Even if a purely children’s party is held in the Spirit “Stylag”, you will have to very subtly observe the border between the stylish spreading colors and chaotic interchange.

It is recommended to remove everything from the apartment that contradicts the concept of the 1950s and 1960s. All that cannot be deleted is masked by drapes. It is advisable to post in different places balloons painted in polka dot. To create a suitable atmosphere, perfect garlands with large light bulbs. If the room is flower pots (or it is planned to put them in addition), then gerberas are best used from plants.

IMPORTANT: The more place will remain indoors, the better – it will be easier to dance. Sit at the party will have quite a bit, quite enough and windowsill. If there is a player for records, then it should take a central place indoors. Purchase such a device is easy – it is at an affordable price sell in many places. It is not necessary to even choose a workable copy – it is most important to create a good entourage.

Tableware on the stylish party most often from bright glass or decorating extraordinary elements, drawings. If also used bright, colorful service, it will be an additional advantage. At orphans, glasses and glasses can be framed by “dresses” or “ties”. Instead of ordinary napkins, it is recommended to use made from satin tissues. In general, the more bright and brilliant elements, the higher the degree of compliance of the basic concept.

Preparation of invitations

Considering the truck of real styles to everything easy and musical, it is worth thinking about the invitations in the form of gramophone plates. When drawing up text, slanging expressions are used. Very good if instead of the names of guests will be mentioned specially invented “nicknames” or established in the usual circle of nickname. If the idea with a record does not suit, you can choose for an invitation card shape skirt or tie.

Flyers are easy to print on a home printer. They should be simple and bright at the same time. The main background has a raspberry or moderate pinkish color. Text most often make from multi-colored letters. If the range of the whole composition resembles confetti, it is almost the perfect option.

Invitations can be done in the form of an original dress. Silhouette Make Bright Colored Cardboard. “Talia” is made by satin ribbons of contrasting color. The opposite side covers the text denoting the time of the holiday.

A good idea is also an invitation card in the form of a glass of ice cream + preferred, as always, bright and contrasting tones.

Creating an image

Since the image of the styles is not so simple, you will have to send an invitation in advance – a few weeks before the holiday. In addition to the main decoration of the premises and the choice of clothes, you should not forget about accessories. Like everything else, they must be throws and bright. Widespread jewelry from plastic + if you use it, then immediately in large quantities. Gloves are authentic “having fun” used to form an excellent style, and not for insulation, and therefore they can be made of fine tissue.

Similarly, hats were applied. In addition, it is impossible to submit a real style without:

  • Platifs+
  • Scarfikov (both should be contrasting colors)+
  • Belt and ribbons wound on the waist+
  • female bags (they are usually picking under the tone of the dress).


To give a girl or a woman to dress in accordance with the spirit of styling, recommend using a bright dress that takes at least to the knees, with a slightly overpriced waist. The belt frames a wide ribbon supplemented by a bow. If you wear skirt, then or magnificent, or very bold design, tosing and boldly opening your knees. In youth age, you can wear classic trousers or tracksuits.

Men-styles wore predominantly bright shirts. Among them could be both monochrome and decorated with elegant pattern. It is recommended to use cellular double breeding jackets. Very good supplement to the costume are “Duffery” pants. Ideally, they are separated into the Scottish cell.

The color of the trousers does not necessarily coincide with the rest of the costume. Socks try to choose bright, combined visual with shirt and / or tie. Tie himself has a big length and very thin, tied on a small knot + This item has its own special name – Tie Tie. Suspenders must be combined with other accessories.

Very appropriate sturgeon boots (so-called nozzles).


Women’s stylish hairstyle require sure to fix. Neat styling and smooth contours are also appropriate for them. Welcome “Babetta” or “High Flight”. Etalon can also be hairstyle Marilyn Monroe or Victory Rolls. Men make sense to navigate the hairstyle of “COC”, the brightest prototype of which represents Elvis Presley.

IMPORTANT: You should not count that you can do just a neat probor or a moster of non-standard form. Real styles never recognized carriers such hairstyles with their people. Recommended Use of dynamic curls and complex curls. Bangs from girls may well be with curls or neatly looking rollers. Note: women and girls can also imitate the hairstyle of Elvis Presley – it is quite authentic.


It is a make-up of styles paid great attention. Girls are recommended to use bright lipstick varieties and extended arrows. They are doing around the circumference of the eyes, in black. Sometimes bright shadows are used, for example, carrot. Eyes should look expressive and be open, have an emphasized “innocent” view.

Characteristic makeup features in general will be Ease and liberty. It is very important to demonstrate light coquetry, form a nice shade on my face first. Tone align with a tonal cream. To the skin looked perfectly, powder is applied to her. You can use correctors, but only so that they look absolutely unnoticed.

      Convex sections of the cheeks are covered with good, careless, but nice looking blushes. You can also refuse them at all – it fully corresponds to the canon. Eyebrows give the shape of a thin elegant line. In the presence of long hair, the focus in the design of the face is not on the eyes, but on the lips. With a short hairstyle choosing makeup options is almost unlimited.

        Unlike the same cowboys and many other people for the style of the menu on the festival was a secondary character. Most often limited to pizza, hot dogs, snacks, 1-2 types of pies and hamburgers. Of course, only a few imitators idealized the image of the United States could actually afford such food. But today nothing prevents the embodiment of a similar ideal.

        When it is planned to imitate a home party, it is necessary to focus on the most ordinary dishes, former in the course of the 1950s and 1980s.

        Miniature sandwiches with ham, cucumber, caviar or herd – the most. Do not forget about desserts. They are designed to become not only delicacy, but also a chic table decoration. Therefore actively use caramel and colored glaze. On birthdays and other solemn cases, it is recommended to order cakes with a stylish symbolism (recorder, saxophone and so on – what is enough fantasy).

        Create an entourage of the past era can be using jars with old-fashioned labels. The design of the sprats in tomato, kabachkoy caviar, condensed milk almost not changed over the past decades. Parties in the spirit of styles are not unthinkable without punch, without a bright color cocktails. It is recommended to use homemade labels with a suitable content. Private styles drank Georgian wines, but sought to use and whiskey – they can be able to imitate in this.

        Serving the table is necessary in the American style. Filling dishes can be left in a more familiar domestic key. Stands for dishes can be made of X-ray film. She will make it possible to designate personal seat.

        Musical accompaniment

        A huge role of music in such a party cannot be disputed. It is quite logical to combine modern compositions and songs of the 1950s. Best fit such genres like rock and roll, jive, bougie-ward and twist. It is advisable to invite an experienced choreographer who will educate all party participants necessary skills. It is possible to simplify the selection of compositions, focusing on iconic melodies and songs from popular foreign films of that era.

        The most important and relevant performers:

        • Glenn Miller+
        • Chuck Berry+
        • Elvis Presley+
        • DDT+
        • Eddie Rinner+
        • Duke Ellington+
        • “Movie”+
        • “Bravo”+
        • “Zoo”+
        • Zhanna Aguzarova.


        Party in the stylish spirit can not be normally carried out without original competitions and games. All parts must be clearly inscribed in a unambiguous thought out scenario. If a specific lead or leading is selected, it is better if the main rules of behavior will be clearly announced from the very beginning. After that, it is usually awarded Badges with invented names or nicknames – this will eliminate many errors and misunderstandings. Among the competitions, there must be a competition for the knowledge of the realities of the stylable defendant, as well as the “Walk through Broadway” (in both cases the jury acts, which distributes the final places among the contestants).

          A separate competition can be dedicated to the knowledge of Zhargon Stilyag.

          And also sometimes choose:

          • Competition on artistry+
          • Quiz on the knowledge of the inclination and personal features of the Party Participants+
          • Competition “Who is the most advanced styling at this evening”+
          • Competition “Who is best dancing”.

          About how to make makeup in the style of “styles”, see the next video.

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