Birthday Scenario Girls 7 years

Birthday Scenario Girls 7 years

Birthday Children always expect with impatience and easy tremble. Before the holiday, not only the child is worried, but also parents. It should not only prepare gifts, but also to organize the event itself. Birthday Girls 7 years usually passes in a circle of friends. You can prepare interesting contests or even a whole quest.

    Choosing a place to hold a holiday

    The organization of the holiday strongly depends on where it will pass. The choice of place depends on many factors, ranging from the budget, ending the time of the year and the weather. Full time to organize a birthday for a girl of 7 years in a children’s cafe, a game complex or amusement park. In this case, organizational issues can not be engaged in general, usually the administration of the institution takes.

    The simplest solution is home holiday. It can be done no worse than in any institution. Moreover, it is possible to carefully organize an entertaining program. If the weather is good, you can spend a holiday in nature. True, there will be much more details that it is worth thinking.

      Theme of the birthday

      Child’s birthday you can have fun at home. Spend a holiday better in some particular subject. So it will be easier to draw up the room and select the entertainment program. Moreover, a single-style holiday looks more interesting for children, remembered for a long time. There are a lot of options.

      • Circus. Common option, almost classic. Decorations are pretty simple, enough balls. As requisite, everyone is issued cool clown noses, masks, caps. The master’s suit must match. You can show tricks or invite a professional. Will be even more fun if you apply on all makeup.

      • Fairy tales and cartoons. There are a lot of options, there is from what to choose. You can even just use individual heroes from favorite works. The presenter in this case may be a storytener or a wizard. It makes sense to call animators, they have high-quality and beautiful costumes. Clothes can be rented for independent holiday.

      Aprint book with fairy tales, confetti, a magic wand and everything in such a spirit will be good as requisites.

      • Around the world. You can choose some particular country or several. In nature in the heat it is easy to organize a Hawaiian party or dress everyone in Papuans. A good idea will be a holiday in the style of Egyptians or Romans.

      • Princesses and Fairy. The perfect solution for the girl, if she likes such heroes. You can add unicorns. Contests and quests are designed in the same vein. You can use balls, wool clouds, floral and vegetable motifs as scenery.

      • Cosmos and aliens. In order to enter the role, use makeup, wigs and big ears. No one does not reliably know how aliens look like. Therefore, any cool and funny costumes are suitable. For decoration used stars and planets.

      • Science and profession. Good decision if the girl is interested in this. Various chemical and physical focuses that are easy to explain to children are particularly popular. Such a holiday will not only interesting, but also informative. You can add soap bubbles here. You can dedicate the whole holiday profession that I really like the girl. It is usually chefs, doctors, models or artists.


      After the choice of the themes should move to the design of the room. Many decorations can be made with their own hands from paper. For example, garlands, bulk sprockets, beautiful inscriptions with congratulations and numbers. Classics are considered balls, many balls.

      It is important to stick to the selected topic. Do not use everything at once, it is enough to choose a couple of main elements and as much additional. Otherwise, the room will look not beautiful, but overloaded. In addition, it is important to make a safe decor.

      Photowon is just necessary on the girl’s birthday. Not necessarily do something too intricate. It is easy to hang the background, it is interesting to look like a foil version. You can add figures or drawings on the subject of the holiday.

      Balls, garlands and New Year’s tinsel will give a photo model of elegacity.

      It is necessary to prepare tablecloths, napkins and caps. Everything is solely according to the topics of the holiday, otherwise it will look extremely ridiculous. We will not be able to make beautiful invitations that the girl will be able to distribute girlfriends in advance. All such trifles will look especially solemn.

      Prepare need and treat. You can simply order pizza, prepare drinks and a cake for sweet. Simple and fast, however there are options more interesting. There are many beautiful recipes where salads are decorated in the form of animals, animal characters. You can make desserts in the style of the holiday or just decorate them additionally.

      Script options

      Children’s holiday should be cheerful and interesting. Only little decorate the room in a solemn way. You should organize and play. The holiday will be interesting thanks to a funny contest or fascinating quest.

      With contests

      I wonder the holiday for the girl is 7 years old with family contests. It is pretty symbolic and unusual. You can implement other ideas with plenty of entertainment. Also between the main competitions makes sense to organize simple games.

      • Connoisseurs of cartoons. For the competition you can share the company for the team, but it is not at all. If children are not very much, then it will be even more interesting when everyone competes for itself. The master voiced the name of a hero, and the rest should call a cartoon. Points are accrued for the fastest answer. Prizes get those who remembered the most titles in the shortest time interval. It is worth calling non-obvious heroes to be more interesting. For example, Marinet is a girl from Lady Bag and Supercote.

      • Pictures. You should prepare the cards with simple drawings. The presenter closes the image with a dense cardboard and slowly begins to show small parts. Participants must guess what is drawn on the card. It is worth picking pictures so that they were from one topic. So the children will be easier. Wins the one who guess the most pictures.

      • Race. You should prepare toy machines, threads and pencils. Such a competition is ideal for the holiday, where there are not only girls, but also boys. The presenter binds the same pieces of ropes on one side to transport, and on the other – to the pencil. You can divide all guests into groups if children are a lot. On the team players begin to wind up a pencil thread so that the machine gets to the finish. We defeat those who coped faster. In the case of commands for each promatary player, the score is accrued.

      • Relay race. Guests are divided into teams. Each player must hold the air ball between the knees and supply so before the finish. Defeat a team that will cope faster. To be more interesting, it is better to divide children not for two teams, but for three or four.

      • Fighting balls. Preparation will need significant. For the competition you need to inflate a large number of balls. Commands become different parts of the room, for each side you need to put the same number of balls. To the music should throw them on the side of the opponents. After stopping the melody, it is necessary to calculate the balls. Defeats the team on whose side are them less.

      • Chest of gifts. This competition will allow not easy to win, but to win something interesting. You need to prepare a beautiful box with a hole in advance, there must be placed a children’s hand. Inside should put small gifts, a little more than children. It can be kits for creativity, decorations, candies, fruits, notepads and all other. Baby tie eyes. The player lowers his hand inside the box and takes an arbitrary object, pulls out. Need to describe it and guess that it is. If the child coped, then leaves a gift to myself. As a result, each winner will be awarded.

      • Puzzles. Pretty interesting intelligent competition. The presenter reads the children riddles and questions with tricks. Points are given for the right answers. It is worth preparing more material to be more interesting. The winner is worth award.

      There is a specific specificity of such a holiday. The scenario should be so that team and individual contests alternate. Also more relaxed games should be left at when children will be slightly tired.

      At the end of the evening, you can count the scores of each child and declare the final winner.

      With Quest

      This birthday will be extremely unusual, fascinating and memorable. Classic Quest for Holiday – Gift Search. It is necessary to think about the place where to hide the prompts, as well as the design of the tips themselves. Most Popular Cakes: Refrigerator, Lockers, Flower Pot, Books, Door Box, Tutu Tach. There are many options, the main thing is that children cannot suffer during the search.

      You can arrange an interesting quest “The Wizard of the Emerald City”. As hints, cards with puzzles and rebuses are used. The goal is to find a place where gifts are hidden. You should prepare a balloon, feather, small puzzles, a bottle, decanter with water, box, thread and envelope. Consider Read more Quest Script.

      • The host presents the kids envelope with a letter from the wizard of Goodwin from the Emerald City. The text should indicate that flying monkeys stole a magic chest with gifts. Thiefs left traces of tips. Wizard friends will help: Asshed, Ellie, Woodcutter and Totem.

      • First hint in envelope. You should write a myster about the mirror on the card. You can use this: “hanging on the wall of the saucer, and in the rigor’s saucer laughs.

      • The presenter must in advance, not when children, to breathe on the mirror and write the word “vase”. You can simply hide a note with this word or the name of another cache. In the first case, you should quickly breathe on the glass so that the inscription manifests itself. Sometimes children need to suggest this nuance.

      • Under the vase lies a ball with a note “Inflated Me”. Inside another card with a tip. To remove it, you should inflate the ball and burst.

      • In the ball a note that the tip will fall from the air, but only if it is pretty. And for this you have to dance. Presenter includes music for children. After a couple of minutes, imperceptibly throws a piece of paper on the floor. There is the following tip.

      • On the note the riddle of the terrible. It is selected any “bottle with the answer”. The presenter prepares it in advance and lowers inward a bundle tied to string.

      Children find a bottle and pull a note behind the tail.

      • Task from woodcutter. You should draw pictures and guess animals. On the first letters of titles to fold the word where the following tip is hidden. Listers with slices of crocodile images, monkeys, wolf, raccoon, lynx are prepared in advance. The word “carpet”. You can pick up other options if necessary.

      • Note under the carpet. It says that flying monkeys love bananas and scattered them all over the apartment. All the fruit is as much as players. On bananas should attach notes with animal names or professions. Children need to eat fruits and playing in the phantas, show written, without using words.

      • After the game, the presenter transmits a box with a new tip from Ellie. Children need to find a feather with a monkey wing. Previously hide it, tied a note. The pen can be placed under the sofa to stick out a piece.

      • Possed with pen calls to collect a small puzzle that is hidden there. There are several options: you can find a picture with the right object or write a word-tip on the turn of the collected puzzle.

      • Next Tip About Jug. You can use any riddle. The bottom of the note is stacked in the package so as not to wet. The jug is filled with water or juice. Children drink from glasses and find a tip on the bottom.

      • This note is the last. The poetic form should be informed for children about the end of the quest and write, where the main prize.

      About how fun to spend the birthday of a child at home, look in the following video.

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