Choose Flowers on March 8

Choose Flowers on March 8

Spring holiday on March 8 is a day when women are noted not only in the social and economic spheres of life. During the existence of the Soviet Union, this holiday also wore a political color, and today in Russia a festive day at the beginning of spring is a symbol of worship of female beauty, wisdom, motherhood. It is no coincidence that this day is always filled with smiles, warm congratulations and flowers.

Choose a beautiful bouquet to congratulate women at home, in a working or training team – a difficult task. And in front of men, every year the question arises about what flowers it is appropriate to give a woman on March 8.

What flowers are given?

According to the established semisting tradition, women on March 8 are usually given spring tulips. So it was taken back in the USSR, so the tulip is perceived as a symbol of this holiday, although in fact he is not. The fact is thatDifferent types of tulips are those primroses that sell at the beginning of spring. Tulips come in various shades and float stores stores, shopping tents, floristic salons. The name of this flower was the first to come to mind at the mention of the holiday on March 8 in the Soviet Union. In addition to tulips, it was possible to buy yellow veins of mimosa, brought from the southern regions of the country, as well as expensive and less demanded roses or cloves.

However, roses were made to give to more significant celebrations, and carnations were associated with May Day or November demonstrations.

Few of modern men know that the color of the tulip has a different meaning. For example, red tulips symbolize power, luxury and wealth, while pink flowers mean spirituality, beauty and harmony. To give women flowers at all times meant to emphasize their appreciation, love and respect – just such a promise and invests a donator in his gift.

Press the small bouquet of fresh flowers per day on March 8 was a good tradition, which men follow all ages and status, and women are looking forward to and rejoice in these gifts, Spring Bulletins, which has entered into their rights. Today, the spring selection of colors is much more extensive than in the time of the USSR, therefore many options for the gift appeared: Roses and orchids, chamomile and gerbera, lilies, hyacinths, chrysanthemums, and in some cases the desired gift can be a spectacular pot plant, which will delight the recipient of such a gift for a very long time.

Varietal begonia, hibiscus, Uzambar violet, miniature Rose Cordana – all these plants will not die a week later, but, on the contrary, can decorate a home or working interior, reminding about a light holiday and a giving donor.

Making holiday bouquets, florists adhere to certain rules from which it follows that in a single copy, except for roses, the flowers are undesirable, as it looks nonethetically. For example, Multicolored tulips, gerberas, chrysanthemums, daffodils and even mimosa sprigs look more effectively if collected in a composition of several pieces. And to large flowers it is allowed to add smaller in size, which gives a bouquet a special charm.

Color palette and quantity

According to the ancient philosophy of China, flowers have a special mystical ability, so in a bouquet everything plays an important role – a variety of flower, the color of his petals and how many pieces is included in the bouquet. Russian people have a tradition that it is possible to give only an odd number of colors, so they buy 3, 5, 7, 9 as a gift, or more instances.

Many traditions are connected with color gamut colors. Each color carries a special semantic load, which you need to know when drawing up a bouquet.

  • Red flowers All nations of the world are firmly associated with love and passion. In addition, the red color is always spectacularly harmonized with other shades, so it is often used by florists.

  • White flowers considered a symbol of purity and chastity. This is a very universal color that puts accents in a bouquet, making it a special bright and expressive. Along with white, it is often used and pink shade. White and pink combination is a symbol of youth and freshness.

  • Yellow flowers carry a sad semantic load, as they consider lyases separation or treason. There is a legend that Sultan presented his beloved scarlet roses, which the woman’s wrong woman suddenly became yellow. However, there are few people in such prejudices today seriously, so yellow flowers can often be seen as part of bright flower compositions.

Marketers noticed that In retrovers, most often acquire exactly yellow tulips, as well as bouquets in which tulips are collected by different color palette – red, pink, white, purple, yellow shades. Yellow flowers in the modern world began to acquire the shade of the official, so they are given to colleagues.

In addition, yellow color is associated with the color of wealth, success, well-being. Pink tulips are a sign of deep sympathy and appreciation, red – talk about passion, and a lilac color is a sign of loyalty.

The number of colors in the bouquet also has its own special symbolism. The flower is in the singular in the event that they want to emphasize the significance of the person who is intended to emphasize this gesture. And here are 5 flowers collected in the bouquet, are secret recognition in love – if the chosen of the symbolism of floristics, she can understand the love message destined to her.

Seven flowers give the bride on the day of marriage, and 9 elements of a bouquet mean a strong friendship and partnership.

How to choose a bouquet?

The choice of colors as a gift on March 8 must be done in such a way as to express their appreciation, love and attention to. Best give on this holiday those flowers that love your close man. It can be unusual in the composition and design of bouquets that you give from the pure heart, and they will definitely like the teacher, grandmother, sister or beloved. It is worth noting that only living plants are chosen for the spring gift, since drunks are not used for such purposes.

Choose flowers needed taking into account the age of a beloved person, his status, degree of kinship and proximity to relationships.

For mum

Relationships with mom carry warmth, love and limitless tenderness, so for the native person choose tender shades of white, blue, pink, lilac flowers. The most expensive person as a sign of attention is given a bouquet of roses, daffodils or spring tulips. It is appropriate on March 8 to give gentle chrysanthemums or peonies, a large bouquet of daisies or hyacinths – such plants have the ability to save a fresh look in the cut and do not fade in a vase.

By the way, the bouquet will make a brighter impression if you give his mom in any unusual vase. And if mom is an enthusiastic flower, she can be given a decorative pot plant that blooms in spring time. Such a gift will be welcome and can please mom for a long time.

For mother-in-law

By tradition, flowering chrysanthemums are considered a symbol of the family, so such a gift will be appropriate for the day on March 8. A good option will be a bouquet of roses of a light shade or noble lilies – these flowers will emphasize your respect and gratitude. And in the language of flowers, a donated bouquet of lilies will make a compliment of female beauty, and also emphasizes the purity of your thoughts and intentions.

Choosing a bouquet for ladies of elegant age, you should avoid acquiring dark shades colors, as well as quickly fading plants. So that the woman felt youth and energy, it can be given a bouquet of bright pink carnations or fragrant peonies. Such a gift will not leave the female heart indifferent and give a tribute to the older woman in the family.

For spouse

Beloved wife Bouquet need to choose the most luxurious – that you will emphasize her significance in your life and give a tribute to the keeper of a homemade hearth. Pink or white lilies are suitable as a gift, large varieties of chrysanthemums, bright gerberas.

If you want to remind your wife about your love again, you will help you Bouquet of scarlet roses. This royal flower is a symbol of passion, eroticism and romance. If the roses seem too ordinary to you, an alternative can be a bouquet of gentle eustomas, which will emphasize the tenderness and femininity of your spouse and tell her about your trembling feelings.

For family members

On March 8, it is customary to congratulate not only mothers, but also sisters. As a congratulation, you can choose bright, but not so pompous flowers, as for mom or grandmother. For an older sister, a bouquet of lilies, daisies or miniature roses will be appropriate. Younger sister can please Multicolored Anemones, White or Blue Bells, Large Garden Chamomiles or Handsome Narcissus. Young niece You can give bushes mini-roses or tulips with non-abrupt buds, which will emphasize the adolescence and freshness of beloved relatives.

To please on March 8, your grandmother or aunt can be a bouquet of mimosa and daffodils, which will remind you of warm breeze, radiant sun and spring days. Potted orchids will also become a welcome and relevant gift in this case.

Such plants emphasize women’s beauty, exclusivity, and will also demonstrate your attention and care.

For girl

Every young man’s in love is striving for a festive day on March 8 to please the beautiful bouquet of his chosen. If you are shy and have not yet told the girl about their romantic feelings, the bouquet of gentle pink roses will do it instead of you. And passionate cavaliers with serious intentions give our beloved brightly roses, symbolizing love and ardent feelings.

It will be relevant to the gift from pink bushing carnations, which emphasize the youth of the elect and tell her about your hope for the creation of a strong family. Pink lilies in combination with roses emphasize the cleanliness of your feelings and intentions, and also show your respect for the elect.

For the boss

For festive congratulations to choose a floral bouquet with special care, since in this matter it is necessary to observe a certain distance and tact. The woman to the woman does not give small simple bouquets – it is impolite. A gift for March 8 should look noble and kindly, and it can consist of roses, tulips, gerberas or amaryllis. When choosing these noble and elegant colors, you should know that the gamma palette can be chosen any.

You can please a woman manager and a decorative blooming version of a potted plant.

For example, a good gift can be bright begonia or chrysanthemum, a miniature rose or a blooming violet, as well as a tender blue hydrangea – all these flowers personify the sophistication and respect you want to show this congratulations.

For colleagues

In each working team, men by tradition give to their women-colleagues floral bouquets from mimosa, tulips, daffodils or gerberas. Such gifts are recognition of female charm, beauty and express the attention of men. A good solution as a modest gift may be a bouquet consisting of blue irises – modest, but very expressive and elegant colors. Such a gift will not put a colleague in an awkward position in front of colleagues, but will be able to tell her about your friendly location and attention.

In order not to make a mistake with the choice of a festive bouquet for a loved one, it will be worthwhile to ask the preferences of a woman. Knowing the tastes of the lady, it is much easier to make her a nice gift that will delight her.

If it is impossible to find out preferences, it is not possible to focus on age being believed, as well as the degree of social distance between you.

What can not be presented?

Choosing a festive bouquet for congratulations to a woman, it is important not only to make a flower composition correctly, but also take into account some existing unlapped rules.

  • Cannot be given artificial flowers, Whatever naturalistic and beautiful they. Such a gift will always be perceived as inappropriate.
  • Not accepted to give live flowers that have signs of wilting. Such a bouquet will not be able to stand in a vase for a long time and quickly will lose its appeal. Flowers should be only fresh – pay attention to the appearance of petals, leaves.
  • One and the same woman do not give every year the same bouquet, This is a sign of your bad taste and inattention. An exception in this case can only be flowers that a woman loves and prefers all other options.
  • Women of elegant age should not be given flowers that quickly faded. In addition, you should not be presented and bright red roses if you do not pursue the goal of recognition in love.
  • Refuse to buy a bouquet, which was processed by sparkles. As a rule, the florists are resorted to this tricks when they want to sell a stuck goods that losing his fresh look.
  • Plants with sharp spikes – cacti – are bad idea for a festive gift. The exception is only the case when a woman is a collector of the varieties of this plant, and such a gift will definitely have to taste.

In our country, there are some prejudices associated with flowers, so this should also be considered to involuntarily not offend a woman on a festive day. For example, Many ladies are panicly afraid to take yellow roses, tulips and other flowers of this shade, believing that they will bring them a misfortune in love relationships.

In some cases, it is really better not to risk and not choose these flowers as a gift. In addition, it should be avoided to give red carnations for the holiday. It was so that these flowers bring dead on the day of the funeral, so such a gift will cause a disadvantage and bewilderment.

    Every woman, despite age and social status, loves flowers and glad when he gets them as a gift from a man. Give flowers – this is a pleasant male duty, which should not be forgotten not only on holiday March 8, but at any other time.

    On how to make beautiful miniature bouquets on March 8, look in the video below.

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