Delicious gifts: how to assemble and arrange?

Delicious gifts: how to assemble and arrange?

It is sometimes very difficult to choose an interesting and useful gift, especially if a person already has everything and it is difficult to surprise the original thing. Food in this case is a win-win version, since delicacies will in any case become part of the festive table. It remains competently pick up the grocery set and originally arrange it.

What products can be used?

Tasty gifts can be collected from completely different products:

  • Cheese+
  • fish+
  • Smoked+
  • Vegetables+
  • Sweets+
  • Homemade baking+
  • fruit+
  • Orekhov.

In a gift box can be presented Vegetable kit – with an eye on healthy eating or weight loss, if you know that the perpetrator of the celebration of special addiction to the right lifestyle.

Cheese set usually consists of several types of cheese – the benefit that the range is great. It is often added to meat delicacies, such as dried meat, olives, and so on.

It looks elegant Set from Makarun. These multicolored cakes are often given complete with flowers.

Sets for men

Gastronomic set for a man involves Using rich products. This is exactly what men demand from food.

So there may be a sausage hotel, “diluted” cheese. The kit can be supplemented with sauce, and at the same time applied to a gift a beautiful cutting board, which can be used to cut the components of the presented present.

If a man is a connoisseur of cheeses with a spicy taste, it is not bad to present him a bouquet of wine and cheese. Considering that one perfectly complements another, the gift will be very refined.

Lover beer is better to give a box with hunting sausages or cheese in the form of pigtails.

The sophisticated gift will be Caviar in Gift Packaging. Usually the set includes several types of caviar. This is a real male present. It can be safely supplemented with fish and noodles made by hand, as well as elite alcohol. The better you know the person for which the grocery set is designed, the more accurate the content of the gift.

An unusual option will be Set of sauces. Such kits are created under the order. The one who decided to make an interesting present can order specific options for sauces and festive design of a certain type. As a rule, the choice is made in favor of meat dishes sauces. But there are also those designed for fruits and vegetables.

You can find on sale sauces from oranges with various additives, curraned with port, cranberry with greens and so on. All this will be quite interesting for the recipient of the gift, especially if he did not try anything from what is part of a gift set.

The representative of the strong sex as a gift can be collected and The set in which nuts and dried fruits include, very useful for male strength and health. Such a kit may include, for example, a combination of pistachios with almonds, dried apples, prunes and kuragi.

What to give women?

When it comes to delicious gifts for women, they come to mind first “Sweet ideas”.

There are ready honeycomb sites on sale that will appreciate any lady, finely sensing shades of tastes. The kits include jars with honey of different species. You can form such a gift on your own, including in it, for example, honey of dark and light varieties. The set may be field, meadow, taiga product “Bee production”. The present can be supplemented with tea and coffee in beautiful packages.

Gift look impressively Keksov sets. Such baking can be with caramel, chocolate, berries or jam. Beautiful box with tastes inside, tied ribbon, will please any girl.

Gift kit can be collected from marshmallows and candies or marmalade. Augmented by a postcard, he will serve as a wonderful memorable surprise.

Traditional is Set of chocolate candies. There are quite a lot of these on sale. So that the kit has been completed, it can also be supplemented with tea or coffee.

Amateur oriental sweets will please Boxing gift with appropriate content, supplemented nuts and jam jar.

It should be borne in mind that among women there are those who do not like sweets or can not afford the luxury to use such food for the sake of preservation of health or beautiful figures. In this case Food set with sausage in a special box will be a very original solution for the holiday.

Options of edible souvenirs

Some products can serve souvenirs depending on the place of their origin. It is no coincidence, returning from Thailand, many give their familiar and native coconut oil. On the one hand, it is a reminder of the impressions brought “because of the sea”, and on the other, quite a practical product that can be used including for frying.

The same cheese or wine can be presented with a hint of France or Italy, and candy with lotus seeds – in Vietnam.

Even oil or spices can be presented as edible souvenir.

Such “reminders of events” can be made with your own hands. As a celebration sign enough to bake cookies and give it one or another view using a special mold.

Cookie design depends on the reason. If you plan to present it as a New Year’s souvenir, it may be a Christmas tree or snowflake. Valentine’s Day logically make sickness in the form of hearts. Gingerbread men will serve as interesting souvenirs for almost any holiday.

    It remains only beautiful to pack such a gift in paper, a pretty box or a chest, and a wonderful, warm souvenir is ready.

    Small candy, packed in a jar, presented as a “happiness vessel”, will also become a wonderful reminder of the holiday. It is important to choose the capacity of the original shape and guess the taste of candies.

    Transparent plastic container with nuts or dried fruits linked by an elegant ribbon – also a kind of souvenir, if presented, respectively.

    Surprise Celebration Celebrations Packed in a Tin Beer Bank. It may be, for example, Belgian chocolate. Such gifts are now available on the occasion of the holiday.

    Addition to edible gifts will serve small practical little things. It may be a pendant in the form of chocolate tiles, and a key chain in the shape of a piece of cheese or jars with sauce. The idea depends on the character, the inconsistencies, the sense of humor of the recipient of the gift.

    Features of registration

    The originality of the edible gift is often dictated exactly how beautiful it is decorated. A common form for a product set is a bouquet. You can order it specialists or make yourself.

    Even newcomer will create a simple composition without any problems. Meat bouquet can be arranged in the form of a ligament of skewers with stripped slices of such a product. As a wrapper to a sort of beauty suitable bacon.

    From bacon you can make a bouquet, really loose floral. Of the thin slices of the bass create small rolls, resembling pink buds, fix them with toothpicks, and then baked. As skes used chopsticks for Chinese food. Any suitable greens on them are depicted by leaves, and “buds” are punished from above.

    Any man (and not only) will be delighted with such a gift.

    Fruits and berries can also be postponed in the form of a bouquet in a box. On paper speaking in the role of conditional wrap, form a composition of products. It is possible, for example, to the center to put an outcred pomegranate with its bright seeds, and around the petals from Victoria and other berries. Packaging decorate ribbon and give.

    Very interesting bouquet It turns out of dried fish. To do this, the set is packaged in a regular newspaper or special paper with a newspaper print and tie to ribbon in the area collected together fish tails. You can not doubt that the gift will be met by approving an amateur of such a snack.

    Convenient to pack in a bouquet sausage products. Such a composition can be supplemented with beams of lettuce with small tomatoes in them. Bakery products having an extended shape will also be to the place.

    Beautifully looks like a bouquet of sweets. Such can also be done without resorting to the help of a specialist. Buds twisted from paper, like in tulips, candy insert inside, make stems from the girlfriend and wrap it all in a gift wrapper. For a woman celebrating on March 8 or a birthday, little will be attractive than such a bouquet.

    Original compositions from products can be done in the basket. Such a pretty container is suitable for meat set, at least for fruit. How beautiful it looks its content, depends on the ability of the designer. To a tasty gift will be left to attach a greeting card with congratulations.

    After the contents are eaten, the basket can be continued to use.

    If jars with edible contents protruding as a present, they are placed in beautiful boxes, like those that are used for creams. In this form, gifts look very worthy.

    Even the ordinary box with the packaging paper laid in it serves as an excellent frame for meat or cheese set.

    Packaging itself, by the way, can also be edible. From the cheese having a rope shape, you can connect a flame or a basket in which the baked houses will be placed, for example, with a lavender or cabbage. Both the contents and containers will be eaten, but the gift itself will not be forgotten.

    If only a chocolate tile comes as an edible gift, and it will be able to adequately “present” to the beloved. To do this, make a solid cover from the cardboard, from the inside of which they provide pockets. In it and insert sweet tiles. On the other half of the cover there are pockets for a postcard.

    The effectiveness of the gift depends not only on the quality of chocolate, but also from the originality of the appearance of the cover. You can use the decoupage technique for this, decorate the front side of the volumetric colors from or phoamyran, to make an applique and so on.

    Sweet gift from cakes or cookies for a girl logichically arrange in a deep box in the shape of a heart. In one half, it can be laid sweets, and in the other – flowers. Such a combination will delight the culprit of the celebration.

    To form any grocery set, it is important to choose high-quality, expensive products and pay serious attention to the appearance of the present.

    If a delicious gift is done with a soul, it will certainly appreciate it.

    About how to pack a gift correctly, look next.

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