Birthday in the style of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse

Birthday in the style of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse

Birthday – a special event for each kid, a beautiful celebration, uniting children and parents. Small birthday books with their friends are waiting for interesting stories, gifts and surprises, sweets and treats. Parents show creativity so that the holiday is fascinating and unforgettable. Conduct a party in the circle of your favorite cartoon characters. If the child like the adventures of Mickey and his friends, such a holiday will definitely leave him delighted.

Room design ideas

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse party – one of the best options for small ladies and gentlemen. For children of many countries and cities of Mickey and Minnie – these are favorite cartoon characters. Even teenagers would be delighted with the day of birth in such topics.

Ideas for the decoration of the room is very much, it is possible to start design from the entrance by setting there Mickey’s head of black paper or cardboard. And the prompt, where to go on, will be traces. In the room itself you can put toys in the form of the heroes of Disney, the posters with Mickey and Minni rave on the walls. Bundles of helium balls and serpentine is a mandatory attribute.

Color spectrum

Red, yellow and black are traditional colors. If the holiday is arranged for the girl, then the red can be replaced with bright pink. Black color is better minimized, it will be quite good to change it on gray, and accent make on rainbow motley and bright colors. White large peas on any background looks very winning, this is a kind of business card theme.


Tantahmareska with cutouts for face in the form of cartoon characters in full growth – one of the options for photowons. So the child will feel himself in the role of the main character. And also on a large piece of cardboard you can draw a colorful castle with windows and turrets. Unusually and fun in the photos will look back background – Favorite cartoon episode.


There are many ideas for decorating the room.

  • Through Colored drapery You can pass the mood of the holiday. Change the curtains and curtains, on the tables with sweets, pick up tablecloths and napkins. Wall decorate slices of fabric, in the room Place color pillows and rugs. On the chairs to fasten the bows in polka dots.
  • Strengthen fabulous atmosphere with balloons – the simplest and effective way. Foil and ordinary, thematic, with images of the main characters, in the form of numbers (age of the birthday). At the entrance of the arch of small balls, tie the balls to the chairs in beautiful ribbons – you can use all options.
  • Do it yourself can be done Paper decor: Garlands with colored flags or pictures of characters, serpentine.
  • For the design of the first birthday will fit Items of infant attributes: Various clothes (sliders, socks), nipples, bottles and rattles. All this can not be bought, but simply print in the form of stickers. Cot or highchair also need to festively decorate.
  • On the Internet you can choose Greeting inscription and Name Digit Template. Cut it all from cardboard, paint, plane flowers or hearts.
  • Even in a children’s holiday in such an interesting style flowers will be the perfect decoration, especially if the party is arranged in honor of the young princess. Not necessarily buy live plants, you can replace them with paper. They can be placed in the center of the table or in large vases placed around the room.
  • Put toys in the form of main characters: Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, their friends Pluto, Guffy, Donald Daca and others. As well as a good option – Characters in full. You can make them with your own hands.
  • Create a corner with photos of the birthday: If he is 1 year, then frames for months, if 2 years and more – the most interesting and funny photo cards. You can place them on the background of the head of Mickey or Minni.
  • You can create Summer Garden atmosphere: Fence, flowerbed trees, butterflies and any animals.


Starting planning a children’s holiday, it is worth thinking about invitations, without them can not do. The most popular idea is a postcard in the shape of a mouse head with a bow or without it. On the back of the postcard, you can glue a card for a card with text invitations. It is not difficult to make a postcard in the form of a Bantian Minnie or Mickey Butterfly.

If you want to do different invitations, any pictures or pictures from the cartoon are printed and subscribe.

Choose a suit

With the creation of a costume there will be no difficulties. For a girl – a magnificent skirt made of satin fabric, decorated with ribbons, or a fate skirt and a T-shirt with thematic appliqué, and a rim with ears – a suit ready! Loose-cut shorts on suspenders and butterfly on the neck – the easiest suit for the boy. White gloves for both options will also look very interesting.

If someone from the guests did not have time to prepare a festive outfit, the situation of Mickey and Minnie Mouse will save the situation. For small ladies – hairpins and bows for hair, for gentlemen – butterflies and ties in peas. Since the birthday thematic, parents also need a festive cap, hats, ears or bows.

Options for festive table

Mike and Minnie Mouse style is very popular, so Decorations for the festive table can be found in any store. The setting table setting should be in a given topic: a tablecloth of red or white in peas, napkins laid on plates in the shape of a minnie bow, a striped beverage tube. From the foam can be made ornaments: 1 ball – head, 2 balls smaller – mouse ears. In decorations, you can insert toothpicks with pieces of fruit, with berries or marmalade.

Desserts performed in mice themes are decorated with confectionery sprinkle or cocoa. There is no specific menu, but since this is a children’s holiday, the main focus is on sweets and a festive cake. There may be any dishes that prefers a birthday party. A kind of highlight of the table will be a cheese plate with mice sitting around. Drinks can also be any: juices, lemonade, milkshakes, do not forget about conventional water.

Competitions and entertainment

Choose a entertainment gaming program script for children’s celebration.

  • Bowling Mickey. For this game you need to prepare the ball with a photo of the main character of the cartoon and kegli. Children in turn are knocked down a bow for trigger music.
  • Who quickly? The game is held according to the sample of the competition “Merry chairs”. Images of Mickey Maus are printed (their number is less than the guys who participate in the competition) and laid out in a circle. Guests run around the pictures while playing music. Once it turns off, each should take a place in the picture. Each retired member takes with him one Mickey.
  • Bones for ps pluto. According to the script, Pluto strained his favorite sugar bones, but forgot where. Kids are divided into 2 teams and help the hero find them. For the competition you need to prepare tips in the form of traces and various riddles and rebuses, which in the end will lead to the “Treasure”.
  • Mickey, Mickey, Guffi or Minnie, Minnie, Daisy. Game according to the rules of the contest “Duck, Duck, Goose”. Children sit in a circle, one child starts the game. He will walk around the rest and touch everyone, saying: “Mickey, Mickey, Mickey …”. When the same guest is touched and says: “Guffy”, he should get up and catch it up. If Mickey is sitting on the place of Guffa first, then Guffy becomes the following leading. If Guffy caught Mickey – he sits in place, and the game continues. Adults need to be followed so that the kids constantly change, otherwise the game can bother.
  • Do not wake a giant Willy. One of the parents should be a giant for the time of the game. He falls on the floor and pretends as if he sleeps. Toys are put around it as close to hand, legs. And the kids are trying quietly, you will not be giant, draw to the toys. If Willly woke up and caught someone, this member drops out of the competition. The smallest guests can be left in the game and after they caught them, and also do not forget about consoletive sweet prizes.
  • Gavkay like pluto. This is a noisy and fun competition. Lai can be any: evil and frightening, funny and funny, realistic, quiet or loud. Nominations need to be distributed so that the prize receives every guest.
  • Pinyata. It should be left at last. Pinyat in the form of Mickey or Minnie needs to be filled with sweets and confetti, and children blindfolded will try to hit the bat. Since the guests were collected on the occasion of birthday, let the birthday name bend first.

Between contests and games you need to give to the children, video with the cartoon “Mickey Mouse Club” entertaining kids. And to the music they can sing or dance along with parents.

Birthday in the style of Mickey Mouse in the video below.

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