All about the design of the New Year’s table

All about the design of the New Year's table

New Year is a magical holiday, which celebrates every family. At the same time, any mistress strive to turn the new year into an unforgettable celebration, saturated with bright sensations and emotions, and therefore prepare for him in advance. Special attention is paid to serving a festive table (and this remains relevant, regardless of whether you meet the new year in the family circle or wait for guests). Today in our article we will talk about what options for serving a New Year’s table exist.

Determines with color gamut

When choosing a color gamut of the New Year’s table, you can take into account the eastern horoscope or repel from your own wishes and preferences. Consider several popular options.

  • One of the current ways to decorate the table – Use of white, silver and golden shades. At the same time, the tablecloth itself should be white – in this case, all other color accents and shades will be distinguished on its background, it will play the role of a kind of “canvase”. In combination with a white tablecloth, you can use silver or golden dishes, as well as instruments. If you choose this color gamut, it can be successfully complemented by one-photon napkins without additional drawings.

As the main decoration of the table, you can use a small Christmas tree, which can be put into a stylishly decorated container in the middle of the table (for example, in bucket).

  • For the decoration of the New Year’s table, many mistresses choose Red color gamut, Since she looks quite solemn and festively. However, in this case, you should be as cautious and neat – too much the elements of the intense red shade can play a keen joke. So, in a bright coloring, you can choose such setting items like a tablecloth and napkins, while dishes and appliances are recommended to choose in traditional restrained colors (for example, white plates and silver devices).

In addition, the table itself can be painted with additional red elements: for example, New Year’s Christmas balls, ribbons and candy.

  • No less popular is Blue-white-blue palette, which reminds all those present that the new year is a winter holiday. When choosing this gamma as decoration, you can use snowflakes, snowmen, as well as Christmas branches painted in white. Thanks to this selection of serving, you can create a winter cozy mood for your guests. Excellent as functional accessories in this situation, a variety of handmade napkins with embroidery, which combine the corresponding shades. At the same time, the instruments and dishes should be in white and silver shades, since these colors are well combined with blue and blue.

To give your serving depth and volume you can use several shades of blue and blue.

  • If you want to create the most comfortable and cozy home atmosphere, then you should give preference Warm shades: for example, brown. At the same time, a large number of objects from natural materials should be on the table (mainly from wood). So, for example, the main central decoration of the table can be a vase with fir bumps. Mistressians who choose such a color vending option, often pick up unusual cutlery.

As a satellite, you can choose products from a natural tree. Such a serving will not leave a single guest indifferent.

  • Hostesses that do not attract luxury and cordiality give preference gray and white shades. Very elegant and minimalist looks gray tablecloth with white dishes on it. You can also use gray napkins, silver devices and glasses. As decorations when choosing this color scheme, candles are very often chosen. Also on the table as bright color accents you can put Christmas branches or a vase with Christmas toys. So you save the festivity and solemnity of the atmosphere.

This list is not final. In the case of serving and decorating a New Year’s table, do not be afraid to show your creativity and creative abilities. Experiment, combine unusual shades and create copyrighted decorations.

Thanks to efforts, you can create the most unique and exclusive festive table, which will make an indelible impression on all those present at the festival.

Features serving

When serving a New Year’s table Multiple key principles and features should be taken into account.

  • The first thing you should do is choose and disseminate tablecloth. This element of serving will be the background of all your decoration, so it is worth the choice carefully and responsibly. So, give preference to tablecloths made of natural fabrics. In addition, keep in mind that in the New Year’s bustle there is a high probability that the tablecloth will be frank, respectively, it should be easily clean and dismissed.

In this respect, one-time tablecloths are relevant, however, they often look cheap and inconsiderate, as a whole spoil the general view of the festive table.

  • The original vending option can be created even if you do not wait for a large number of guests, and meet New Year together (for example, with his spouse). Serving for two should be the most romantic.

  • When choosing plates and appliances, pay attention to the size of your table. So, the small table will not allow you to place a large number of people, as well as large dishes. On the other hand, on the large table, small plates will look somewhat comic and even to some extent reasonable.

  • An important role in the overall design of the table plays the design of napkins. So, for example, they can be folded into an unusual form (for the new year there will be a relevant shape of the Christmas tree), they can also be placed on top of the plate, put the ring and T. D.

Remember that the design of the napkin sets the overall mood of the rest of the service.

  • Before placing an additional decoration on the table, design elements and accessories, need to place a basic set of products (Plates, devices and glasses). After that, you can estimate the amount of the remaining free space and, taking into account this characteristic, choose decorative parts for registration.

A variety of decoration elements

Beautifully arrange with your own hands and at home the festive table for the new year is quite simple. In order for the composition you created as much as possible and attracted the attention of guests at home, Various scenery should be used: and they can be made independently (for example, from products) or purchase in the store. Today in our article we will look at the ideas of how to properly decorate the New Year’s table.

Vases with filling

The most popular among the hosts decorative element of the festive table are a variety of vases with filling. It is quite simple to create them, however, they look impurious. It is recommended to give preference to transparent vases, since, thanks to the glass, guests can see everything that is inside the tank.

So, for example, christmas toys can be used as a filler (most often – balls), cones, branches of coniferous trees, fruits, candy and t. D.

Citrus fruit

Modern new year is impossible to imagine without the abundance of citrus fruits on the table. That’s why Mandarins, oranges and lemons can be not just a pleasant delicacy and dessert, but also a real decoration of your festive table. In addition, the citrus is appropriate to look in the process of the feast, so they will also make a pleasant fragrance.

Mandarins and oranges can be placed in a transparent vase, create an unusual composition (for example, a tree) of them or individually decompose before each guest – the choice remains for you.

Candles and garlands

Candles and garlands are Traditional New Year’s decorations – With their help, you can create the desired cozy and home atmosphere. An unsurpassed aesthetically attractive composition can be created from candles placed in the center of the table. In this case, you can use both thin and long candles in candlesticks and larger candles that are originally sold in special containers.

It is very important to choose such candles, which will not make too sharp fragrance, Since he can spoil the impression of the dishes prepared by you. Accordingly, it is better to choose not flavored goods. As for the garland, they can be decorated with a central composition (for example, a vase with filling to surround the garland or put a bright accessory inside the vase at all). In addition, you can decompose a multicolored garland across the entire table.

Coniferous branches

From coniferous fir branches, you can create an excellent central composition of the festive table, which will be especially relevant to this winter holiday. So, for example, they can be put in a vase, forming a kind of bouquet from the bids. Also (at your wish) you can create an unusual composition or craft.

Christmas balls

Surprisingly, Christmas balls can decorate not only a coniferous tree, but also a New Year’s table. For example, in the center of the table you can create a thumbnail of the Christmas tree (for this you can use coniferous branches or a small artificial tree), which can be decorated with small in size, but spectacular in appearance with christmas balls.


Cones of coniferous trees perfectly suitable for decoration of the festive table. They will perfectly fit into almost any color gamut chosen by you, give the naturalness and naturalness to the general decoration.

At the same time it is worth cleaning the bumps in advance (if you collected them yourself in natural conditions) and make sure that they are completely absent dirt and dust, as well as insects. Remember that not only aesthetic side is important, but also safety.

Cornish sticks

Cinnamon sticks are perfectly combined with citrus or apples. They can be folded together with fruit into a large glass vase – such a composition can become a central decoration of the table.

In addition, cinnamon makes a festive smell (however, make sure that none of the guests suffers from allergies to spices).

Christmas wreath

Christmas wreath – Classic decoration for the winter holiday. At the same time, it can not only hang on the door, but also to use for other purposes. So, for example, it can be postponed in the center of the table, and inside – put candles or decompose the garland.


Decoration of the New Year’s table can be independently made bird nests. Which decor to use depends on the general decoration of the table.


Candy can not only perform the role of dessert, but also a decorative function. If you fill out a transparent vase with multi-colored candies, and put it in the table of the table, then you will definitely work the Furore among those present at the holiday of children. In addition, you can make an unusual garland from delicacy.

Miniature Christmas trees

Small artificial Christmas trees can be arranged near every guest. If you have a big tree, it can become a central composition of the table.


Bates – These are universal New Year’s decorations. With their help, you can decorate glasses (for example, having rugged a leg) or napkins (in this case, the bows can be used as a fixer).

At the same time, keep in mind that these items must fully comply with your chosen color palette of the festive table.


Small snowmen can be made independently (for example, from wool or foam) or purchase ready-made in the store. Wherein They are recommended to arrange near every guest. Thus, you will create an individual decoration for each present.

To give originality, you can use various items (so, some snowmen can create a hat or scarf, others – attach hair or handbag and t. D.).


As a decoration of the table, you can use such winter berries like juniper, viburnum, hawthorn, cranberry, sea buckthorn, etc. D.

Fetra and paper decorations

Fetra and paper elements are usually quite voluminous in its size. Therefore, you have to in advance to calculate everything so that they do not blocked the table and did not overlap the dishes prepared by you. At the same time (subject to their correct and correct application) they can be a real hit and an emphasis of your decoration.

Gingerbread decorations

Gingerbird – classic new year symbol. In many houses, the manufacture of a gingerbread house is a real festive tradition. To decorate the table, you can bake gingerbread sweets yourself either buy them in the store.

At the same time, depending on your individual wishes, as well as the size of the table, you can choose large decorations that will play the role of the central composition, or smaller items that will be a gift for each guest.

Thus, the variety of decor options for the New Year’s table will amaze the imagination even the most sophisticated hostess. At the same time, when choosing specific elements should not be oriented exclusively on trends – Consider your individual tastes, and also think about the atmosphere in advance that you want to create on a holiday.


In order for the final setting to make a positive impression on you and all guests present, It is recommended to adhere to several simple recommendations and councils of specialists.

  • So, first of all it is important to make sure that All items of your serving correspond to each other and are well combined with each other. Only this way you can create a holistic composition.
  • Use the tablecloth, devices and plates Only high quality. All elements must be made (if possible) from natural raw materials.
  • Do not decorate your festive table too intense. The fact is that the excess of decorative elements can make a negative impression on your guests and in general spoil the entire composition of the festive table.

Thus, as we were able to make sure, decorating a festive table for the new year is a rather complicated and responsible task, to the solution of which many hostesses are suitable in advance. Depending on your individual desires and preferences, you can use traditional and classic decoration schemes or show your creative and create copyright design options. One way or another, but with the right approach, your guests will not remain indifferent.

About how to arrange a New Year’s table, see the following video.

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