Choosing gifts for the kitchen

Choosing gifts for the kitchen

On the nose season of holidays, many probably “break the head”, what to give to relatives and friends. What to give idle people is not a question, and when it comes to family buddies, you have to think. Option “Something for the home” is quite appropriate. In the article we will tell about what practical gifts are suitable for the kitchen.

Can I give dishes?

If you rely on the knowledge and superstition of our ancestors, it was impossible to bring in honor of the celebration only forks and spoons, and the last for a long time was considered an excellent presentation, especially if it was not just a spoon, but with a painting or out of noble metal. But over time and the spoon was attributed to undesirable souvenirs, because they believed that if it was made with bad thoughts, then there will be a problem in the house. A spoon can only be given to the “first tooth” to the child, in other cases it is better to refrain from such a surprise.

As for the forks, they are just as knives, needles and scissors are associated with unclean power, it is believed that she lives on acute subjects. Therefore, the forks will bring quarrels in the family.

If such objects handed you, do not rush to swear with a donor or throw out on the garbage, just pay off the present, giving some kind of a penny, it is believed that you will pay off from the unclean strength.

An excellent presentation can be:

  • Sets+
  • Kitchen sets+
  • Cask+
  • soup+
  • dishes+
  • Mixers+
  • Aprons+
  • Various kitchen combines.

These gifts are perfectly suitable for any celebration, be it birthday, anniversary, new year or even a wedding.

But it is worth remembering that When buying such equipment, it is necessary to examine the subject for the absence of chips and other damage. It is believed that such cracks personify scandals. And if you pretend to be a person such a service, then his life can radically change not for the better.

How to choose a food processor for a gift?

Everyone wants to be his surprise to be the most original and helpful, to make sure the hostess at home. In this case, it is worth paying attention to the presence of such utensils in people, the second exactly the same aggregate is definitely not needed. When this apparatus is selected, focus on its functionality and pay attention to:

  • power (the higher the power, the less time it will take cooking)+
  • Additional nozzles (for their quantity and quality, here are already focusing on your budget and price-quality ratio)+
  • Capacity of Chashi (we draw your attention to the fact that the working volume of the bowl is less).

Creative gift

If you definitely decide that the gift for the kitchen must be certainly creative, but you consider the dishes too banal gift, you can remember that the best gift is made with your own hands. What can be done with your own hands for the kitchen?

  • Stand under hot from jute or tight rope, which can be an excellent interior addition.
  • Organizer for kitchen (Support for knives, forks, banks, boards), for its manufacture you can use the most different materials – dense cardboard, wooden boxes, tin cans and much more.
  • Topiary. Flowers and trees have always been a decoration of any home, but there is no time and the desire to care for them, then such a surprise will have to do the name. Topiary – a small tree made by hand for the decoration of the room.
  • Tray. You might think that there is an unusual, tray can be bought everywhere. And what if it is done more versatile and unusual? For example, the tray board will save space in the kitchen and perform 2 functions at once.
  • Much more, Using the most different materials: toothpicks, stones, corks from under wine and even pasta.

How to hand?

When decided with a gift, I purchased it or did with your own hands, you need to come up with how to hand it. It must be remembered that “meet for clothes”. You can relate to the present where they specialize in the packaging of gifts or make it yourself using wrapping paper, foil or just a beautiful cardboard package.

If you want to spectacle, you can come up with different quests to unpack the prize.

In addition to the gift packaging from the foil, which was glued by the photo of the celebration of the celebration, you can come up with tasks where you hide a gift, and to find it, you need to guess the riddle, perform the task. But it is worth remembering that if a person who takes a gift is not a lover of such events, then you should come up with something else in order not to spoil the holiday and relationship with each other.

If you have a gift made by your own hands, then try not to use banal gift packaging, but, for example, a board-tray put in a beautiful package and tie helium balls to it. When choosing balls, it is worth considering the identity on which you go and the interests of a particular person. If you decide to give an apron, the creative feed on the birthday of the birth of the unmarried girl will be if she hesitally remove him from the donor.

Kitchen souvenirs can be composed into the composition, for example, from kitchen towels you can form swans and pack them into a box, showing all your fantasy. People who know how to work with origami can make more complex figures. Engage in your pleasure, and then your homemade souvenir will be the most original and interesting.

If the culprit of the celebration is superstitious, then it does not need to be presented to the sharp items – it can ruin the holiday. When choosing the dishes, remember that it is necessary to check it on integrity. If your gift is made with your own hands, try to look presentable. And remember that the pattern (if there is), as the gift packaging must correspond to the celebration.

About how to originally arrange and present a gift for the kitchen, look in the video below.

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