Decorate windows for the new year

Decorate windows for the new year

Most families happily decorate their homes before the New Year holidays. After that, the house is filled with special comfort and warmth. In the article we will tell you how to decorate the windows to the new year.

Features of registration

New Year holidays bring present magic into the house, especially if the home is beautiful and elegantly decorated in advance. In a similar situation, it will be very comfortable and pleasant not only to children, but also adults. Fortunately, today people have every possible way to arrange their home original, spectacular and festively. Great many decorative balls, candles, tinsel and other similar products are sold in stores, thanks to which the home interior begins to play very other paints.

You can decorate not only the Christmas tree and different furniture items, but also windows.

With such decorations, the situation will look very unusual and positive. And not always for this type of decoration have to spend a lot of money. Many decorations may easily and simply make with their own hands without spending a lot of free time.

Window decoration for the new year will surely attract the attention of others and guests. Very often simple, but neatly made scenery, look rich and bright. When creating and selecting beautiful New Year’s decorations, households can show creative and release fantasy to the will – compositions can be practically any. The main thing is to withstand New Year’s theme to create a festive mood.

Variety of jewelry

Decoration of the window for the new year can serve as a different details. Beautiful decor is obtained from ordinary paper. Some owners prefer to form on window glass whole intricate compositions and appliques or effectively decorating window sills. Options, how to implement this kind of registration, a lot. Read the most popular and attractive solutions.

From paper

Paper New Year’s decorations on the right are recognized as one of the most popular and loved by many people. Make them with their own hands can both adults and children. It is enough to cut down and attach similar details on the windows – and the home furnishings will immediately revive.

Most often, it is white paper for cutting out Christmas decorations, because it is stronger than all over a general background, attracts a lot of attention.

From it you can cut not only a variety of forms of snowflakes, but also various figures and entire plots consisting of many elements.

Consider several useful tips for decorating windows through paper cut figures.

  • Templates and stencils that you decide to pick up for the future decoration of window structures, you must first print, and then cut as much as possible. Try to act without any hurry so that all the details are neat, smooth.
  • Before attaching made paper scenery, window glass will be carefully witch to be absolutely dry. Trace this nuance because it plays an important role. If you lose the moment, the carved figures risk will not resist on the windows.
  • After that, one of the sides of the prepared patterns will be needed to smear with a conventional soap solution and attach to the window glass.

    Pictures and plots prepared from paper specifically for window structures may be the most different. It is advisable to think in advance what kind of composition you wish to apply on the windows to get more interesting results with a certain idea.

    Making decorations from paper with their own hands, it is recommended to act step by step. Do not rush and don’t be discouraged if the first parts did not work like you want.


    The most spectacular and bright New Year scenery can be formulated using light components. Today in stores for sale a lot of garlands of various types. Thanks to them, window structures can be saturated with a saturated light, which will delight the eyes and households, and those people who will pass by the decorated dwelling. This is how the festive mood is created.

    The most spectacular luminous scenery is the so-called shining curtain. Especially catchy and enchanting such a decoration looks on large windows. Light bulbs can burn with different colors, and can only radiate one specified color, for example, white or yellow.

    The hosts may include different modes of flashing garlands installed on the windows. If the light bulbs are made in the form of small stars and at the same time will flicker, it will turn out to achieve a fabulous effect.

    Another option of the light decoration of window designs – garland made from the grid. Such products come to a large fishing network with shining light bulbs fixed on it. Such decorations are often used not only to supplement windows, but also for doorways, stairs or facades of buildings.


    If you want to decorate the windows in the house in a specialty, for this you can use charming christmas balls. Often they are fixed in the upper part of the window opening so that they carefully descend, while you can fix several balls in a row, and you can do differently.

    I wonder the descending tinsel will look at which shiny balls are attached along the entire length. Besides them, you can attach other scenery to Mishur, for example, suspended stars. Such a decor will look very original and will make a cozy atmosphere.

    You can sprawl along the top of the window not only glass, but also plastic or paper balls. So that such a decoration looked more interesting, you will complement the balls beads of bright colors, hanging socks and stockings in the New Year style. Compositions are valid and bright.

    Another interesting solution is to tie long ropes or threads to the Christmas shiny balls and also attach them to the top of the window opening. Then the Christmas toys will go down lower and will attract more attention to themselves. It can be twisted in this way more balls (can be both monochrome and multi-colored). The decor will be minimalistic, but very attractive.

    The balls that the window decorates will look more interesting and brighter, if you make them not on ordinary ropes or threads, but on the motley ribbons. At the same time, the balls can also be selected multicolored, for example, white, purple, blue, pink. Similar compositions are very simple performed, but look spectacular.


    There is still a lot of exciting ways to decorate windows for the new year. Consider some of them.

    • Any decor, be it balls, glued snowflakes or falling down ribbons, will look much more elegant and thoughtful if you complete it with a window sill decoration. Arrange a few cute candles, thematic statuettes, mini-chips on its surface. All listed details can be made with your own hands – it is not necessary to spend.

    • To decorate window openings, you can use not only balls and tinsel, but also large lush bows. They can be fixed in several places or only in one, for example, in the center of the opening. The colors of this element may be any. For example, in the ensemble with red, silver and golden balls will be harmoniously look like a large blue bow.

    • You can decorate the window and so: attach to the top of the opening the suspended major stars, and put small houses on the windowsill, similar to the gingerbread fairy tales. Such a New Year decor of the window will definitely bring warmth and comfort to the interior.

    • Window glass can be placed not only with white paper cut from white paper, but also by the image of a high elegant Christmas tree with a lot of small parts – cut out lights and balls. The composition will be more expressive and attractive than the options in which the Christmas trees are not provided.

    • If you like the original solutions and natural flavors, you can decorate the window fixed on threads or ropes of cones. Complete such creative decor Additional cones attached to improvised hemp placed on the windowsill. Such a decor will look funny, he will definitely raise the mood of guests and households. Can be supplemented with small candles on the surface of the windowsill.

    What to draw drawings?

    By the new year on the windows often paint beautiful festive drawings. Such a decor always looks interesting and original, because it depends solely on the idea of ​​the owners. To apply different images, you can use various means.

    Most often, people depict different pictures on the glasses:

    • Marker+
    • paints+
    • Gouache+
    • Toothpaste.

    The most common option is gouache. Using it, you can draw very bright and motley pictures. By itself, such paint easily and sabbly falls on the glass surface. If necessary, it is also easy and quick to wash off, clearing the windows.

    The only drawback of this method is that the gouache is often collapsed.

    A good solution for the drawings is the usual toothpaste. If you use it, you can achieve an interesting effect of the Inea, frozen surface. When it is necessary, the resulting picture will be easy to read from the surface of the window windows using only water. True, the toothpaste will make only a one-photon image, which is a significant minus for those users who have planned to make multicolor drawings on the windows. There are pastes, which contains dyes, but still the same effect, as in the case of a gouache, will not achieve.

    Beautiful windows on the windows will be able to use special markers.

    They are also fragilely washed off from glass bottoms. But the same thing about simple stationery markers cannot be said, so it is not worth experimenting with such “tools” – you can spoil the windows or spend a lot of time to remove drawn.

    Consider as an example, how can you independently draw a beautiful picture on the glass by means of toothpaste. To do this, you will need to take:

    • toothpaste itself+
    • Toothbrush+
    • Water+
    • Tassel+
    • sponge+
    • fabric (to clean the improved drawing)+
    • Wooden wand for drawing parts.

        The algorithm of action consists of several steps.

        • Cut a small piece of sponge. Pick up this size of the part so that you can use it to use it.
        • Issimate to a separate reservoir selected toothpaste. Pretty mix it.
        • Carefully dip the carved piece of sponge into a mixed toothpaste. Then draw the outlines of the future drawing you planned to decorate the window.
        • Applying the outlines is unlikely to be simple. As a rule, this process is quite time consuming due to the fact that the lines are usually strongly “wagging”.
        • Then you need to take a brush. Using it, make applied lines clearer and correct. Also, by the tassel, it will be possible to draw all the small parts and elements of the image that the sponge will not work. At this stage, you can use a wooden wand.
        • If you are insecure that you can draw, really, a beautiful “work of art”, and your talents are not enough, you can use the stencil prepared in advance. Then draw pictures will be easier.
        • Toothbrush can be drawn small splashes on the glass – it will be imitation of it.

        Ideas of images

          To decorate windows in a house for New Year’s holidays, you can contact a huge number of images. Consider the most popular and beautiful ideas:

          • Classic – carved snowflakes cut from white paper, but with them on the windows can also be attached carved houses with snow covered roofs, proud deer, balls and other cute animals+

          • With the help of gouache or multicolored special markers of the hosts can draw various fabulous heroes and animals, such as snowmen, penguins, deer, Santa Claus, Snow Maiden and others+

          • Speecually on the windows will look at all kinds of intricate patterns, simple and complex performed – it can be both cut from paper elements and hand drawn painted+

          • If you want to portray unusual pictures on the windows, you can draw the cartoon heroes (for example, a bear cunt), Snow Maiden, the fur coat consists entirely of beautiful snowflakes, city silhouettes and outlines+

          • Speecually and originally looks like a window, decorated with drawn bulbs, which should be brightly decorated with appropriate paints.

            Of course, on this all possible ideas of images for window structures are not completed. Households can portray other drawings on the glasses, which will like them most. Sketches can be like lungs and more complex – it all depends only on the creative and fantasy of a person.

            Beautiful examples

            New Year’s window decoration in the house – the occupation is very interesting, creative. Here all family members can show themselves, invented a very original, bright scenery. Consider some successful and elegant examples.

            • Large windows in the house will look very festively and elevated, if you stick on the glasses big figures of fabulous heroes and snowflakes. The completion of such a decor will be shining garlands. Most often they are attached directly on the window structures, but this is not the only possible option. Garlands can be set exactly around the opening.

            • Beautifully looks like a window, from the top of which thin ribbons or threads with shiny stars hang. On the windowsill stands to sash red woven material. It will be spectacular to look at the figures: the figurines of small snowmen, imitation of light Christmas trees, Figurine of Santa Claus, sitting on the New Year’s gift. Of course, the figurines can be different, but better so that they are withstanding in New Year’s theme.

            • If you want to decorate the window as brighter as possible and more spectacular, you can fix on the frame small soft hearts and asterisks, stitched from the fabric of bright colors. On the windowsill it is worth spreading the material that imitates snow, for example, a thick layer of wool. It will be worthwhile to be an artificial Christmas tree, laid nearby. You can put the lantern on the windowsill with the candle, and accommodate the wooden figurines of stars or statuettes of New Year’s fabulous heroes near this element.

            • Vene necessarily decorate the windowsill. Scenery can only be placed on the top of the window design. It will be originally and unusual to look hanging down wreaths of fir branches (natural or artificial), fixed with bright red elegant ribbons.

            If you wish, you can complete the decoration of a small figure of a deer and a gift in red packaging on the windowsill.

              • Speecually on the window glass will look like an elegant and magnificent heat-bird, composed of a large number of intricate snowflakes. Next to it can be stuck cut out of paper. Greeting inscription. Performed this composition will be quite laborious, but its beauty is worth.

              How beautifully decorate windows for the new year, look in the video.

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