Choice and manufacture of gift baskets

Choice and manufacture of gift baskets

One of good ideas for gift design – Beautiful basket. It can be put in it prepared by the present and give the perpetrator of the celebration. Gifts in baskets always look more effectively and rich, rather than presents, packed in simple boxes or gift bags. Today we will analyze in detail how to choose such things and how they can be made with their own hands.


Today, people have a million opportunities beautiful and originally draw a gift for any holiday. Many instead of familiar boxes and packages prefer to hand presents laid in an attractive basket. In most cases, such solutions are pleasantly surprised by gifted people and attract more attention to themselves.

In modern stores you can find a lot of different options for gift baskets. They differ in design, and in size, and based on materials from which are made. It is possible to acquire both a very expensive model and budget, but no less attractive and spacious.

A gift in a beautiful basket can be handed out both a favorite person or a good friend / friend and bosses or business partners.

Such a present will pleasantly surprise not only an adult, but also a child. This suggests that Such a gift packaging is universal – you can resort to its use for any reason.

Gift baskets are good not only with their versatility and attractive appearance, but the ability to make them with their own hands. Many people prefer not to buy similar things, but do their own. For the manufacture of beautiful and high-quality gifts for gifts, it is usually not leaving too much free time and cash. A spectacular thing is possible to do quickly and just, if you rely on the detailed step by step instructions.

Folding baskets

Gift baskets differ not only by their design, but also directly filling.

  • Men are most often handed Laconic and solid baskets, inside which lies dear alcohol, high-quality coffee, cigars and jar olives. A good office will be a good stationery, especially if the celebration’s culprit is a person busy and business.

  • For representatives of the beautiful floor, you can collect Good gift set of flowers, fruits and sweets. Often as a supplement to such a basket of gifts are presented by branded expensive champagne or good wine. If a birthday present is selected, then a small box with a jewelry is still put into the assembled basket – such a decision will surely be pleasantly surprised by the lady. On March 8, it is permissible to supplement the grocery set by the favorite perfume of the young lady.

  • If the gift basket is selected for the child, it should not be too large. Kids love variety in everything, so it is better to choose a few small gifts that will surely get involved in the kid. Often in children’s baskets put candy, chocolates, toys and fruits. A good supplement will be a disk with a favorite film, game or cartoon child. Such a present will surely please the baby.

It is necessary to take into account the fact that the gift decorative basket must have appropriate thematic design.

That is why it is so important not only to choose a present, but also to think about all the nuances of decoration of the finished festive composition.

How to make it yourself?

Gift basket can be made in different ways using various materials. Many people are well manufactured such things from newspaper tubes, dense cardboard, colored paper, plastic parts or bamboo sticks. Of course, the most spectacular looks like wooden and straw options with a handle. They are made by weaving.

Cute baskets can be made of a combination of colored cardboard and satin fabric. This product will be easy to create with your own hands at home. To do this, you will need:

  • ribbon+
  • Colored cardboard+
  • Satin fabric+
  • Scissors and glue+
  • ruler+
  • Pencil and stapler.

Procedure of manufacturing Next.

  1. First on the first sheet of cardboard you will need to make a grid consisting of 9 squares.
  2. Next, it will be necessary to very carefully make cuts on dotted lines.
  3. Then you should bend the leaflets on all transverse lines.
  4. Next design fasten using stapler.
  5. Then you need to cut a small handle of the desired length.
  6. Now you can proceed to the direct decoration of the cardboard design. To do this, take a harvested ribbon and attach it to the edges of the basket using glue.
  7. To decorate such a basket you can use small flowers. To create them, you need to cut out a couple of blanks of the desired diameter.
  8. Next, it will take to cut such a number of circles from textiles, which will correspond to the number of petals of scenery.
  9. Now each of the cut circles should be bent in half.
  10. Then these details will need to be hit again in half to formed a small triangle. The data of the workpiece will need to ride on needles with threads by making 4 punctures. At the expense of such manipulations in the middle will create a fold.
  11. Similar actions will need to be applied to the rest of the fabric. They will need to ride on the same thread. At the end, all the petals will need to be pulled and copped.
  12. Then it follows the same principle to make another flower, but smaller diameter. Create two decorative details with each other. In the middle of the resulting flower attach a bead.
  13. Fake the resulting item to a cardboard basket. That’s all! In such a gift packaging it will be possible to attach a small cute gift.



Very interesting and gently watch wicker gift baskets. They can also be made diverse and complement various decorative inserts.

We will describe in stages, how to make a similar thing.

To do this, you will need:

  • Lower Rope (Cheap Economic Lace)+
  • adhesive gun (working with it is much more convenient)+
  • Cardboard box (you can only use the lid from it)+
  • Sucks+
  • scissors+
  • Flooring Kusachachi+
  • Double-sided tape+
  • Paper, Simple Pencil, Rule+
  • Ribbon, ribbon, lace for scenery.

Production procedure.

    1. First of all, it is necessary to decide on the direct dimensions of the product. The basket will have a base of cardboard. If the lid is used from the box, then it will be necessary to cut the walls. Their dimensions should be no more than 3-5 cm.
    2. Based on the direct sizes of the base, it should be visually deciding on the height of the structure. The thickness of the liner can also be chosen at will.
    3. Next, it will be necessary to shorten the ships in accordance with the height of the future basket, if necessary. Be sure to accurately calculate how many wooden sticks you need.
    4. Now you can start doing basket base. To do this, glue sticks to the inside of the base from the cardboard. Leave between the skeins of a distance of 1.5 cm. It is advisable to use bilateral scotch tape: cut off the strips of the required length, adjust and attach only to the side wall of the base, and then proceed to gluing sticks.
    5. As a result of the above actions, there will be a kind of frequency. Now you can start direct weaving. It should weave as close as possible, but not too much to put pressure on the ships, otherwise they can break.
    6. If the edges of the base are too high, then you can put something in the basket so that it keeps its form. In the event that the rope is over, you should fill it into and continue weaving on. Then the tips can be neatly cut and fix using hot glue.
    7. The last 2-3 row of weaving should be fixed with hot adhesive composition.
    8. Unnecessary pieces of sticks need to be removed using a bustard. Top Make a lace cloak re-decorated basket edges.
    9. Next, it will be possible to fasten the outer sticks at the base and in the joints of the joints, as well as hide the tips of the rope, if required. Do it need hot glue.
    10. Now you can go to the design of baskets. Cut the corners at the base so that they are more rounded.
    11. Make the winding of the design around the perimeter. Secure the first rows of hot glue, and then the rope can only be glued partially. Complete all extra details.
    12. After that, you can upgrade the resulting gift basket at your own. For this, lace and braid are perfect. Also permissible to sew a kind of case for the inside of the product. Universal solution will be a tender satin ribbon, tied to a charming bow, or a beautiful packaging paper.


    For the manufacture of baskets, you can use brown paper. It looks very beautiful in the places of the designs.

    From the stack of old journal editions you can make dense baskets in which fruits and other small presents will fit.

    Filling the basket must be responsible for the interests, preferences and age of the culprit of the celebration – be sure to take into account this.

    Men are better to give presents in more restrained baskets, on which there is no large number of motion scenery, flowerfish and bows. The product should be beautiful and neat, but not catchy.

    The ideas of creating a basket with their own hands are given in the following video.

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