All about the celebration of the New Year in Australia

All about the celebration of the New Year in Australia

The celebration of the New Year in Australia is significantly different from the celebrations both in Russia and in America or Europe. The main reason for such nursing is the climate – the main night of the year Australians are not met in winter, but in the midst of the hot summer season.


New Year in Australia celebrate most often outdoors in water. High temperatures, lack of snow and brightly shining sun turn the cozy winter fairy tale to the beachpone. On January 1, January 1 is a public holiday, and therefore the official day of rest, but on January 2, all Australians have already come to work. The country’s main tree is located in Sydney on the central square of Martin. Tree is usually installed artificial and abundantly decorated with garlands. No less attractive trees are put in Melbourne and Canberra centers.

Need to add that In the same Sydney at midnight in the Harbor Sydney Harbour is organized by one of the most impressive fireworks in the world. This event attracts tourists so much and local residents, that many of them additionally acquire tickets for the highest viewing platform of the city tower Sydney Tower. Towering at 250 meters above the ground level, enthusiastic people with convenience enjoy the light representation.

How to prepare for the holiday?

Given that before the New Year, the Australians also celebrate Christmas, preparation for both holidays takes place at the same time and lasts more than a month. In early winter, all cities are held competition “New Year’s lights”, therefore, the inhabitants of Australia are proceeding to the creation of scenery. Public institutions are usually drawn up by shining garlands and figures of festive characters. Owners of private houses in addition mounted on the site Pretty expensive light-music designs. Entrance doors are universally decorated with christmas wreaths, and the streets flare out garlands.

Living airs are brought from Europe, and artificially purchased in advance in hypermarkets. Some Australians as a festive tree use evergreen metrosiders, which does not even require a special decoration, because during the celebration of the new year, his flowers are painted in amazing dark red tint. Next to the Australian “Christmas tree” there are a variety of sweets and numerous gifts. Somewhere in mid-December in Australia, excursions begin to be held for everyone who wanted on the most decorated streets.

In the shopping centers are organized meetings of children with Santa Claus, which can be asked to ask the best christmas gift.

How and what number are celebrated?

Despite the fact that the Australian New Year is celebrated on the same night, from December 31 to January 1, it happens in the summer. The fact is that the seasons in the southern hemisphere do not coincide with European, so the onset of the festive season occurs in a month, symbolizing the beginning of the hottest time of the year, when the average temperature ranges from 25 to 30 degrees, and the rains are practically no. Moreover, New Year in Australia comes at 16: 00 Moscow time, which makes Australians among the first in the world who “turns” the calendar page.

Festive table

Noting New Year, Australians do not pay too much attention to a festive table. Of course, it is always organized by abundant and very tasty, but the dishes themselves can be quite ordinary.

  • For residents of Australia, it is quite normal to enjoy in the New Year’s Eve well root steak, grilled sausages or barbecue.
  • Quite often, the hostesses bake a variety of cakes, and some of them are hiding surprises: coins, paper with predictions or nuts. That guest to whom the cherished piece will fall, next year will definitely be happy.
  • Of the traditional dishes on the Australian table, it is possible to detect the float pie – a closed meat baking is served in a plate of pea soup.
  • To the selection of drinks, residents of the continent are not pickyled: On New Year’s Eve, they drink champagne, local wine or even beer.

In general, I must say that for most Australians is not accepted on the holiday to get together for a family dinner. Rather, they will be found in the park and in the squares, where, by the way, the kiosks with festive treats work all night.

However, if a resident, for example, Sydney decided to arrange a home party on a festive date for relatives and friends, he will surely take care so that no one remains hungry, and the table shone a snow-white tablecloth and new devices to attract good luck.

Traditions and customs

New Year’s celebration in Australia often occurs in a noisy party format. Loud music sounds everywhere, and fireworks are lit in the sky. There is also a format of a masquerade or some thematic event. Many Australians go to nature or even organize rest on the cruise liner. At midnight, Australians raise glasses with champagne, shook each other hands or kiss. Must be launched salute, symbolizing the transition from the old year to the new. Claxsons jump everywhere, drums sound and call bells. Australians believe that the new year will be able to come, only if it is as much as possible to “spawn”. New Year’s events continue almost up to 4 am.

Santa Claus to Australia, by the way, gets, but, giving deer to dry, sometimes transplanted on a kangaroo or surfboard. Gifts kind wizard leaves either under the Christmas tree or under the meterosidessos. In response, the kids prepare for his deer carrots, and grandfather himself leave beer pies. Despite the fact that Santa Claus is a symbol of christmas, people in red caps and beach shorts of the same color can be found in the New Year’s Eve. Instead of snowy snowmen children at this time enjoy sand peeling.

Morning on January 1, many Australians meet on the beach, because it is there that surfers arrange demonstration performances. Then the townspeople go to relax, walk and continue to have fun in bars and clubs.

As it was above mentioned, most of them return to their usual affairs.

In the next video you can look at the New Year’s Fireworks in Sydney.

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