Disco Party

Disco Party

Disco – this is an atmosphere of fun, magic of bright colors, incendiary music and shine. Choosing this style for a party will appreciate each. But for a good mood, every detail is important, so everything should be immaculate here: decor, invitations, outfits.

Decor of the room

Arising in the 70s of the last century, the Disco style has long existed. Disco Style Party – Great Idea for Holiday. Such an event has several mandatory attributes: disco-ball, light music, music in this style, many brilliant elements.

Choosing a suitable decor for the thematic party, first of all you need to give preference to bright colors and a large amount of glitter and light.

Walls and gears should also be bright. On the walls you can spend the colorful posters of the disco era, garlands, and on the floor scatter shiny confetti.

Organize any party, even an anniversary, in the style of disco is easy. This style is suitable for holding any holiday.

  • New Year’s holiday in the style of disco is unthinkable without a large number of shiny disco balls, bright luminous garlands. Festive Christmas tree can be decorated with disco-musicians figures, shiny vinyl records and balls.

  • Children’s holiday in honor of the birthday can also be noted in the disco style. Despite the fact that children are unfamiliar with the era of incendiary music, the paint juiciness and the abundance of light they will appreciate.

As an decoration, you can add images of cartoons disco-dancers – Funny and bright posters will perfectly decorate the wall.

Decor can be made independently. For example, From the old globe and fragments of the mirror will be a great disco ball. The garlands will fit the New Year, and for a party you can decorate with brilliant threads. Balls are filled with sparkles and serpentine, to burst them during the incendiary dances will be even more fun.


    Invitation should inform guests a place and time, as well as identify the topic of parties and a dress code. Invitation directly reflect the holiday concept: they should be bright, shiny. As a workpiece, a regular postcard can be used, richly decorated with sparkles, with bright major inscriptions. If the organizers want original invitations, they can be made in the form of a disco ball, jeans-jeans or vinyl record, you can use bright yellow funny smiles as one of the characters of that time.

    In the envelope for invitation you can pour confetti, only a little, only to raise guest mood.

    How to dress?

    Without the appropriate costumes atmosphere of the holiday will be defective, so they are so important. For girls to create such an image will not be difficult, but you need to consider every detail. In the disco-outfit, just as in the decoration of all other attributes of the holiday, should be present shine and bright colors.

    Pearl, shimmer fabrics, bright accessories will become the perfect components of the costume for the holiday. Girls should give preference to short-t-shirt-t-shirts, tight-incorporate leggings, pants-claws, satin dresses, bright-print t-shirts. As shoes it is worth choosing either high-heeled shoes, or sneakers with multi-colored laces.

    Separate attention should be paid to hairstyle and makeup. Magnificent hairstyle with curls, small pigtails and pearl makeup with lilac or blue shadows are ideal for the holiday.

    Men match the holiday will be a little more complicated, because in their wardrobe it is not always possible to find jeans-jeans and a tight shirt. But this clothing for a man is best suited. Shirt can be arched by half. The most original option is a shirt with crushed sleeves. The most courageous guests can add their image with a wig, like a disco dancer.

    Whatever the outfit, it should be bright, brilliant and original.


    Entertainment suitable for disco party, a huge amount. Most of them will be somehow connected with dancing, nevertheless, any scenario can become suitable, undergoing small changes.

    Dance entertainment

    As on any party, on disco party music is the main thing. But sooner or later, guests will simply be dancing, it is for this that it is important to consider entertainment.

    • Dance Battle. What can be a fun of dance competition! The essence is simple: two people who want to compete in dancing. DJ Task – constantly changing music, ask rhythm. The rest of the guests are watching and support their favorites.
    • Repeat motion. One of the participants teaches to dance the rest. Guests take turns enter the circle and show the movement, the task of the rest – to repeat.
    • Who is peretzhattsy. Dance Competition for endurance. DJ chooses the fastest rhythm, guests are dancing until the strength is enough, without stopping. Wins the one who lasted to the end.
    • Guess how who I dance. Partial you can not only speech, but also moves. These guests will take. Everyone in turn parodites someone’s movements. The subject of the parody may be another participant, a famous personality, an animal. The main rule is to dance as he so that other participants can guess.

    Music contests

    Listen to music and dance under it, of course, fun, but you can come up with entertainment much more exciting.

    • Guess the melody. The easiest, but from this no less interesting competition. DJ includes a “minus”, guests guess the song, and then sing it together. Everything will be fun!
    • Competition of musical parody. Thanks to this entertainment, each of the participants may feel the star of pop. At the request of the participant DJ includes a song or her “minus”. The participant can sing under the phonogram or execute a song on its own. Home Goal – Become a Star.
    • Shooting clip. This competition will be especially relevant for adolescents, in particular, for girls who dream of becoming stars and starve in popular clips. Guests are divided into teams, choose a song and demonstrate their version of the clip. Evaluates the jury, for example, parents.

    Costume competition

    Thematic party, and therefore thematic costumes, each of which is special in its own way. The owners of the parties have the right to act as a jury or it can be an open vote.

    When choosing a king and queen parties, not only the appearance, but also the activity of guests.

    Prizes to participants

    In any contest, the most pleasant thing is to get a prize. At the prizes parties most often symbolic, but they should also correspond to the subject of the holiday. For the disco party as a prizes for participation and victory in the competition, chups are perfectly suitable, resembling a disco ball. And can also please the guests with sweets, balls, bright icons, certificates.


    On the disco party, the main thing – the dance floor, but also about the treats do not forget.

    For adults

    Despite the topics of the party, the food must be satisfying and diverse. Format of the party (buffet or buffet) does not imply the supply of hot dishes. Nevertheless, on the table among the snacks, it is necessary to provide for their mini versions: snacks Eclairs with meat filling, mini-burgers, fries, mini pizza, sprung rolls, brusteptions and canapes. Complete Retain Dishes Best Fruit and Vegetable Slices.

    As for drinks, their range should be sufficient, but it is worth avoiding strong alcoholic beverages. Give preference to cocktails based on them.

    Considering the specifics of the party, it is necessary to stock mineral water and juice.

    For children

    Children’s festive table should also be satisfying and tasty. Prefer more useful dishes with vegetables and fruits, but snacks and sweets should also be present on the table. Candidy bar with marshmallows, cupcakes, chups, decorated in bright colors, will become a real celebration center. Provide a variety of drinks (juices, mineral water, gas).

    An excellent idea for drinks on a disco party will be dairy cocktails.

    Whatever the reason for the disco party, it will be an unforgettable holiday for everyone!

    About how the disco party passes, look in the following video.

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