Birthday in Style Patrol Patrol

Birthday in Style & Patrol Patrol &

Today, kids from early age celebrate birthdays surrounded by favorite fabulous or cartoon characters and the corresponding attributes. Parents try to do everything so that children are satisfied, and the holiday is remembered for a long time. One of these is the birthday in the style of “puppy patrol”.


The atmosphere of the holiday begins with the design of the room. therefore You need to try to decorate the rooms so that the birthday in the style of the “puppy patrol” corresponded to the cartoon attribute. To a party to succeed, parents should be viewed at least several series of cartoon – it will help them understand, in what direction to move. Optionally spend a lot of money on jewelry. Much can be made with your own hands, and with children.


Since the main characters are dogs, and the dog attribute must be present in everything. It may be bones, traces of paws, bowls for feed and even festively decorated booth will not be superfluous.

For a holiday, prepare a stretching with congratulations. You can decorate it with noodles of dogs or legs. In addition to greeting, there may be other stretching with the corresponding attribute. You can make a set of flags with drawings of the characters cartoon and place in the rooms. Mandatory element of the holiday for children will be balloons.

On the floor there can be carved and deserted traces of paws, leading to different objects, for example, to a festive table, gaming or photose.


Children love to be photographed with favorite heroes. Therefore, it would be nice to invite an animator in a costume of one of the cartoon heroes. But If adults decided to entertain children on their own, then the photocon can be made with their own hands. Of course, this place should be bright. If the room allows you to position a few photosone. Mandatory decoration will be a large number of balloons – and ordinary colorful, and long, and round, and in the form of cartoon heroes. They can be purchased in the store.

From a large leaf of organic or dense cardboard you need to cut a dog and paint it. Here in the photo model you can position the cardboard booth, also festively decorated. Traces of paws should also be present here. Well, if each participant of the holiday will be able to buy dog’s ears and tails. Before photographing, you can not only dress up in costumes, but also to decorate the faces in dog themes with special colors. This will also be fun fun for children.


Each child will be happy to get a personal invitation where time will be, place and theme of the party. This will allow you to think in advance not only about the gift, but maybe about your dress.

To make invitation, you need to prepare the template for which the remaining instances will easily do. Invitation can be in the form of a puppy figurine, just a face, footprint or bone. Make it easy. Enough to cut on the template the desired number of invitations, decompose and write text.

An easier option is an invitation in the form of a regular postcard with drawn or pasted suitable pictures and an appropriate inscription. If there is no time, in the extreme case you can buy ready-made invitation and sign them.

Choice of costumes

Most likely, children will not be comfortable all holiday to be in hot costumes, especially if they are 3-4 years old. therefore It is more expedient to simply put on girls and boys. Elegant clothes, but at the same time sew or buy special accessories that can be easily put on and easily. It can be masks, rims and hats with ears, legs.

And you can also think about the emblems of the holiday or medals provided for every child who will participate in a children’s holiday.

Of course, you can also sew lighter costumes, imitating the fur of dogs of brown, black and spotted species, as well as supplement them with headdresses of rescuers.

But you can restrict ourselves to more simple options. For boys it can be ordinary pants and shirts in the desired color scheme, for girls – skirts or dresses.

If the birthday is celebrated on a hot summer day, you can restrict ourselves to T-shirts in the appropriate subject. They are easy to order. On white T-shirts in specialized photo showrooms will apply photos of favorite heroes.

Festive table

Drawing up a table for kids, you need to take into account that the brighter there will be dishes, attributes and decor, the more interesting to try dishes. You can arrange differently. For example, sometimes quite bright dishes and contrasting tablecloths. The dishes themselves can be made simply beautiful and original. Children usually do not like salads, hot and other “adults” dishes. They will be more suitable pizza, french fries, chicken legs, fruits, sweets. The center of the composition, of course, should be a cake. Here it can be placed the main characters. Don’t forget about drinks. It may be juices, lemonade, morse.

But if you want a complete immersion into the atmosphere, you can install on the table of animal figures, and you can choose dishes with pictures from the cartoon, and you can come up at all in the form of dog bowls.

A good option will be a bundle table. Children do not like long feasts. They are much more pleasant in the game of the game to come, snack, drink juice. Exception is tea drinking with cake. Here you need to sit down at the table. The birthday girl will blow up candles, everyone will congratulate it, give gifts.

Here are some examples of how you can decorate a festive table:

  • Merry dog’s bowls with fruit and sweets will delight kids+
  • Bright original treats will not leave anyone indifferent, the center of the composition is a cake with figures of heroes+
  • Cookware and napkins in this topic will be quite by the way, like sandwiches in the form of a bone.

Scenario celebration

First of all, guests always takes place. Children welcome, invite to a room where the main fun. While everyone is going, children can give free time. They can explore the situation, play a little on their own. When everyone gathered, dressed in costumes, you can spend the first part of the holiday. Movable contests will include.

For children, a holiday should be organized so that the rolling time alternate with calm minutes. After several contests passed, you can invite children to eat. It will be a festive lunch, so there may be more substantial dishes.

Menu Parents are thought out in advance, negotiating at the same time, who eats which dishes, and there is no one of someone from children allergies to certain products.

After the children robbed, you can have a little and have fun, dance. It will be very relevant to the quest, in the process of which you need to prepare simple questions for children on knowing the cartoon, as well as tasks. For example, at one station you need to collect puzzles, on the other – to draw a dog, on the third – blindfolded to guess, figurines of which heroes were in their hands, on the fourth – find a lost thing.

In order for children to be interested, it is necessary to provide for prizes in all quests, quizzes and competitions. It can be both sweets and toys, stationery.

If you can go out into the street, you can spend fun plates, divided into two teams. Competitions can be the most different. You can overcome obstacles or transfer each other a bone. The team will win that he will finish faster.

After moving games, you can relax, arranged for children an intelligent quiz. Optionally, all questions should be on the topic of cartoon. You can come up with questions from different areas depending on the age of children.

You can arrange a contest of drawings, distributing the toddles and felt-tipers. Let everyone draw his postcard for the perpetrator for the perpetrator, wish will write if you can write.

The most important and interesting point for the little perpetrator of the celebration will be receiving gifts. To do this, you can put a child for an improvised throne, and each of the guests will hand a gift and pronounce their congratulations.

When all gifts are awarded, it’s time to go for a festive table and blew candles on the cake, and then try it.

Here are some games and contests that can be organized for children.

  • “Dog Track”. For this fun game you need to cut dog traces in advance and paint. They are unfolded in random order. The number of traces should be one less than playing. Children dance to music or just move in a circle. As soon as the music ships, you need to quickly find a trace and step on it. Who did not have time to leave. With a reduction in the number of players decrease and traces. Typically, children like this mobile and cheerful game.
  • “Puppy cafe”. Another fun competition that you will like children. Children will portray puppies. There may be two or three. Before each, there are two bowls, in one – juice or morse, in the other – small in size of sweets. Who is the first to eat sweetness and drink fluid, he won. It is impossible to help yourself.
  • “Accident”. Game that also entertain kids. The presenter announces that two trucks drove along the road and scattered their cargo, which you need not just to collect, and return truck drivers to the place. For this, the floor scatter and mix two types of candies and set two boxes. Children must quickly explore candy on drawers and release the road.
  • “Draw a dog”. Interesting can be this option. The kids are divided into two teams, each is issued a big sheet of Watman. Everyone paints his favorite hero, and then disappear. An even more fun can be a competition in which the task will draw a dog, but with closed eyes. At the same time, a large sheet of paper is located on the stand. It should be well fixed. It can be easel, board, just a wall. Children tying eyes. Each team should draw their dog. Moreover, a separate participant draws some part of it. For example, the first child depicts the head, the second – ears, the third – nose and so on until the dog is drawn. Whose drawing will be more reminded by PSA, the team and win.

    Competitions can be invented independently, it is worth a little imagination. The main thing is that everyone has fun, and no one sad. This is the most important thing in a children’s holiday. And, of course, the holiday should like the victim of the celebration. It should be remembered that if the parents did not invite the animators, to relax them on this day will not work. Children need to be merged, control and be sure to organize everything so that even minimal injuries are excluded. Safety is very important at such events.

    How is the birthday of children in the style of “puppy patrol”, look in the video below.

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