How to celebrate Birthday Girls 10 years?

How to celebrate Birthday Girls 10 years?

On the eve of the first anniversary of his daughter in the soul of each parent there is something unimaginable. However, the excitemental emotions will have to move aside for a while, since in front of moms and dads there is a serious task for the preparation of a festive event. It is much easier to spend the holidays, concluding an agreement with the Event Agency. But parents who wish to organize a celebration themselves, will have to spend a lot of effort. But putting the whole soul, they will be able to get the desired result.

The main thing is to know the rules of the birthday device and reckon with the preferences of a young jubilee.

Features of the organization of the holiday

For each adult person, the approach of any holiday is associated with the sea of ​​positive emotions. What can we talk about a girl who will last 10 years. And if her past birthdays were held in a relaxed setting in a circle of only relatives and close friends, then the anniversary date should be noted with a scope.

If you work out all the nuances of the celebration, parents will be able to create the most real fairy tale, which will not leave the hearts of birthday women and invited children. From an early morning the girl should understand that this is her day that today everything is done only for her and for her. Baby should see smiles mom and dad, get a gift that has long dreamed of. Anniversary is a holiday when you can present the most unthinkable gifts, such as a puppy or smartphone of the last model.

But most importantly, all day the birthday girl should meet many surprises. And we are talking not only about the entertainment program. Even an unusual room decoration will already be a pleasant holiday supplement.

It is very important that many guests attended the anniversary. A girl of 10 years old will surely want to invite not only close girlfriends. And here parents are becoming a little. Such a gang of young adolescents will definitely not sit quietly. Devora will jump, run, arrange various competitions. And if the event is held at home, the likelihood is not excluded to obtain damage in the form of a spoiled carpet, broken furniture, broken vases and intimidated pets. Some parents can decide on such sacrifices, others will search for an alternative place for anniversary. First of all, thoughts come to the head of rental hall in the children’s cafe.

Today in all cities there are many options for children’s cafes and restaurants. The difference between them is only in the budget. The halls offered by these entertainment institutions are equipped with a gaming area, a place to accommodate tables, a scene, a free field for active games and dance.

No desire to arrange a holiday in a cafe – you can consider the option of the game center. There will be attractions, mini cafes, a place to relax parents. However, independently spend a festive program will not be able to. Often, the solemn part lead animators of such institutions, moms and dads remain only to watch the defore.

In fact, there are many places where you can go with children as a festive program. It can be a contact zoo, circus or puppet theater.

But it is important to understand that after a walk, the children will want to have a snack and praise, participating in various games and contests. So, without renting a cafe will not be able to do.

Choosing a place for a children’s anniversary, the budget should be planned in advance. Rent a hall – this is one of the major investments. Next, the menu is formed, for which they will also have to pay. The design of the room and prizes will also need to highlight some amount. As a budget option, you can consider a picnic in the country. The table is preparing independently, although you can order fast food. The territory is also decorated with their own hands, and invested with money in the idea sometimes do not even have.

The next question of the preparation of a children’s anniversary is to use a specific subject or a refusal of it. Children at the age of 10 years old as never believe in miracles. This means that the thematic version of the holiday will be the best solution.

It is quite difficult to parents in the process of writing a script. First of all, they need to understand what principle will the holiday be held, and after deciding, fill in the scenario with contests or prepare the quest game.

By the way, the quest in the thematic festival will have to do with each child, the main thing, stick to the main story, ranging from the dress code and ending with the tasks of the game.

It is important to think about a festive table. Everyone understands that for children it is important to eat healthy food, no harmful foods can not be used. However, several times a year can be discharged, especially when celebrating the anniversary date. At the children’s table, you can order pizza, nuggets, burgers, fries. For parents of young guests, a cozy corner is created near the main place of action, where they will also be able to enjoy the holiday, but do not interfere with having fun.

To both adults and children remain on the wave of a holiday, to conduct an experienced leading part.

Of course, any of the family members can speak in this role, but, as practice shows, the children of 10 years of age come to contact with a professionally trained person, because he easily finds an approach to any child.

So, that the holiday is complete, it is necessary to follow the plan:

  • Choose an event idea+
  • Decide on the venue of the celebration+
  • Think about the issue of decorating the selected room+
  • Make a detailed scenario+
  • Work a menu.

    Avoiding many unpleasant situations will help several tips from the companies-organizers of the holidays:

    • It is impossible to start the entertainment part of the children’s anniversary with complex contests+
    • Each show program number must be carefully rehearsed+
    • Rooms, contests and games must be interconnected and combined with the topics of the holiday+
    • novice, first playing an independently composed program, you need to use crib.


    Preparing the celebration on the occasion of the anniversary of the daughter – the task is not easy. Yourself determine what you like the girl and her friends is impossible. That is why the child should take an active part in the compilation of the script. However, it is originally important to decide on the theme of the children’s holiday.

    The topics of the party for children of age 10 years of age involves a variety of ideas. It can be a fairy tale, cartoon, game. However, modern guys preferences are somewhat different. For example, if the jubilee loves to dress up in different outfits and packed in new images to cruise toys, you can arrange a fashion show. And if your defile is accompanied by the song and dancing, it is best to stay on a concert topics, where the birthday girl is a star of the evening.

    In 10 years, girls are already familiar with modern foreign fairy tales. For example, Harry Potter is an excellent topic for the holiday, where parents have to try to make magic on a festive evening.

      Equally important when choosing the subject to take into account the venue of the celebration. In principle, you can celebrate the first anniversary of the child in the country or at home in the apartment. However, such places have significant restrictions on the search for the topic, which will be an interesting every young guest. It is much easier to decide on the theme, if it is decided to hold a celebration in a cafe. Moreover, the space of the rented hall allows.

      Search Options Themes for the birthday of the daughter can be in the Internet, only numerous pages will offer the same ideas.

      In this question, parents should show fantasy and be sure to know the preferences of the daughter. Perhaps it will be quite enough entertaining show program with fun and funny competitions.

      Review of entertainment

      Main entertainment in the child’s birthday – these are games, contests, quests and various funny contests. But you should not be limited to the standards presented, and then all guests will remember the first anniversary of the child.

      • Photosone. This idea refers to the entertainment list for any holiday. Yes, and come up with the main background easy. Should be repeated from the subject of the event or adhere to the main cause of the celebration. Speaking with simple words, if the thematic party is based on the Cold Heart cartoon, it means that the main characters of the Disney masterpiece must be presented against the background of photowons. If the holiday is not selected, perfectly make a background with a girl hint, for example, pink clouds or hand drawn nature with butterflies, birds and flowers. And the main accent of the photocons make an inscription, for example, “Veronika 10 years” or “First Anniversary of Veronica”.

      Text can be the most different, most importantly, so that it reflects the essence of the holiday.

      • Scientific. This is a kind of tablet attraction, where young guests can take part in different experiments. The main elements of the scientific laboratory can be purchased in children’s stores. The main thing is that the acquired kits meet the security requirements and did not harm young chemicals.

      And, of course, someone from adults must be present in the Scientific Department so that children do not harm themselves and the environment.

      • School of Wizard and Magic. Surely, many parents caught their children playing with wooden sticks and shouting spells of the type “EXHARMUS” or “SOLUBENE”. And this is not surprising, because today every child is familiar with the fairy tale “Harry Potter” and accurately imagined himself a wizard saving the world. And it is difficult not to take advantage. For the school “Hogwarts”, a place is allocated, where children will be able to know the science of potion, will learn how to create different elixirs, guess and apply magic. From the proposed list will be the most difficult training lesson of the potion. The fluid poured into the tubes should be called a special, for example, a “dragon tear” or “Live water”. At the same time, the “Tears of the Dragon” will represent water mixed with lemon acid. And “live water” – nothing but water from under the tap. Children need to connect the prepared fluids to get the potions of other colors. For example, the juice of red cabbage becomes green when connecting to an acidic medium.

      According to a similar scheme, divination lessons are held. Lecture on the use of magic lies in merry and comic focus.


      And now it is proposed to consider several contests suitable for the large number of guests of the age of 10 years.

      • Cartoon cipher. Children are divided into pairs. The presenter begins to describe the cartoons, and the guys must guess their names. For each correct answer, the couple gets one point. A team that scores more points and become a winner. As for the issues of the competition, they should not be too complex. For example, SIM card, but not for the phone, zolik, but not from mathematical examples. Answer – “Fixy”. Or another idea of ​​question: a boy who has grown among animals – of course, “Mowgli”.
      • Vessenike. Children are divided into teams of 5 people. Lead calls a generalized topic, for example, wild animals. Teams need to be called ten animals living in the wild. The next theme can be marine inhabitants, mushrooms, computer games, songs of the favorite group of birthdaynitsa. For each stage, the team receives 1 point. The winner will be the team who scores more points.
      • Printers. Today, every child has its own mobile phone. In this competition, this gadget will play the main role. Each participant must dial an SMS message with the text “Happy Birthday! Let all your dreams become real!”And send it to birthday. The winner will be the one whose message will be the first to come to the phone recipient.


      Just like contests, games must correspond to the age period of guests.

      • New Planet. Everyone knows that the solar system consists of 9 planets. Young guests must come up with the 10th planet in honor of the Jubilees. In 5 minutes, children must come up with a new cosmic body, describe it from the point of view of geography, biology and other sciences. And most importantly – not limit fantasy. Soil on the planet can consist of sweet caramels, on the trees to grow kozinaki. The child who invented the best project of the new planet will become the winner.
      • Fantasy. In 10 years, children are actively looking at old and new fairy tales. To this age, they are already familiar with many works and will be able to participate in such an interesting game. The presenter shows a picture having a relationship to a particular fairy tale. Children must guess her name. For example, a picture with a red cap or image of a clip lying next to the golden key. Each correct answer brings a child 1 point. Win the one who gains more points.
      • Unreal superhero. Each child should choose an animal and turn it into a superhero. In 5 minutes, children come up with an image of a beast, after which they tell about their fantasy to guests. For example, a super-hare, which is capable of spraying even the most solid matter in a few seconds. The winner will be a child with the most stormy fantasy.


      Children aged 10 years with great pleasure will take part in the quest game. That is why parents need to take a special scrupure to create a gaming scenario. As an example, it is proposed to get acquainted with the scenario of the quest, where the gangster Flint is trying to spoil the anniversary, and he needs to prevent.

      • Initially, a message is coming to the phone of the jubilee, where it is indicated that the holiday under the threat of a breakdown because of the trick of Flyndite’s gangster. To resist him, guests will have to undergo a series of tasks. And the first is to decipher anagram, where it says about the location of the next tip. The answer can be a teddy dog, keyboard or mouse rug.
      • Children go to the place of next tip. There they are waiting for the map of the area, where the next tip is marked by the cross.
      • Approaching the new search place, the children find the encryption “BND KRL TRT” (the gangster stole the cake). Understanding that it is necessary to check where the main table treats, the children run into the kitchen to clarify, is it true that sweetness disappeared, or not.
      • However, one of the parents expects them in the kitchen and offers players to refresh the delicious juice. When children start drinking, mom or dad is surprisingly interested in the presence of incomprehensible signs at the bottom of some glasses. Drinking juice, children turn the capacities and find the letters from which one word is. For example, sofa.
      • Children resort to the hall, where one of the parents invites them to play the game. The guys sit on the sofa, and the presenter begins to ask questions of the average difficulty from the school program. When the game is coming to an end, the name of the nameman again comes SMS with the requirement to run to the balcony.
      • Children run to the balcony where their last task is waiting – the cipher, which is the key to the rays of the location of the cake. But the task it should be difficult so that children can go to a computer and plunge into Internet spaces. As a result, there should be text with the words that the holiday is saved, and the award expects a team at the festive table.
      • Children run into a common room, where there is a cake with candles on the table, and all the birthday gifts are set nearby.

      The number of contests can be increased, you can also change the complexity of tasks. The main thing is that children are not tired and did not lose interest in the game.

      Than you can diversify the script?

      Unfortunately, many parents in preparing the script adhere to templates. But you can add them an unusual highlight that you will definitely like children. For example, between competitions and games to carry out a musical pause. Of course, not every family can invite a famous artist or a group, but it is quite possible to call a novice team. They will perform the favorite names of the birthday girl and her guests.

      Improving a variety to the script will allow improvisation. Each child is given a specific role, and at the moment when he is called, he must show his talents, manifest itself. This approach may seem ridiculous, but the entire show program will be accompanied by joy, fun and laughter of children.

      About how to celebrate the children’s birthday, look in the following video.

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