All about the new year in New York

All about the new year in New York

The American New Year is significantly different from the Russian. In winter, the main holiday in the USA – Catholic Christmas. This is a truly family holiday. As for the new year, it can be called public. From December 31, on January 1, people with friends go to bars and restaurants, clubs and casinos, participate in colorful festivities. The most beautiful festivities are held in New York.


Americans long before the winter holidays begin to prepare for celebrations. In the squares appear elegant Christmas trees, at home – garlands from multicolored lanterns, and on the doors – wreaths of needles. If you decide to celebrate the New Year in New York, know that you will get in a real fairy tale. The city in December is straightened by the view that he has the remaining months of the year. In a word, Santa Claus is justified in the megalopolis with all the ensuing consequences.

On the streets constantly sounds cheerful music, the stunning illumination of the skyscrapers turns them into the magic locks. No showcase remains without luminous and shiny decorations. Fale heroes are observed from everywhere: Angels, deer, gnomes and elves, and even Santa himself. Trees and bushes are also dressed for holidays. They hang garlands and colored light bulbs. The city shines from the most upper points of the skyscrapers to low gardens.

Especially carefully for solemn dates Americans decorate their dwellings.

Each house put fir. True, unlike our beauties, Coniferous plants – a symbol of christmas, not a new year. Flowers are installed almost a month before the holiday – at the end of November. And in order for the living plants, the needles do not appear, the barrel is placed in a tank with a nutrient mixture and periodically water water.

It is noteworthy that Normal we have tinsel not used in the US for the decoration of the Christmas tree. Her seat on American conifers occupy bows and ribbons. Sparkling garlands appear on the roofs and facades of buildings. Beautiful figures are installed in the courtyards in front of the buildings. Everyone wants to make their home the most bright, interesting and attractive. In this desire, Americans do not regret funds. Electricity costs significantly increase that it is pleased with power supply companies.

How to celebrate?

Celebrate New Year with a slightly smaller scale than christmas. But the mass of Americans and tourists goes to this celebration in New York. The most beautiful tree is standing on Rockefeller Center. Here, since the end of November, the rink is opened, rolling skates. And opposite Rockefeller center on the facade of the most famous store Saks Fifth Avenue you can enjoy free light show.

On the first day of January, Times Square opens a colorful parade. Those who could not get to the procession are watching him on TV. It is said that more than a million people become spectators. New year in miniature here meet every hour, noting his arrival in different time zones.

The most colorful action unfolds per minute until midnight. By tradition, which has been more than 100 years old, on the last day of the year – 31 numbers from the top of the building located in the central Times Square, the huge Christmas ball is lowered by different colors.

Interesting about the ball

For the first time, a New Year’s bowl sank from the tower in the distant 1907. Organized the spectacle of Jacob Starr. The weight of his ball made of iron and wood was 318 kg, and the diameter is 1.5 meters. Nowadays, the ball has changed significantly. Now he weighs as much as 6 tons! In this case, the diameter is 3.7 m. A unique design has 2688 faces, and sparkling provide 32256 LEDs. The ball makes the eye of the local residents and visitors. And only once a year he descends to Earth.

In order to personally see the lowering of the new year, people are ready to stand on the square in anticipation of only one last minute of the outgoing year.

The fact is that about 19-00 the area is filled to the maximum, so further access is closed. The best places for review people occupy from the morning of the 31st. They dress warmly, counting on the fact that it is for a very long time to stand still.

Settled at a convenient place, the audience no longer leave him. In order not to experience hunger and thirst, you have to stock up food and drink. Reserves should be in his pockets, because the police will not allow the police with large bags and backpacks. by the way, bring with you alcohol prohibited. Veto is imposed even on champagne.

It is incredibly brought to those who follow the lowering from the windows of the nearest hotel rooms. And no one bothers, and no push, and warm. Such rooms are booked long before the holidays and are expensive. Culmination occurs in 23-59. The ball floats down, and thousands of spectators begin countdown. After loud “one!»Salute sounds on the square, breaks laughter, joyful greetings and universal fun.

Where to meet better?

New Year is not only night from December 31 to January 1. All entertainment institutions work on holidays. On vacation days, it is customary to visit theaters with New Year’s performances. Famous artists, musicians, singers, popular groups arrive in the city. Do not know what to choose? Go to the Broadway Musical. The minimum ticket price for “Chicago” is about 60 dollars.

On holidays, local residents of whole families go to Radio City Musical Hall – perhaps the most famous in the US. Every Russian in the state films saw Emper State Building – the famous skyscraper. For $ 25-35, you can buy a ticket for one of the viewing sites and admire the beauties of the night New York.

It is impossible to abandon the inspection of the Statue of Freedom. Tourists go to the majestic monument on the ferry. Otherwise it is not to get to him. Lovers of relaxing in the air stroll through the streets of the metropolis, visit numerous cafes and restaurants, look into boutiques and shopping shops or just admire the intricately decorated shop windows.

Be sure to visit several festive fairs. Fair in Bronte Park is located around a rink in the central part of Manhattan. Professional figure skaters are performed on ice, including the winners of the world championships. After the ice show, you can have a snack and make shopping. The fair presents souvenirs, handmade products, various accessories and goods of famous brands.

For shopping souvenirs is better than others Fair Fair on Columbus Square. There is everything so as not to return home with empty hands. It is home products, and designer products, and colorful souvenirs suitable for gifts. Entertainment in a huge city do not count. Anyone will find a suitable option.

About how to celebrate New Year in New York, look in the video.

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