Birthday Scenario

Birthday Scenario

Birthday is an important holiday in every child’s life. You should not be limited to a festive table, for your beloved chad you can arrange and something more interesting. We offer some interesting ideas – they will turn the event in the present party, which is a birthday party and his guests will remember with great pleasure.


It is best to arrange a thematic holiday – such events are very familiar with children. Pick up the idea of ​​a party can be taken into account of the interests or hobby of a child. These can be robots, dinosaurs, fixes, Little Pony, Lol Dolls, Princess Winx or Star Wars.

Usually use one of the popular ideas.

Circus and clowns

Everything is simple – you need balls and a lot of positive. Such a holiday is suitable for children of 9-10 years. Creation of the appropriate atmosphere will help clown outfits, tricks and trained dogs. In the entertainment program you can enable standard games – walking on the rope, juggling by balloons and cheerful relay. The leading holiday is transformed into a clown or a magician, and for the guys you can choose masks, paper ears, noses and caps.

Fabulous mix

If you can not stop on one topic – Mix the heroes of your favorite fairy tales. Let Anna and Elsa from the “Cold Heart”, Rapunzel, Cinderella and Snow White will gather under your roof. The company to them will be Baba Yaga, Masha and the Bear and the Cat in Boots. At such a party, you can hold contests from the series “Saving Princess”, “Find a Golden Key”.

As requisite, you can use the old book with fairy tales or magic wand.

pirate Party

Such a holiday is usually suitable for boys, but also active girls pirated entertainment. Find the necessary costumes and props quite easily – these are vests, gangs with turtles, toy pistols and pirate sabers. And, of course, you will need a treasure chest. “Sea battles”, “Fishing”, “Top Ships” and “Distribution of Black Tags” use the greatest success.

Around the world

This birthday is immersed guys in the atmosphere of past times. The subject can be anyone – ancient Egyptians, primitive people, Indians and cowboys. To create a necessary atmosphere, you can equip the improvised Wigvama, to place on the room of dinosaurs and mammoth figures. If the holiday is celebrated on the street, the good idea will be the holding of a Hawaiian parties.

Princesses and Fairy

This topic is suitable for girls. Young beauties with great pleasure put on elegant lush dresses and decorate the heads of the chassis. Registration of such an event will not be any difficulties – Candy Bar, Mockups of fabulous locks from cardboard and many live flowers. Princesses learn to dance, trying on shoes, and also participate in the competition for the best “sleeping beauty”.

Mysterious Island

In this subject, the holiday is surrounded by element of mysticism. The main idea will be the search for treasures, accompanied by the solution of logical tasks, solving the mysteries and Sharad, searching for keys. BUT If someone from adults can portray the ghost or wise elder – the topic will be in the topic will be 100 percent.


Organize such a holiday is very simple, because no one knows how real aliens look like. This means that you can pick up the outfit, accessories and aquagrim on your assimilation. The competitive program needs to include the battle of robots, the construction of a space missile and a game of flying plates.

    Science and profession

    In recent years, programs from the Cycle “Experiments of the Crazy Professor” are very popular. These are scientific and entertainment programs with the participation of viewers.

      As part of this topic, you can arrange a show of soap bubbles or trusting focus.

      Film is removed

      Interesting game program for children 9-11 years. During the party under the direction of the “director” guys pass all the stages of creating a film starting from writing the script and distribution of roles before creating costumes, makeup and shooting. Well, of course, at the end of the event, do not forget to give Oscar to participants. Pares are very popular for famous TV projects.

      Master classes

      A good option in case of the invited to the holiday is very small, and the room is not adapted for active games. Programs can be different:

      • Pizza / Cake Cooking+
      • Painted stones+
      • Polymer clay modeling+
      • Drawing up bouquets of candy or soft toys+
      • Photo performance lessons+
      • braiding.

      Harry Potter

      This topic remains one of the most popular for almost two decades. Few of the guys, having acquainted with the work of Joan Rowling, did not dream of getting a letter from Hogwarts. Create a festive setting for them – let the culprie of the celebration be Harry Potter or Hermione Granger. The competitive program may be the most diverse: from the manufacture of potions to flights on the broom.

      In order for the holiday to be truly thematic, you will need:

      • decorations for the room – they can be paper or inflatable+
      • Suits leading and elements of suit for participants+
      • props for holding contests+
      • Aquagrim+
      • music+
      • Prizes for participating in competitions in accordance with the theme+
      • Festive design of the table, and “in the subject” can be not only napkins with dishes, but also the dishes themselves.

      Competitions and games

      A binding part of any party should be a competitive program. Ideally, that it includes active and relaxing entertainment. They can be sports, musical, artistic and theatrical.

      For home

      During the home party, you can resort to active contests. Here are just some of the most popular.

      Sky and earth

      Of course, the most children love to play around, but to arrange such a contest in the apartment is quite problematic. Therefore, you can use the adapted version of the “Earth Sky”.

      In this case, you can catch only those participants who are legs on the floor (on earth), and the guys who have time to jump on the chair, sofa or sat on the rocking horse, are considered to be forbidden.

      Children’s bowling

      For the game you will need the most ordinary bow, and homemade from plastic bottles with weights will be suitable. Balls can be used the most ordinary. It is best to entertain in a large company.


      Take ready-made sets of bright plastic rings and floor holders. They need to get from the distance of 1.5-2 m. Alternatively, you can play darts, only in this case it is desirable to take a set on velcro.


      Very fun entertainment in which our mothers played. One child comes out of the hall, and the rest are taken by arms and begin to get tangled in the ball. The task of the lead – return them to the original position. This is a funny and long-term game, and the places for her need quite a bit, so you can spend this competition even in a small apartment.


      Such a game can be carried out either in a spacious apartment, or if the holiday is celebrated in a private house, in the preservation area. You can run with anything – with candies, fruits, with glass water or balloons. In the team can be from 2 to 10 people.


      Another game for a big company. The guys should be divided into two teams and settle down each other so that between the back of the previous and the belly of the next ball will be clamped. Players must lower the hands and start “move”. The team must reach a certain place and take from there “berry”. Wins the caterpillar that did not fall on the road.

      By the way, with balloons you can spend many interesting games.

      Air hockey

      Player’s task – Drive balls into the invented gates in one of the following ways:

      1. fan (guys to better give a couple of fans)+
      2. Badminton racket+
      3. Another ball-sausage.

      Sister Alenushka

      Creative competition. Players are offered for the speed to tie to the shawl ball and draw him face. As practice shows, as a result, the Baba Yaga is obtained – but who are important to these formalities?


      Old as the world game, but children born in our century, do not usually know about it. Guests of the holiday must accumulate the distance with the ball, sandwiched between the knees.

      This entertainment is very like and babies, and the guys older.


      The variety of the previous competition, but the ball is pressed between the knees, but near the ankle. Players must not jump, and move small steps to move to their goal. The main thing is not to lose the ball.

      Air battle

      This game will not leave anyone indifferent, and prepare the main attributes are completely simple. You just need to hand in two players on the ball-sausage or put them in a circle with a diameter of 2-2.5 meters. Wins the one who first displaces his opponent for a line.


      Funny game in which children and their parents take part. In a large garbage package, cut down the lower corners – one of the adult participants must be climbed into the package and go to the legs into the holes, the top edges should be held. The resulting “design” resembles a barrel. After that, players must throw watermelons into it – they simply put as many balls as possible. The main thing is that the one who is inside does not fall from laughter. For kids, there will be 60 l bags, for adolescents – by 120 liters.

      In the cafe

      If the birthday is held in a cafe, then preference is better to give creative competitions.


      Prepare your child’s favorite tracks, purchase a tape recorder and high-quality speakers. Usually the guys very much like the very fact of the performance of songs in the microphone. but Without adults, such fun will fail – so you must help young performers and “catch the words” along the melody.

      Dance marathon

      Best arrange flashmob. To do this, you need to choose the melodies and rehearse simple movements to the music so that the guys can easily and simply repeat them. Best to make the competition to spend an adult – in this case the game will be much more fun.


      This contest is familiar to all by American films. Two people must keep a horizontal stick at the height of the head of the highest participant of the event. The task of players – go under it, while walking sideways forbidden. After each pass, the obstacle is lowered by 10 cm. Non-past test leave the competition.

      Regardless of where the competition is held, comic games based on the effect of random coincidence will always be appropriate.

      Constant interest cause nuts or cookies with good predictions for each party party. Alternatively, you can prepare two hats, in one put notes with names with nouns, for example, “frog”, “trash”, “stuffed”, “Kiss”, and in the second – the question.

      For example, “What will give you the next birthday” – “Toad”, “What will you eat for dinner?” – “rubbish”.

      Cooking Quest

      In recent years, the quests are very popular. You can spend at home and on the street in winter and summer. Their benefits are obvious. This is a game that immerses the guys in an exciting fantastic reality. Guests led by a birthday party will be worn around the room, look for hints and solve ciffers. In the process of the game, the guys decide complex tasks and necessarily get prizes.

      When preparing quest, it is very important to determine what tasks are preparing: the age of participants, the presence / absence of senior comrades or parents. If guests are going to more than 10, you should smash them into several teams and prepare parallel line tasks. They should not intersect with each other, “trackers” should not interfere with each other. Keep in mind that before adolescent age it is undesirable to arrange the competition, let the teams are looking for tips for the sake of common purpose. Suppose, put the task in front of them to find fragments of one card, to then find a treasure chest.

      Prepare the room – you should remove all sharp, fragile and valuable items that children during active games can damage. If you celebrate a holiday on the street, you should identify the boundaries of the quest platform.

      Select places where hidden prompts will be hidden. They should not be obvious, otherwise the tip can be detected ahead of time. But also to complicate the search does not cost – the tasks must be answered and the intelligence of the guys. Use those items that are often found on the way – Pans, window sills. There are several of them in every home, so young investigations will have to examine everything. Use several rooms and be sure to consider the growth of participants by determining the height of the secret place. If the event is organized in the open area, try to other people who do not take fragments of your quest-game. It is very important to provide for the possibility of getting a hint.

      Make a chain of tasks. For five years there must be no more than 5-6, and for adolescents it is quite possible to make a game of 15 stages. The first tip can be given to the participants of the game personally, leave at the most noticeable place or send to the phone – it can be a photo of any place in the house or SMS message.

      On the first prompt, the guys should calculate the location of the second, on the second to go to the third tip and so on.

      Quests can be several types.

      • Linear – when tasks need to be performed sequentially.

      • Collective – In this case, after performing each task, the guys get fragments of puzzle. Having received all the tips, they fold them, and recognize the mystery.

      Tip: If you make a map of treasure, it is best to draw her from hand. To give paper effect effect, it is advisable to moisten it in a tea brand and fall the edges.

      • Quest cipher – At the very beginning of the game, the participants are given to the cipher, to guess which they can only collect consistently all the prompts.

        Tasks for the quest is better to combine a single topic. Here are some interesting ideas:

        • Superagents are dealing with the disappearance of the festive cake+
        • Lost Pony Pinki Pay – Help the residents of Countrylot find him+
        • Quest journey to a new planet, at the end of which the guys receive cosmonauts certificates+
        • The virus has infected a personal computer, and it is necessary to find all the most important files.

      The advantages of the quest is that it can include active entertainment, even winter – battles with balls, fights in snow, as well as Phanti. Young children will be very fun.

      We offer basic task options.

      • Anagramma – drawing up one word from the letters of another. For example, a box turns out of Barkco. You can simply set a set of letters as the source text (PSSILET – Plasticine).
      • Word encrypted in the first letters lines of poem.
      • PhotoGudge – snapshots of fragments of a given place from different angles.
      • QR codes – In this case, find a picture with a hint on the Internet, and the reference to the image is given in the code format. It must be scanned through a special application on a smartphone or tablet.
      • Audio promotion – write down the text of the task on the audio, and then accelerate the pace or change the voice. In this case, the guys must recognize the melody and guess the tip. Suppose a song about a blue car will indicate to the toy locomotive of the corresponding color.
      • CIFRA – it can be “inverted” texts, read which can only be through a mirror or code ciphers.

      The guys will definitely appreciate the text written by disappearing ink (milk or lemon juice), you can read it only when heated.

      How to diversify a holiday?

      The spectacular completion of the celebration will be pinyata. Make it with your own hands quite easily. For this You need to inflate the balloon and enclose it with small pieces of paper, usually use PVA glue diluted in water in equal parts. A small area from above is left unclosed. It will take to make 3-4 layers and leave to dry naturally. When the paper is dry, the ball is punctured, and the pinyat itself fills confetti, serpentine, sparkles, candy and small toys. You will only have to upgrade Pinyat, hang it and give the guys a bit – let them take turns trying to break the ball with surprises. Believe me – this fun will not leave anyone indifferent.

      How to come up with a script for the children’s holiday at home, look in the following video.

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