How to arrange balls birthday girls 1 year?

How to arrange balls birthday girls 1 year?

How fast time flies. It seemed only yesterday, the daughter was discharged from the hospital, and today she is already 1 year old. Although the baby still does not quite understand the significance of this date, it is better to make a holiday for her that day. So that he stays in memory, it is worth a little work, engaged in the design of the room, the acquisition of a gift, the preparation of delicious dishes for babies and guests. While the child is still small, you should not stand up a magnificent celebration, otherwise it is not so pleased with the child as his tired. The best option will be the usual feast in the circle of parents and people familiar to her. Such an atmosphere will surely like birthday.


With the approach of the first birthday of the child, many parents start thinking how beautiful to arrange the room. They start running shopping, buying everything that comes across on the way. You can decorate the room using:

  • Balloons+
  • lightweight tissue stretched under the ceiling+
  • Paper Pomponov+
  • Stretching with congratulations+
  • Corrugated paper crafts and other decorative elements.

Choosing the appropriate option, it should be noted that the child will want to try with his hands or even to the teeth these items, so it is important to remember the safety technique. When the room is cleaned, small and sharp objects capable of damageing the baby. In this case, it is better to choose large bright decorations and hang them above, out of reach of the crumbs.

Using bulk toys or pumps, you should securely fasten them on the surface so that they do not accidentally fall and did not scare the child. Do not buy cheap plastic products.

In addition to the unpleasant odor, they can be toxic, which leads to poisoning or allergies.

Usually any childhood event does not do without weighty balloons. They will become an excellent version of the design of the whole house or just a children’s room. By purchasing them, it is better to give preference to high-quality and strong products, otherwise the ball burst can scare the baby. This bright attribute can be hung:

  • One ball+
  • Groups+
  • in chaotic order+
  • In the form of interesting compositions+
  • in the form of figurines or numbers+
  • in the form of arches, columns.

Dense small models can simply scatter around the room in the form of a multicolored carpet. Little princess happy runs on it. Helium balls look very beautiful under the ceiling. Going down ribbons or shiny threads will complement the decoration. In addition, the birthdaynica herself can play with such ribbons, pulling them out and let go of the air balloon. Such a simple fun will cause a small girl a lot of positive emotions.

For the birthday of girls in 1 year it is better to decorate the room with balls of delicate pastel shades. Their color can be combined with interior items, upholstery. It is important not to overdo it with rich and screaming colors, otherwise such bright shades may affect the baby annoyingly. For the girl, preferred products of gentle pink or peach color will be.

When choosing a monophonic gamma, it is desirable to dilute its contrast accessories and decorative components in the form of hearts, angels, butterflies or flower.

Room decoration

Many parents prefer to decorate a children’s room secret from kids to wake up in the morning, the child immediately saw the decorated room. Even despite the fact that the baby is still quite small, she will understand that today is a special day for her. Children’s room decoration by balloons will allow you to instantly transform the room, allocate individual zones.

Since the child is 1 year old, this figure must be present in the decor. It can be made of cardboard, reagreeing corrugated robes of gentle pink color, or make it out of colored paper, foil. You can also use one or more balloons for this purpose by making a figure as a unit. Inside the balls you can put notes with wishes, small toys, pour confetti.

Adjust the decoration of the children will help:

  • Book of wishes for a birthday room+
  • Growthometer with marks+
  • Raid photos of Baby for the past year.

Children’s table setting also deserves attention. You can decorate with bouquets of flowers, bows on the canteen devices, bright cocktails straws. It is usually not accepted on the first birthday of the child to arrange noisy parties. Enough to make a light buffet, cook sweets, cut fruit. The event should not be long, so as not to influence the kids.

How to make an arch on a year?

If air balloons use in the design, it is advisable to build a beautiful arch of them. It can be done with your own hands or resort to help. For self-building Arches for the birthday of the girl, you need to prepare materials and tools in the form:

  • Balloons+
  • Pump+
  • Sturdy fishing line and threads, wires or hose.

        For the room there are more small balls up to 25 cm. If the arch will be done at the entrance to the house, you can choose a larger product, from 30 cm. Their amount depends on the type of arch and its shape. Building the arch of a child for a year, you need the following.

        1. Make the basis for future design.
        2. Secure the foundation.
        3. Inflate balls helium or just air.
        4. Bind them to the base.

        Usually for the archer uses the basic scheme of weaving, but you can bind the balls in any order. They must be firmly attached to the base, not leaving the gaps.

        Ideas figures from balls

        From inflated balloons of different shapes, you can make original figures, ranging from the most simple crafts – to complex compositions. Latex models are considered the most common option for aerobica. Working with such a material is not so difficult:

        • you must come up with an idea and pick up sketch+
        • Explore instructions+
        • Inflate balls+
        • proceed to their consecutive connection.

        Inflate long balls better with a special pump. It is necessary to leave a little place without air for subsequent twisting of the product and forming figures.

        You can decorate a children’s holiday with figures from your favorite cartoons, animal figures or insects, flowers.

        Beautiful examples

        Choosing balloons as a birthday room decoration for a girl, you can quickly turn the room in a fabulous lock. Little Princess will meet there her favorite heroes, fabulous characters.

        Balls attached to the backs of chairs or to the table legs will allow you to highlight the children’s zone for the celebration.

        Photowon from soft pink balls will be the perfect place for the photo of the birthday girl.

        See below.

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