Birthday Teenager: Interesting Celebration Ideas

Birthday Teenager: Interesting Celebration Ideas

Not every teenager knows how to him or she wanted to celebrate his birthday. From this, of course, not easier and parents, because they often do not receive an answer to the question from their children. Some of adolescents do not like to attract excessive attention from the outside, others, on the contrary, want to be in the epicenter of all events on any holiday. In many respects of the character of a teenager, his preferences and desires and will depend on the celebration. Next detail you will get acquainted with interesting ideas for the celebration of the birthday of a teenager, consider the rules for organizing the holiday, contests and games, and also get acquainted with ready-made scenarios.

Rules of organization of the holiday

To the holiday for sure, the first thing is, the first thing, about what you should not forget before the organization are the preferences of your child. Only after listening to his ideas and expectations should go to the initial stage of the preparation of the celebration. It often happens that the child does not want a lush holiday at all, who impose her parents. This moment must be taken into account, because the teenager may want to call only a few friends.

To properly organize a party, it is very important to pay it correctly. Do not give up help if someone from relatives expressed a desire to help in organizing the holiday.

Initially, it is important to determine all the financial moments, and also think about the approximate budget. It is worth thinking about and write down how much money will be spent on food, home decoration, small gifts to guests, if contests are held, and also do not forget about possible other concomitant waste. Of course, adolescents love various fast food and other not quite useful food by type of chips. Usually such treats do not beat on the purse’s wallet, but in recent years it is relevant to order various Kendy bars for children and copyright for guests, which can do in a decent amount.

Birthday teenager can be held at home, in the apartment or arrange it in some institution. Often, home holidays cost cheaper to those that should be leaving. This question is best to discuss directly with the future birthday room, given the mass of features and take into account the family budget.

After the approximate budget is compiled and selected a place to carry out, you should move to the list of guests. It is necessary to draw up with a future birthday family or birthday. Many experts recommend always to count on several more people, because for teenagers, friends can come friends unplanned.

An important point in the organization of the adolescence is the choice of date and time.

Unfortunately, Not always the birthday of a teenager can come on a day off, which means that not all friends can come due to certain circumstances. If guests are a bit, it is desirable to ask each of the guests or their parents, will it be convenient for a certain day to visit the birthday, especially for loved ones and relatives of the teenager. An interesting decision to alert guests can be greeting cards or electronic invitations.

Choose a place

Conduct a teenager’s birthday and indoors and outdoors. The second option is perfectly suitable if you stay in a private house, if it allows you to make good weather. Besides, If the child really wants to spend birthday in nature, but the family lives in the apartment, you can always rent an inexpensive gazebo in the park or settled on a cozy summer terrace in a cafe.

Homemade birthday in its own way cozy, in addition, many teenagers do not mind spend their long-awaited holiday in the walls of his beloved house or apartment. The main thing is that no one distracted them during the celebration and did not bother, so when choosing a place in a house or apartment for a holiday, it is advisable to take care of the room where parents will be, not interfering with a party. If the music in the venue is loud, it is advisable to warn about this neighbors.

If the party will be held at home, the holiday can be arranged in the living room or in the hall. It is desirable that the room is spacious, and it could be organized several zones. Girls, for example, love to dance, while boys often do not mind playing the console. For all these entertainment there should be a place.

In addition, you should not forget about the place to accommodate treats, as well as a recreation area.

Topic Party

In recent years, the thematic parties for adolescents have been very popular, they will include a lot of interesting things. For example, Tropical party with original costumes and delicious cocktails or holiday in pirate style.

Consider some of the most sought-after festive topics for girls and boys in adolescence.

  • American Party. Many adolescents love American themes, and therefore some of them will probably remember such a party. For a birthday in the American style it is worth choosing good American music, it will easily help make the future birthday boy. As an interesting attribute of the holiday, a festive cake with the American flag can be presented, but the party invitations can be decorated as tickets to America.

In general, there are no framework and restrictions, the main thing is to give the will of fantasy to his child. Guests can also offer a specific dress code.

  • Militari-style party will probably have to taste teenage boys. To create such a holiday it is very important to choose the corresponding attributes. Guests, for example, can come in the appropriate militaries. For the holiday, you can organize a very good table with treats that can also be decorated in a military style.

Teenage boys will surely appreciate all the preparation of the celebration, especially if they are offered interesting contests and games.

  • Many teenagers can appreciate the birthday in Italian style. Such a thematic party is relevant for both girls and boys. In addition, Italian style parties are very popular lately. As a treats for adolescents, you can cook or order a delicious pizza, as well as to serve traditional Italian desserts on the table.

Decorate the room in Italian theme will not be difficult, from the simplest and affordable decorations you can buy balls in the color of the Italian flag.

  • Also, teenagers will certainly be able to evaluate superhero-style parties. Some parents can say that this style is relevant for young children, however, it is not so, because a party in such style is popular even among young older people. Typically, a party in this style assumes the presence of a specific fantastic dress code, unique attributes and an original festive table with a symbolism of the selected superhero.

The most popular images of superheroes are considered: Spiderman, Batman, Captain America, Woman Cat and Supergel.

Parents can offer boys to hold a party in a cowboy style or “Holiday around the world”, If a child and his friends are interested in travel. Teenage girls will probably have to taste a party in a pajama style or in the style of beauty salon.

Best contests and games

To entertain children at home on holiday on the occasion of a birthday, it is recommended to prepare funny and interesting contests in advance, as well as consider holding a variety of games.


Pitting games and contests allow teenagers to revive and not bother during their meals. They are especially relevant for fun companies. Competition at the table with letters. In advance, the letters of the alphabet on cards are added in advance or simply written on paper. The box is transmitted in turns to all guests, everyone should pull out his letter out of the box, and then call it as much words in 60 seconds. Who will name most of all words on a given letter, he will win.

If the adolescent party is intellectual, and all the gathered guests are interested in some kind of subject, for example, a movie or literature, then you can offer them one funny contest. To do this, on paper sheets should write the names of the character characters or, for example, famous actors. Then leaves should be folded into one box and start passing. Everyone who chose a piece of paper should try to portray the hero, whose name is written on a piece. For example, adolescents can write the name of Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean, and then try to portray it.

This game can also be remade, and as characters take animals, depicting them even more fun.


One of the easiest and at the same time interesting competitions is the “Lopney Ball”. To play children, they should be divided into two teams, parents can be as a jury. Every child in his hands should be a ball, on the team, children must heat the balls of the enemy. A team will win, which has many more balls.

“The game with a chair” is one of the most common and simple, because it can be played at home and in the yard. Chairs put around, but one less than the number of players, and then include any music. On the team all teenagers should sit on the chairs, and who did not have time, he drops out, after which another chair is cleaned. Play to the last remaining player.

“Playing with floating apples”. For her, it is necessary to gain water into two large tanks and put apples in them, teenagers to share two teams. Apples should be in the number of as much as teenagers. On the signal or when you turn on music, children must catch apples without using their hands. The team that will catch the most fruit will receive a prize.

If the birthday is held in a big house, then as an interesting game, teenagers can play hide and seek.

So that those who have lost in contests are not frustrated, because children are different, they can give incentive bonuses, such as candy. And the winners give something more valuable, for example, toys.

Examples of the script

Find a cool scenario for a teenager’s birthday is not always easy, but I want to spend the holiday successfully that good memories remain not only in a child, but also guests. The holiday script allows you to act organized, I do not miss any details.

As leading on the bottom of birth, there may be older brothers and sisters or parents.

Scenario №1

  • Greeting Birthday or Birthday. Can be read verse or any other introductory speech in honor of the teenager.
  • Greeting all guests. Transition to feast.
  • Word Birthday (optional), invitation to a contest and game.
  • After contests, adolescents can be offered sweet treats and non-alcoholic cocktails, as well as visiting the dance zone if it is organized.
  • Competitions are advisable to do not one after another, but alternate them with a feast, so that the children have time to relax. Summing up contests can be done after each of them, handing out gifts.
  • Upon completion of all competitions, scenes and games, you can make a festive cake, a candle on which a birthday family or a birthday boy will blow. If a photowon is organized, photos can be done both during a party and its completion.

Scenario №2

  • Welcome speech for the culprit or culprit celebration. Words Congratulations from the leading evening. Initially, it can be noted that all guests know, what about which gathered, having greeted them.
  • Feast.
  • Speech of the lead, invitation to view gifts and the transition to the main part – competitions and games.
  • Rest after contests, feast.
  • After contests and games listening to congratulations from friends. Sweet feast, dancing, photos with a birthday name or birthday.
  • To the end of the holiday, a cake is made under solemn music, candles are strangled. Competitions are summed up, gifts are heard.

How to arrange a birthday for a teenager, look in the following video.

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