Choose potted flowers on March 8

Choose potted flowers on March 8

No solemn event in our life costs without living colors. This tradition is especially distributed on March 8, when women are accepted to give gifts. Excellent option for congratulations are potted decorative plants. Such a present will not only delight the lady, but also will remain for a long time next to her, decorating with his blossom interior. Flowers in pots keep their freshness for a long time, and many of them can be continued to grow in room conditions or transplant with the arrival of summer in the garden.

In Russia, a fashionable tendency to give flowering plants in pots came from Europe, and this idea has become quite popular in the people. Spring warm days give a large selection of decorative plants that bloom on March 8. Of course, most of them blooms by distillation, but there are also copies that bloom regularly. A good tone is considered to give the plant not only in the phase of its abundant flowering, but also with semi-abusive bud.

Such live gifts will not leave indifferent any female heart and delight on a festive day. To give a gift from a special solemnity and presentability, the pot with a plant is packaged in an elegant wrapper from bright paper, decorate ribbons, put in decorative woven porridge. The most popular plants that are given to women on March 8 are several options.


The queen of flowers in the miniature became a traditional gift, which is appropriate to give a young woman and a lady of elegant age, a beloved girl, a colleague, a friend or daughter. Rose always looks spectacular and striking with its beauty. She is able to decorate both home interior and office space.

Caring for this plant is nested – a rose will need to put on such a place where it will be in sufficient sunlight and air. Most often for this purpose, windows directed to the West or East are chosen. The soil in the pot is required to contain in a humidized form, but not to overflow and not overwhelming, which is especially important for the flowering period. Several times a month the plant will need to make mineral feeding – to do it since March until the end of October. In the fall, before the rest period, a rose can be cut, removing elongated shoots.


Azalea looks mysterious and sophisticated. This East Beauty will become a bright emphasis in any room and will not leave anyone indifferent. The plant flowers in saturated pink or bright raspberry flowers of complex shapes that are spectacularly stand out against dark green foliage. Despite the fact that the flower loves the sun, his straight rays are dangerous for the plant, so you need to choose a place with regard to its features.

Azalea grows at a temperature of 15-20 ° C, and for the set of buds, the flower needs coolness to 10-13 ° C. The plant loves spraying, but it should be careful, so as not to harm the petals. Watering is needed moderate – you need to follow so that the soil does not drive and was not unnecessary.


Garden plant, which at the beginning of spring makes blossoming. Flowers are similar to large multi-colored chamomiles, which are not faded in a long time in the form. Gerbera is made to give young and adventurous. When presenting a gift pot effectively declared a contrasting color paper. Gerbera look very stylish and exquisitely.

The plant needs a bright sunlight, but if your window comes to the south, the pot with a flower will need to be slightly pronounced. The heat of gerbera tolerate badly, but feel great when the moisture drops from high to low. For normal growth, the flower needs a temperature of 20-22 ° C and moderate regular watering. Watering a plant with warm filtered water, and the feeding will bring 1 time in 7 days.


Very gentle plants that are unusually beautiful bloom all year round. Such a gift will be pleasant to any woman. If you give a flower down a little attention, it will grow well and delight blossom. Violets grow not only at home, but also in the office. The flowers in this plant can be simple or terry, and the painting is the most diverse. The diameter of flowers is 4-5 cm.

This perennial decorative plant lives only at home and feels well at a temperature of 13-18 ° C. The plant is light-blast, but the straight sun rays of violet are contraindicated – the lighting should be scattered. Care lies in regular watering through the pallet, making fertilizers and removing faded flowers.


Exotic blooming beauties will become a welcome gift for any lady. Orchids are appropriate in any atmosphere – they are grown both at home and in the office. These gentle flowers have different shades and form of the structure of the flower, and choosing them on the eve of the holiday, as a rule, always extensive. Budget this flower will not call, but the gift will remember for a long time with its royal luxury.

Orchids need good illumination and high air humidifier. The most simple in breeding are phalaenopsis. It is important to protect the flower from direct sunlight and draft. Regular watering should provide the plant with the necessary humidity. In addition, in the spring and at the autumn time 1 time in 10 days, the flower feed fertilizers, and in winter, the feeder produces 1 time in 30 days.

White species

Agricultural enterprises prepare for the day March 8, distillation of bulbous plants landed in pots. Artificial stimulation of growth makes bloom on the bulbous varieties of narcissus, primulous, crocuses, tulips. The flowering of the plant takes a long period, but it spends all its strength to it, after which the flower will need rest. Various options can be used as a gift.


Traditional spring flower, which gives women for a holiday. Unlike cut-off tulips, the pot will give the joy much more than a long time. The bulbous tulips are perfectly amenable to the processes of the surveillance, so on the shelves of flower shops you can see different varieties of this plant.

Caring for it lies in timely watering and ensuring light.


Traditional garden plant blooming in May, but by distillation you can make it bloom and in March. The flowering period is at least 3 weeks, provided that the plant will be provided abundant irrigation. This is a perennial plant and its bulbs can be planted not only in pots, but also in open ground. Hyacinth loves high air humidity and grows well at a temperature of 20 ° C. After flowering, the lows can be digging and stored until the next spring in a dark cool place.


Famous saffron-primrose pleases with its beauty in spring days. These flowers bloom and without distortion among the first. Collected several pieces in one porridge, such primroses make up an excellent composition that will be organically look in any interior. Presented saffron after flowering can be saved in the form of lows for the subsequent landing in the garden. Woodwood colors are the most diverse – white, lilac, yellow, white and blue. Watering the perennial needed 1 time in 2 days, the best temperature for growth and flowering is the indicator of 15 ° C.

How to choose a flower?

Choosing a pot flower as a gift, you need to pay attention to how it looks. If a plant has many dead flowers, abundant flowering from him no longer have to wait, so it will not be able to delight for a long time. It is best to choose plants that have many unpainted buds.

Before buying it is worth identifying – a perennial is a plant or annual. To make a memory of your gift for a long time, it is better to choose perennials that can be continued to grow in room conditions and after the holiday. Annual flowers for this purpose are unsuitable – after flowering, they die.

Determine the conditions that are required when leaving the plant, think if a woman can create them at home or in office conditions.

Find a flower that will be unreasonable and undemanding to the content conditions so that even too experienced flower water can cope with this task.

How to care?

Each living plant needs care, so it is worthwhile to ask what the flower is needed, and create optimal conditions for it. Important are watering, sufficient solar lighting, feeding, correctly selected temperature and pest protection. If we take into account all these factors and correctly organize care of the green pet, he will be able to grow long and delight with his beauty. Over time, the flower will have to transplant in a more spacious pot, as the transport packaging in which it was presented to you, as the flower grows it to be close.

Resetting produce a transshipment method with the addition of new fertile soil in a pot.

On how to properly care for indoor roses, see the following video.

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