Birthday options for the boy’s birthday of 1 year

Birthday options for the boy's birthday of 1 year

Finally it happened. Family celebrates the first birthday of her son. Long before this date, parents begin to think about holiday design options, study how it is better to celebrate the holiday so that he liked the baby.

Basic elements of decor

All parents want to celebrate the first birthday in the birthday of birth. In order for the holiday to get cheerful, it is necessary to organize everything correctly, without missing any little things. Considering that the free time in young parents at that time practically does not happen, it should be prepared long before the approaching celebration. It is necessary to decide how to decorate the children’s room or the whole house.

First of all, you should find out where the event will be held. It can be held at home, in a children’s cafe or in nature. If summer is in the yard, then you can organize a children’s holiday outside the city. In other cases, the event is better to carry out in a closed warm room.

It should be deciding on the subject of the celebration, since the decor of the room directly depends on.

Also, do not forget about the babysitter. Parents should think about how the table will be on the holiday, order a cake.

To create a festive atmosphere in the house use various decor items. Boys are more suitable attributes characteristic of them, for example, cars, robots, balls, constructor or cubes. Color gamma is usually maintained in non-lass tones. Kids do not necessarily select the decor in traditional blue color. You can stay on green, white, blue or brown tones.

The birthday of the boy’s birthday in 1 year should be interesting for the kid. Decorate the room for the children’s holiday, you can:

  • Balloons+
  • Paper pompons+
  • Stretches with congratulations for the birthday room+
  • crafts from various materials.

Balloons are an excellent option for decoring children’s birthday room. You should not inflate them too much, otherwise the ball burst scares kids.

If flowers are used for the room, it is desirable to choose those of them that do not have a strong smell. For these purposes, lilies, mimosa or orchids are not suitable.

Choosing theme

Catching up the room for a child for a year, it is better to immediately decide on the theme of the event. There are a lot of ideas that allow you to instantly transform a boy’s room by making it in the form of a fairytale castle, a pirate ship or UFO. For the birthday of a child, you can choose other, no less interesting options.

  • The boy will appreciate the decoration of the room on the sporting theme. It is advantageous to beat the nursery in the form of a gym or football field. Young athlete is better to wear a sport form, hang a bright whistle on the neck, put on the boots.

  • An excellent option will be the design of the holiday in the marine subject. Here will be relevant to decorations in the form of seashells, marine stars and fish. Toddler cartoon figures from cartoon about fish Nemo and balls with an image of a crab. Silenka is better to dress up in a striped T-shirt, boot a cape or blue beret.

  • You can place the room in the form of a medieval castle. The little knight will be happy to take his guests in it. So that the decoration was more convincing, it is worth preparing scenery in advance. You can make them from cardboard boxes, climbing the printed or drawn pictures. Scenery for the castle can be glued in advance to the bed boy. Waking up in the morning, he will immediately be in a fabulous country.

  • All boys in childhood dream of being cosmonauts. Space rocket with young cosmonaut is already ready to go to open space. Create a starry sky will help cut from foil stars, planets and comets. Neon stars waved under the ceiling will look very impressive at night.

The best design ideas

Catching up the room for the birthday of the Son, it is advisable to pay attention to the following points:

  • In the event that the kids will be invited to the holiday, the children’s room is better divided into certain zones, leaving a place for a festive table and games+
  • When making several rooms, you should withstand a single concept+
  • The number of jewelry should be normalized, they should not take a lot of space, preventing those present+
  • Decor items are placed in places lowered for kids, you need to exclude by outer or cutting items, as well as products from poor-quality material, very small details.

If the time for the design of the room remains quite a bit, you can use balloons for the decor, placing them one by one, group, in the form of certain figures or compositions or making the columns or arches from them.

Talking aerobic, it is important not to overdo it with flowers, you should not use more than 3-4 shades at the same time, otherwise the composition will look at Alapististo. Using one color is also inappropriate, such registration will seem boring. Additional accessories of contrasting shades will help to dilute one-time.

You can decorate the room with your own hands using purchased or homemade garlands, paper pumps, congratulatory posters.

The festive children’s table is an important object at such a holiday, so it is worth paying special attention.

  • When choosing dishes, it is better to stop the attention on disposable models. In this case, the kids will not be able to break the dishes or accidentally injury. She should be bright and festive. It is desirable that she fit into the overall concept, in the subject of the event.
  • If the dishes with a bright and rotary pattern, it is better to choose a simple one-photo tablecloth.
  • Dishes on the table should be not only fresh and tasty, but also beautifully decorated.

Before the beginning of the holiday, all those present are distributed caps, photo accessories, small gifts.

At the entrance left a place for a newspaper depicting how the kid rose over all 12 months. Such a poster can be issued in the form of a children’s train with cars or space rocket, where the photo is pasted by months.

Slideshow will become the perfect gift of the boy and the birthday addition. Surely the parents have a lot of video materials about the life of the child during the year.

Beautiful examples

Beautifully decorated photowon will make me commemorative pictures about the first birthday of the kid.

  • Game zone for children will be a great place to relax a small birthday boy and his friends. Here there is a place for a toy house, inflatable slide, ladder or construction of large bright cubes.

  • Volumetric figures remain the main attribute of such a celebration. The unit in the design can be used in the photoozone area, near the birthday chairs or even on the holiday table.

  • Name-day cake with a number one and the name of the sins will become the final point in the interior design.

  • Candy bar with drinks and sweets will appreciate small leisurers. It can stand various sweets in the form of marmalade, pastes, marshmallows and cupcakes.

A child in 1 year is unlikely to appreciate the efforts of the parents for the design of the room, a festive table, individual zones, but made photos of memory will allow him to evaluate it later.

How to prepare for the first birthday boy, see below.

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