Anniversary decoration

Anniversary decoration

Jubilee celebrations are always bright and unforgettable moments that I want to keep in mind the jubilee and his loved ones. Often to celebrate this event organizes departure to nature, hike in a cafe or restaurant, and in some cases a holiday has fun and solemnly celebrated at home or in the country. To make the impression of a memorable day to make brighter and solemn, you need to think about how to decorate the room where the celebration itself will be. Options for this there are many, and all of them are easily embodied.

Decoration of the banquet hall

The round date, which is usually called the anniversary, is a significant event in the life of any person. On the anniversary, it is customary to give gifts and read congratulations, but an important point is the design of the premises where a solemn event will be held. Not bad if close to the jubilee can take care of this and think over the theme of the scenery – it will be a nice and adult man in 55 years or in 70, 80, as well as a woman, for example, in 60 years or 65.

With the onset of middle age – 30, 35, as well as 40 or 45 years – it is also customary to celebrate anniversary dates.

A great joy will bring a solemn event even a very young man or a girl if 18 years old, as a moment of majority, will be marked unusually and solemnly.

Multiplinary holidays are now customary to arrange in a cafe, and the design of his hall must be fulfilled in accordance with the theme of the event. Versions of the style for celebrations can be different – the USSR style party, a friendly evening in the sea cockpit, a pleasant holiday in nature and so on.

There are a large number of spectacular and inexpensive ways to decorate the anniversary.


Bright and entertaining way to decorate a banquet for a banquet can be balloons. With their help, you can decorate walls and ceiling, entrance group, tables. You need to choose the color and shape of the balls, based on the overall style concept of the room. The decoration should be harmonized and with the theme of the holiday, taking into account the age of the jubilee and its guests.

For example, for the anniversary in honor of the 60th anniversary, it is worth choosing golden, silver, blue, white, red tones – such a color decision will emphasize the solemnity of events and respect for the age of the birthday room.

In the original looks in bulk figures, decorated with balloons. Such a composition may be monophonic or consist of several flower combined. Figures that commemorate the age of the jubilee are placed in the most prominent place. Sometimes it uses helium balls for this purpose. Such an ornament always looks catchy and will not remain unnoticed by creating a special mood to guests and the perpetrator of the celebration.

Balls can be decorate the letters of the name of the jubilee, made of dense material. It will be appropriate in the form of a decoration to make the inscription of the congratulatory content and decorate it with small inflatable balls of different colors.

Another interesting option for decorating the hall can be flowers made of long and narrow balls. With their help, you can create a whole bouquet and place it near the scene or at the entrance to the hall. Little bouquets can be placed around the hall or put them on the windows.

Such a decor will make a notch of romance and mischiefs in the celebration, which will cause a smile at the birthday and his loved ones.

From such balls you can make a comic gift – a car or a motorcycle, as well as collect on the wall a congratulatory panel.


Live flowers at all times were the constant attribute of the holiday. With their help, you can perform the decoration of the Banquet Hall. For this You can form a lot of small identical bouquets and in the same type of vases to place on the tables. In addition, the table itself can be put on the petals of fresh roses, which will give the appearance of the event Fleur Romanticism.

Most often, the room for women’s festive events is decorated.

Flowers must necessarily be present on a jubilean banquet. Their presence revives the entourage of the holiday, creates a special solemn environment and makes bright accents in the decoration of the room. No less attractive lies and garlands of live flowers, which can be placed on the tables or hang on the wall where the birthday party is sitting.


Budget version of the decoration can be a figurine made of paper, made in the form of bulk pigeons, clouds, balls or lanterns. They are placed on ribbons or durable threads that are attached to the fellow. Such figures significantly revive the dance floor or scene.

With the help of volumetric figures in the form of flowers, you can decorate cardboard letters or numbers – The effect of such decoration will be bright, and you can make such a decor with your own hands from corrugated paper or ordinary colored napkins. The resulting flowers are fixed with glue to cardboard blanks.

Instead of flowers, you can make volumetric card figures, folding them in half and gluing only one half to the workpiece. Such a decoration will not remain unnoticed.

Much popularity when decorating the hall have accorder balls or balls-cells. The ribbed surface of such a decoration creates light overflows and attracts attention. Balls can be suspended on a thread to the ceiling or make a garland of them. Volumetric balls can be folded, and when decorating the hall they will remain only to straighten and place on pre-selected places. Such a decor makes a note of the carnival in the celebration, which adds joy to all those present.

Arches and garlands

The original decoration of the place where the birthday or birthday will sit may be the arch, made of inflatable balls or flower garlands. This design is located behind a person and visually highlights it on a general background of guests. According to both sides of the anniversary, there are racks for which the stylized arch is attached.

The arch can be performed both in a monophonic version and in multi-colored. And it is also appropriate to accommodate it at the entrance to the banquet hall. On the arch, you can fix numbers or letters, decorated with balls, flowers or figures. If the festive event is withstanding in a solid style, then the arch is made in the same color and style that other scenery.

We emphasize the date

Choosing a decoration for a hall or room, where the celebration will be held, it is necessary to take into account the date of the anniversary. For example, On the 20th anniversary, you can use bright white, blue, pink, red, green décor tones, which will emphasize the birthday age, his vitality and the opening of a new milestone in life.

And if the holiday celebrates a 40-year-old person, it is necessary to arrange the hall respectably and restrained, emphasizing the status of the birthday man and its achievement.

As a rule, people already have family and professional areas of life in people who can find reflection in the decorations of the banquet.

As for the anniversaries in honor of the solid date, for example, 60 or 70 years, it is worth noting not only the professional merit of the birthday man, but also emphasize the presence of lovers of loved ones – children and grandchildren.

Depending on the stylistics of the solemn event, the decorations can be restrained and solid or on the contrary, bright and some playful.

How to decorate the house?

Often the solemn anniversary event on the occasion of the birthday is held in the house or in the apartment. So you can decorate a beautifully home or only room for receiving guests.

To decorate was pleasant for the jubilee, it is worth focus on his hobbies – For example, if a person is engaged in a photo, you can make a photo collage from his best pictures and hang on the wall. Lover of tourists will delight tape with photos of his travels collected in different years. And perhaps it will be a home wallpaper with congratulations from numerous relatives and friends.

For colleagues who visited the birthday girl on a festive day, a person can open with a new, unfamiliar party for them.

An interesting option will be a wall congratulation from paper, made in the form of trailers, where every trailer will symbolize a certain human life milestone. To decorate such congratulations you can also come up with a decor made with your own hands. In karmoshka-trailers, everyone can write and put their congratulations and wishes for the birthday room.

At home, you can decorate the space with flowers, balls, garlands, hang a letter stretching with wishes and so on. Grandchildren can draw drawings in honor of the grandfather and grandmother and also join common congratulations.

Photosone for guests

In order for the celebration of the anniversary, the guests and the culprit of the celebration will certainly be photographed in memory for a long time. For this purpose, it is necessary to think about the photocon. It can be in the form of a background of monochrome balls, drapets from a fabric, a decorative arch. A beautiful solution for the photowon can be a lot of helium balls, rushing under the ceiling.

Beautiful footage can work out if you think up for guests to enjoy funny, glasses, beards, curls that can be attached to yourself using a small sticks passed on them.

Joking and interesting photos can be done using boutatic hats, feathers-boa, big sizes and so on. All this diversifies photographs and makes them unusual and bright. Such boutofor props can be purchased in advance in stores for registration of festive events.

Registration of the holiday on the street

An excellent place to hold a holiday will be a gazebo in the country or canopy veranda. By itself, the situation of nature – trees, flowers, twitter of birds, create a special pleasant atmosphere.

You can decorate the anniversary celebration not only by balls and ribbons, then both paper multicolored pompons assembled in the form of vertical or horizontal garlands.

They can be placed on the branches of high trees or around the perimeter of the veranda. Such decorations are not afraid of wind and sharp branches.

Instead of pumps, you can apply paper brushes. They are easily made of paper and are catchy unusual decoration, well combined with fabric drapets, balls and ribbons. Such brushes can be purchased in the finished form, the main thing is to choose different colors that will be beautifully harmonized with each other.

Tassels or pumps can be elevated at the same distance from each other, using a bright cord for this purpose – thus, in a few minutes you will have a spectacular and inexpensive decoration that will not remain unnoticed. As a decor, you can choose a tree or bush and arrange it with bows, flowers, ribbons, making a tree of happiness with wishes for the jubilegar. Garlands with harmonic balls or cell flashlights can be twisted under the ceiling of the veranda, adding also electric honds to gain effect.

Beautifully looks like bushes that are decorated with bright homemade flowers. Such a decoration will create an effect that the whole garden seemed to bloom in honor of the holiday for the perpetrator of the celebration.

Visual examples

  • Brightly, festive and freshly looking transparent balloons, assembled into a common solemn composition, harmonizing among themselves in size and color.

  • Satin ribbons will be a nontrivial decoration if they decorate the chandelier, tables or chairs. The delivel satin creates a lot of light highlights, and the ribbons are tie to any movement next to them.

  • To emphasize the elegance and the aristocracy of the holiday with the help of candles. An even greater solemnity effect can be obtained by applying flavored options.

  • Drapery with light transparent fabrics can replace garlands and make a festive entourage romantic and gentle. Fabric can be decorate with alive flowers.

  • Attractively looks like table decoration with live flowers.

They can be placed on all tables, thereby effectively deculating the festive feast.

  • An interesting option to decorate the room can be a helium composition from multicolored balls of the same size, directed under the ceiling. Expressive balls will give ropes from brilliant serpentine.

The idea of ​​the decoration of the anniversary room is presented in the following video.

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