Christmas candlesticks: festive home decor

Christmas candlesticks: festive home decor

New Year’s candlesticks – an integral attribute of the holiday. They help create the very atmosphere called magic. The abundance of elegant candlesticks in stores and on Christmas fairs does not exclude the independent manufacture of the most beautiful New Year accessories.

Design options

Today, today there are a lot of electric models with sprinkling inside Figures of Santa Claus or Santa, Snowman, other New Year characters. In recent years, the candlesticks for long candles have been considerable popularity, ideally suitable for decoration of the New Year’s table.

Unusual candlesticks Those in which there is a stained painting, elements of vintage. Today you can buy even candlesticks for the new year from the glade – look original in any interior.


Most popular, common and valuable. If you want classics, it will be traditional candlesticks-glasses, but color, texture, design can already be chosen under your request. Among such models, you can find the most simple, cheap, but this is not less worthy applicants for the purchase.

The task of such candlesticks is to harmoniously join the interior, without taking all the attention.

There are glass candlesticks that themselves are ready to become “kings” of interiors: pretentious, unusual, very elegant. They can go complete with a New Year’s composition – deer, christmas tree and t. D. Bind the composition with independently alive fir branches.

Gingerbread house

Also the popular version of the decor, since it is a prickly house that is no longer one decade gives rise to pleasant New Year’s associations. A lot of the candlesticks of such a design is sold today in the store of the same price, there are quite a bit, but they are able to revive with their appearance yet not enough New Year’s interior. But there are options for candlesticks represented by a set for creativity – that is, it is necessary to paint the foundation yourself, decorate (usually acrylic paints). Present such a gingerbread house – it means to recharge your festive mood.

From oranges

The easiest and most understandable orange in skillful hands becomes a cute and pleasing eye with a candlestick. You just need to competently, carefully cut out of it all the flesh and, correctly using a knife, make a curly basis from the peel. Cut in the walls of the Christmas tree and asterisks are conveniently metallic molds for cookies. Usually such an unusual candlestick complements other delicious elements – carnations, for example, it successfully “dugs” into the peel, allowing you to draw any drawing.

From the cones

Cones – another perpetual attribute of the holiday. Apply them relative to the candlestick, of course, it is possible, and the use option will not be one. If you find a large bump, cut the interior from it and put a thin glass with a candle – It turns out a real winter candlestick. But you can enter and otherwise.

You can make a wreath of cones, which surrounds a glass with a candle tablet inside. You can fix the bumps along with other forest decorations on the wood. After creating the composition sprinkle all with artificial snow, not forgetting to leave a candle place.

How to make yourself and what will be required for this?

New Year’s master class will be able to even someone who has not previously engaged in independent making decor. If the options are more complicated (from salt test, for example, or stained) seem impliance, then the candlestick from banks and decorative stones with their own hands will be quite satisfying. For work needed:

  • Decorative stones – sold at any store with home decor, cost cheap+
  • Silicone glue+
  • Suitable shape and size Glass bank+
  • The twine either tape+
  • candle.

    Step-by-step instruction such.

    1. The bank must be washed out, free from the label, add.
    2. The glue should be stranded to each decorative stone (on a flat base), starting to shook the jar with the zone of the neck. If you stick not from the top row, the candlestick may not get neat.
    3. You can apply the next line of stones in a checker.
    4. Thus, you need to take the entire surface of the bank.
    5. The neck is decorated with a twine, ribbon, braid, lace, than you can approach this sample.

    If you want the light to be brighter, the stones can be shuffled not the entire surface of the can, one band can be left free, but sprinkling her hair with sparkles.

    Instead of large ornamental stones, you can take sea pebbles, a large salt (even pink fit), any other suitable decorative elements. Such a candlestick will decorate the table, the window zone, you can put it on the shelf. As a stand, you can use decorated wood.

    Other options for simple candle holders from banks – than decorating:

    • lace – it turns out very gentle, thin, neatly+
    • paints and stencil – ordinary gouache you can paint the surface of the can, in addition to the place that remains under the stencil+
    • braid and buttons+
    • Cheese+
    • seeds+
    • Cornish sticks+
    • Strips from designer paper+
    • Beads or even beads wrapped in several rows+
    • Sequins+
    • rhinestones according to the scheme to get a certain drawing+
    • painted in white branches with silverhead tips+
    • Foamiran with sparkles+
    • crepe.

    If you do a candlestick from the glade, then a whole composition of such products will be more effectively. Surround the glasses beads, fir branches dried by citrus, sweets – and it will work out perfect decoration for the center of the New Year’s table.

    Beautiful examples

    Candlesticks – Decor, without which New Year’s interior is almost unthinkable. And if the owner of the house attached to the manufacture of this decor, he will receive not only a mass of compliments from loved ones and guests, but also a lot of fun. We give examples of beautiful New Year’s candlesticks made with your own hands.

    • Classic, simple in creating, but always captive glances and hearts. Ideally configures on the right way, will complement any valuable gift or will speak independent New Year.

    • The candlestick obtained from the inverted gland – what can be easier. Yes, and internal filling does not require hassle, balls, as well as beads will make it best.

    • If you take sprigs, cover them with artificial snow, sprinkle with sparkles with sparkles or just work on them with paints (and silver too), you can get such a fragile and touching, very atmospheric candlestick.
    • An excellent option in which there is nothing superfluous – glass, water, berries, fire. Very cozy, such models fit perfect in eco-style.

    • If you want to quickly and unfall make a New Year’s fragrant candlestick, you just need to take a beautiful fuzhier and coffee grains. Well, a thin ribbon or braid as a final stroke. In the morning, such a candlestick will be asked and set up for a festive way.
    • Someone loves deliberately rough, as if devoid of glossy decorative things. And for many interiors, they are like a find. For example, such a candlestick made independently.

    • If you dress a simple candlestick in the sock, it will turn out to be winter, cozy, pre-New Year. Just but cute.

    • Jar, lace, bumps, salt. All present and environmentally friendly, for natural decoration – what you need.
    • And the kids can be pleased with such a sweet candlestick, and so that I did not want to get into it and “disassemble the details”, you can come up with a story about candy who fulfill the desire. But not immediately, at first they need a couple of weeks to reozean to become sweet-sweet.

    • Where is the holiday and without a deer – a large candlestick for accents in the New Year’s interior.

      Successful search and beauty in New Year’s house!

      Having looked at the following video, you will learn to make a cute festive candlestick.

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