How to celebrate Birthday Girls 11 years?

How to celebrate Birthday Girls 11 years?

Girls at any age require increased attention. And if the little princesses can be expressed in candidated whims, then a more adult generation refers to it more arrogantly and demanding. The difficult period is 11 years, when the girl simultaneously wants her to be able to perceive both adulthood, but at the same time remains vulnerable to any external influence, and also does not submit itself separately from parents.

Among the special and long-awaited days is definitely allocated birthday. For the girl 11 years old is a holiday from which she expects a maximum of pleasant surprises and surprises. Therefore, to justify the hopes of the birthday girl, parents will have to make a lot of effort.

Features of the organization

In order to create their princesses a truly fascinating and unforgettable holiday, parents must take into account some points.

  1. Location. It may be an apartment, a country house, a cozy cafe. Comfortable children feel in nature, where the space and freedom reigns. Before the celebration, you need to ask the birthday girl, where exactly she would like to celebrate their birthday. She will definitely appreciate such a respectful attitude, will feel even more important and significant, with the opinion of which are already considered.
  2. Before the entertainment program, which consists of games and competitions involved in the celebration, the birthday girl and her guests must eat. This will not only increase their mood, but also will be significantly charged with energy, which in the future they will be very useful.
  3. Acceptable freedom of action – this is what the child will appreciate anyway. Children at this age do not want to feel under the supervision: they begin to shy, clamp, and such an expected birthday party can turn into ordinary gatherings.
  4. Energy splash. Most children at this age are very emotional and active. Therefore, it is worth a possibility to throw them out their potential in games and contests, whose organizations need to take care in advance.

Arriving a birthday girl 11 years old, her parents or close people should also take care of the nuances in which the child is not necessary.

  • The budget that is expected to spend on the celebration. In this case, it all depends on the venue, the selected themes of the parties, treats, accessories for games and competitions, other nuances.
  • Pre-composed action plan. In any case, the timing does not prevent, especially if there are many guests. Children granted by themselves – already the cause for concern. Therefore, it is important to draw up an approximate plan in advance, it can be involved in the case when the situation comes out from under the control of adults.
  • Conducting an event, parents must take into account the time that will be needed to correctly organize a holiday: Decor of the room, preparation of a festive table, organization of contests and games.
  • Drawing up a menu. Girls at this age really like when they agree with them a festive menu. In this case, it is necessary to comply with the balance of delicious and useful meals. Festive cake and sweets – it’s certainly good. But how to be if the children love pizza, hamburgers or french fries? The answer is simple: you need to cook them yourself. In addition, from this you can make a whole show in which all small guests will wanted to participate. In this case, it all depends on the fantasy of parents.
  • Entertainment. If requisites required for some games or competitions, it should be taken care of.


The subject of a festive party must be discussed in advance with the birthday girl. Such a celebration will be appropriate if it manifests itself as a creative personality. However, some children do not wish excessive patheaux, giving preference to the classic version of the celebration. In case of choosing the subject, you can pay attention to a number of ideas.

  • Heroes from favorite films, For example, “Harry Potter”, “Rapunzel”, “Elena – Princess Aborlora”.

  • Sea topics. Despite all his fragility, girls also love to be “sailors”, which fearlessly go to the “sea journey” and are happy to pass all the tests.

  • Stylish topics. Girls, regardless of their age, seek to be beautiful and perfect. Therefore, the topic of fashion trends and new products is familiar to all age groups. At 11 years old girls begin to accurately monitor themselves, during this period they begin to form their own style. Therefore, at such a thematic party they will be able to exchange “experience”.

  • Picnic on nature. This is a holiday of freedom and ease, which will have to do with all children. As a treats at such a celebration, the guys will be offered a delightful fragrant kebab. In addition, there is an opportunity to play mobile, active games: catching, badminton, volleyball and much more.

Overview of competitions and games

Selecting the games and contests for the birthday girl, parents must first agree with the culprit of the celebration. This will again confirm that with her opinion is already considered and take it into account.

In addition, she will tell you what can interest her friends.

The holiday scenario must include several contests and games. You don’t have to overload the youth either – an event oversaturated with entertainment program may tire children.

  1. “Find a gift myself”. All invited games are involved in this game. Different souvenirs are attached to the satin tape using a pin: Candy, chewing, key chains, rubber bands, notepads, soft toys. All participants presense the eyes, and two assistants stretch the ribbon. Each guest in turns are summarized to the ribbon and spin, after which they send to gifts. He must come to the ribbon and at random point to the prize. The birthday book gently separates the selected present – and gives the guest. So they play until all invited will receive their gifts.
  2. “Dress Up blindly”. To do this, you will need 2 pairs of children. For each present a package with garment objects. In order to be funny and funny, clothes better take big sizes. In each of the steam choose one player to whom the presenter tie the eyes. After that, the participant should take out one object of clothes, guess which part of the wardrobe it belongs, then put it on his partner. At the same time, the second player cannot give any vendor. The total time of the competition is 3-5 minutes. For a dedicated period, participants must pull out of the package as many things as possible and have their own comrade in them.
  3. “Settlement of the house”. In this competition, everyone can take part in the guests. The presenter divides them for 2 teams, before each of them is made by Molbert with a large house drawn on it. The task of participants is to draw in the windows and doors of the house as many people as possible. After the start announcement, the first participant runs up to the easel and the pencil draws an image, finished, returns and transmits the relay on. The whole contest lasts 3-4 minutes, after which the lead considers the number of drawn men from each team. The winner becomes the group that was able to draw a larger number of figures.
  4. “Crocodile” or pantomime. A cheerful and fun game that you can have fun in the apartment is that the people who want to take turns are trying with gestures, facial expressions and gestures to portray some subject, phenomenon or hero, and the rest of the participants try to guess what it shows.
  5. “Phanti”. The principle of this game is known to many: in the Hat prepared in advance, leaflets with original tasks written on them for participants. Each guest pulls out a piece of paper and performs a task. For example: hug a nearby guest and tell him a compliment, come up with as many diminitious words as possible to a birthday room, depict the teapot and the like.

How to diversify the script?

Children do not like monotony, so you need to alternate gatherings at the festive table and active games. To diversify the holiday and bring even more fun in it, you can arrange a children’s disco. To do this, you need to take care of suitable musical accompaniment in advance.

Additionally, each participant can distribute accessories: multicolored ribbons, festive caps on the head, twins and mines.

It is no secret that all girls love all sorts of secrets and fortune telling. Therefore, ordinary tea drinking can be turned into a burning session. Guests drink the proposed tea, after which an adult, accepting a deliberately serious expression of the face, peering into the drawing, which was formed by the Cups on the bottom of the cup, and begins to give “predictions”. There is no doubt that all of them must be positive and kind.

Balloons love most children, especially girls. Each participant can run on the ball into the sky, fading the desire.

Alternatively, you can use celestial lanterns.

          Girls – Nature is particularly impressionable and emotional, and to please them at the age of 11 years sometimes it is not easy. However, loving parents by using all the existing fantasy and smelter will be able to cope with this task and will help their princesses to note such a holiday that will undoubtedly remain in her memory for many years.

          How to celebrate birthday in nature, see below.

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