Birthday script Girls 6 years

Birthday script Girls 6 years

Children’s birthday – always a holiday for a child. And so that he does not turn into a headache for parents, it needs to be properly organized. If the birthday girl is a girl, it can be fun to celebrate him at home and in a cafe or entertainment center.

Rules of organization

The main thing in organizing a children’s holiday is the presence of a clear plan for its conduct. Be sure to take into account how many guests will come, how many adults will be accompanied by (for the birthday girl’s parents, of course, the perfect option is the presence of only children).

The selection of the birthday site is one of the key moments of the plan. If it is decided to celebrate in a cafe or restaurant, you need to have a separate hall where no one can interfere with a fun holiday. If such a possibility cannot be provided with the establishment, from the celebration of the birthday there is better to refuse. In addition to a separate hall, it is necessary that a cafe has some free space for setting decorations (if required), as well as for the placement of animators.

Of course, no network cafes are suitable for the celebration, since their goal is a permanent stream of customers, the tables delivered tightly to each other will not be able to play or hold a contest.

The food is just as important. It is necessary to navigate not only on the tastes of the birthday girl, but also to take into account the preferences of the guests (someone may be allergic or individual intolerance of some products), so it is better if there is an alternative, for example, pizza or nuggets with Potatoes. It is important to remember that children’s birthday, so the food should be the one that children love, and not adults. No need kebabs, meat cuts or red caviar. It is better to take care of canapes or dishes “for one tooth”, because children, playing with animators or with each other, practically do not sit at the table and do not eat.

The experience of organizing children’s holidays shows that preschoolers and younger students are successful: Pizza (better not to take “complex” options with capers, mushrooms or shrimps), mini-pies with different fillings – both yeast and puff, mashed potatoes (better from chicken), nuggets, fruits and juices, be sure to drink non-carbonated water. And, of course, sweets. Serving is not so important as such a property of dishes, as inability to fight.

No porcelain and glass – dense bright plastic, disposable paper plates and cups with merry prints, drinks in reliably closing bottles.

Another important part of the plan is his timing. Many parents make a common mistake – animators begin to work from the first minute of the holiday. Birthday and guests deprived of the opportunity to talk, play, but just run together. It is much better to give children the opportunity to take themselves at least half an hour, and even then “produce” animators with an entertainment program. It will not let you get bored with the children, at the same time they will spend some time in communication.

Takeaway cake – a moment solemn. It is much more interesting when no one will see him before the hour, even the birthday man herself. Then, when removing a cake, decorated with candles, genuine emotions – delight and ecstasy – guaranteed. Therefore, it is better to keep the view of the cake in secret, especially if it is made based on the beloved cartoon or birthday book book.

IMPORTANT AND THAT WHERE TO RECEIVE Cake. Often it entrustes the animators, but someone from parents with cake and candles – much more cute and sentimental option.

If the celebration occurs outside the house, it is very important to discuss all types of entertainment ordered with the administration providing a platform. At the same time, when one organization provides a place, and organizes leisure, there will be no problems – all activity is agreed immediately. If an animation is busy third-party organization – the consent of the site is needed, especially when something ambitious like a smoke cannon or fireworks is scheduled.

Do not stretch the celebration for more than 3 hours. Six-year children are still preschoolers, they get tired much faster than schoolchildren, so 2-3 hours – optimal timing. It is enough to play enough to play, run, dance and delicious eat.

Interesting ideas of holding

Original and Merry Idea – Culinary Master Class. Girls in the age of 6 are already enough to lay out on the prepared test circles. Different types of pre-prepared stuffing, forming mini pizza. Bake them, of course, will have to adult. This will solve the issue with the treat – then these pizza children will eat with pleasure. Such a master class can be organized at home and in the cafe.

A rare child will not be impressed with the quest, especially if his favorite characters are held.

A place

Conduct a children’s birthday at home. Then you will have to consider where the celebration will be taken. If the event is celebrated in a country house, this is the perfect option – in summer, children can have fun at the site in front of the house, at another time of the year – in the spacious hall. But in the apartment you can have fun to note the event, only you should remove fragile children from the limits of reaching the reach of children, everything that may suffer, fall, split and crumble. White furniture is better to tighten with removable covers that later easily wash or clean.

If the event is carried out in the entertainment center, everything is much simpler – the organizational moments take on animators and administrators. However, the plan in any case is made up by parents, they are responsible for treating and drinks.

Summer birthday can be celebrated in the amusement park. As a rule, parks welcome such events, providing discounts on attractions to groups of more than 10 people. Children can make plenty of rides, play with the animators in the fresh air, and then have a snack in a summer cafe with a pizza, hot donkeys or ice cream.


The selection of the topic is due primarily to the preferences of the birthday girl, but this is not the only condition. It should be interesting not only to her, but also guests. Therefore, the script should be made in such a way that each guest has fun to become interested in what is happening and took active participation in games and competitions.

Today, animators offer various options for scenarios and characters for birthdays. It can be: Alice from the country of miracles along with Cheshire Cat and Hatter, Snow White and Dwarfs, Cinderella, Pirates of the Caribbean, Barboskina, Masha and the Bear and many others.

Script options

The scenario of the birthday depends on the interests of the birthday girl and guests. If the company consists of girls and boys, it is unlikely that everyone will be interested in playing with a princess or fairy animator. It is better to take care of the neutral scenario, for example, searching for treasures, treasure.

For girls, girls will suit the scenarios with outfit contests, drawing princesses. Animators can show a puppet performance, and before it is to hold the quest of one of the missing dolls, without which the performance will not take place.

Do not choose too scary characters, such as wrapped or Baba Yagu, especially with a complex grima. Children can be afraid of such a hero, and a holiday will not work.

In the script should not be too much text, but with a sufficient number of different kinds of activity. For example, children together with the lead cause wind, they are mashed with hands, circling, accelerating snowflakes, or hiding from an evil wizard. Between parts of the script, there must be breaks for food and dancing or entertainment.

With games and contests

Competitions need to pick up such that no one from the children disaggain. Better, if the basis of each competition will be teamwork, and such that the losers do not remain. Otherwise, everything will end with the insults, tears and whims of those who failed, and this is absolutely not what is needed on the holiday. The same with games – the so-called Team Work will be the most suitable option, no matter, funny these games or serious.


Quest is a suitable idea for a holiday, which is more than 10 guests of about the same age. If the company is different, you need to choose a suitable for both girls, and for boys neutral themes, for example, search for items together with a traveler and a monkey barbquoskin. If only guests are on the holiday, then any “Girl” the topic – from Disney Princesses to Dr. Plusheva fit.

Since 6 years old – age, when not all children know how to read and write, tips and keys in Quests should be clear, written or printed with a large legible handwriting or font, there must be a lot of children to keep interest and not looking for them too long.

You should take care of the prizes: perhaps children will find them together with keys as bonuses for the accuracy. Conditions may not only be sweets, but also different children’s little things – spinner, toy, sticker, turntable from paper and the like.

The main prize for the passage of the quest is directly related to his subject. If the quest goes with someone from Disney’s princesses, for example, with a snow shop, then the prize can be an apple in caramel and a notebook with the image of Snow White. Dr. Plusheva can give everyone to a toothbrush and a reminder for teeth care, as well as delicious and useful sweets, such as candy from dried fruit or grasses.

7 Lifehas for children’s birthday see in the following video.

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