Celebrate Birthday Girls 9 years: Options for scenarios and contests

Celebrate Birthday Girls 9 years: Options for scenarios and contests

To celebrate the birthday of girls 9 years old, you need to think carefully. Little lady at that age want a holiday, like adults, and can be upset if there are children’s games.

Rules of organization

Immediately assign an accurate date, place, holiday time, count the exact number of children and adults who will be present at the birthday party. You can make invitations, but it is optional. After that, you need to do a lot.

Come up with holiday concept

It can be a pajama party, a celebration in the cartoon style “Cold Heart” or “Alice in Wonderland”. Need to come from the interests of the birthday girl. Accordingly, you will need the necessary scenery and costumes. Make a thematic photoozone.


Of course, children love pizza, sweets and potatoes fries. It is this perfect food for a birthday party. It is important to clarify whether there are vegetarians or people with allergies to prepare them a separate menu. Buy paper napkins, tablecloths.

As well as:

  • Make a playlist in advance+
  • Order cake or bake yourself+
  • Collect all items that will be needed for contests and games+
  • Charge Phones, Cameras, Camcorders.

Holiday ideas

Not necessarily spend a lot of money to mark a good birthday – you can celebrate and at home with friends. There are several ideas for the birthday of the girl.

In the style of “Princess”

Probably every girl dreamed of putting on a dress, crown and become the heroine of fabulous history. Therefore, it is worthwhile to give such an opportunity for birthday and her girlfriends. It is necessary to make special invitations in the style of Disney cartoons. More pink color and various beads.

For scenery, air balloons “Girl” flowers are suitable: lilac, pink, white and the like. Do not forget about the tablecloths, garlands. You can arrange a photoozone.

As a treats should be beautiful sweets of bright colors. Cakes are suitable, pieces of cake, lollipops and caps.

Arrange games in the same stylist. For example, talent contest or game “Who is the princess?”, Girls can try to draw up their own fairy tales or come up with a continuation of already existing and so on.

In the style of “Alice in Wonderland”

Here you will probably need animators or parents who can play the roles of the Red Queen, Hatter, Rabbit.

At such a party, there is a lot of decoration, preferably in a large format: Cards, travel pointers, large flowers, hats, watches, chessboard, signs with inscriptions “Drink me” or “Eat me”. Arrange this fabulous tea party, as in “Alice in Wonderland”.

And of course, contests should also be based on the plot of fairy tales. Let the children on the speed paint white roses in red or play scenes.

pajama party

Of course, at such a holiday, guests stay overnight. Accordingly, you need to warn parents about it. But it is worth it, usually girls are delighted with such an idea.

Let the children put on their best pajamas, make a fashionable show, make each other hairstyles, look at cartoons, will. Such parties do not cost without traditional battle pillows, it is important to take into account. Consignments can be home: pies, cookies, marshmallows, cocoa with marshmallow or hot chocolate.

Garlands and balloons are suitable as decor, beautiful bed linen. Turn on calm, cozy music on the background.

Art Party

On this holiday should be very bright, rainbow color scheme and many colorful decorations.

Without photocons do not do here. Buy more balls, garlands, canopies and other things. Let treat and sweets also be different colors (lollipops, dragee, drinks).

At the art party should be fun music and a huge number of creative contests: drawing with bright colors on the fabric, creating multi-colored curly pyramids and other interesting games.

Review of entertainment

To take a child for a whole day, you do not need to spend a lot of strength and money. Games and contests described below will become a great way to entertain daughter.


“10 on 10”. Guests are divided into 2 teams. Each of them should write a word out of 10 letters on his easel. According to the team “Start” they change them, their task is to draw up ten words from the letters that are part of this word. Team that will do it faster, wins and gets a prize.

“Portrait of a birthday man”. Girlfriends are offered a variety of materials for drawing and appliques: pencils, markers, carved from dresses, hairstyles and more. The winner will be the portrait of which will like the birthday of the most.

“Multicolored spots”. Lead Specifies Search Color. The task of the participants of the competition is to find a subject of this color and touch it. He who did not cope – leaves. Accordingly, the winner is a person who has come down to the very end alone.

“Phanti”. In a big hat, there are papers with various fun tasks (to dance to the music, sing a favorite song, wash some kind of melody, play a funny scene). Children pull papers in turn. The winner is the one whose performance liked the culprit of the celebration most.

“Barter”. Guests are distributed over pairs. Each person is issued bags in which there are 15-20 beads, small buttons, coins and the like. One of the players pulls out a few beads from there and hides them in a fist. The task of the partner is to guess their number. He may ask: “Chet or unless?”. If he manages to call the number right, he takes these beads to himself. If not – gives the same amount from your package. Couples are constantly preventing. The competition lasts about 12 minutes, then he wins the one who has accumulated most of the beads.

“Mysterious stranger”. The lead or birthday read the list of certain features corresponding to one of those present. It may be the color of the eyes, growth, school rates, pets, hobbies and much more. The rest should call the name of this person. Participants can ask questions about the personality of a person. Wins the one who fastests the rest.

“Cabbage”. Participants are divided into teams. From each takes one volunteer, on which the team for one or two minutes should wear the maximum amount of clothing. Accordingly, clothes must be prepared in advance.


“Telegram”. Players must write their names on paper, roll them up and put in a bag. Now everyone is a postman who is not lucky. Guests take turns pull the piece of paper, read the name and improvise with the go: make up a sentence, each word of which starts on one letter name written on a piece of paper. For example, “under the Christmas tree tiger growl”, t. E. On the piece of paper was Peter.

“Home!”. Seven and more people play. On the site any objects are denoted “at home”. Them should be one less than playing. Players stand in the middle of the platform and 8 times in a row repeat: “Home!”. After that, they scatter “home houses”. Who does not have time to take a place goes to someone from the players and asks: “The oil is sold?”. He answers: “No, sell … (Name of another player)”. Leading to the one who sent him, asks the same question and gets such an answer. While he walks from one to another, two “homeowners” are changing in places. The task of the leading – take a temporarily empty house. If he succeeds, the one who remained “without home” becomes.

Salca in Japanese. Minimum four players. The drivers pursue the rest of the players. If he concerns another player, he starts to drive. However, it is harder to him, since now he has to run, keeping for that part of the body, which touched last “water”. So he should escape and walked for someone.

If a lot of people are playing, you choose several.

Board game “Alias”. It can be done even from the girlfriend. Participants are divided into teams. They pull out the cards on which they are given a few words. They must explain each of them in other words, it is not allowed to use one-sided. For one card gives 60 seconds. The task of another team is to guess as much words as possible.

“Teremok”. Denote two circles on the floor at a distance of 10-15 meters. One of the players in reading becomes in the middle between the Teremes and catches the rest of the players running out of one circle to another. During the mining, children sentenced: “Terem, Theme, for a high tree! Oak, Ball, Beach, do not cry!”. If the driving will catch someone, this man gets up in his place.

How to diversify the script?

You can organize a quest on adventure. Children should be divided into teams. In different places collapse signs with country names. To go from one to another, participants must complete the task. This team will win, which is faster than the rest will “travel around the world”. Each child must be involved in the process, it is important that all children participate in the tasks.

Device disco. Maybe it’s trite, but always cool and fun for people of any age, especially children’s.

Ask birthday to what preferences in music and her friends, and also do not forget to buy a disco ball.

Make gifts in interesting. A girl who has a birthday should guess the crossword preceded for her, largely drawn and attached to the wall. When she does it, in the highlighted cells she will see the name of the place where gifts are hidden.

All sign Dance “Limbo”. The essence is: two people hold a stick in a horizontal position on both sides.Guests must pass under this stick in turn. After each passage, the stick must be lowered about 10 centimeters. Do not forget to include music, preferably Latin American.

How to arrange a party in honor of the birthday of the girl, look in the video below.

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