How to celebrate Birthday Girls 12 years?

How to celebrate Birthday Girls 12 years?

Birthday – a special date for each child. You can celebrate the twelve-year-old girl in different ways, but this day should remain forever in her memory, and the event itself should bring joy and birthday and all guests. It is not easy to organize such a holiday, but perhaps it is worth only to take into account some features.

Features of the organization

During the organization of the children’s holiday, it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of age, preferences, as well as the budget and place. For each of these aspects it is worth paying attention, and then the celebration will be impeccable.

Arriving a birthday party for girls 12 years old – Great idea. You can spend it and budget, because for the girl the main thing – Mark your holiday with friends.

In order not to miss anything, use step-by-step instructions.

  • Define budget. Remember that the party’s budget can be any. Set the amount, add 10-15% to it – it will be a holiday budget. Based on it, everything is selected: menus, decor, entertainment program, venue, number of guests, prizes to the participants of the competition.

  • Determine the number of guests. Provide the opportunity to invite guests to the birthdayroom, not counting the invitation of close relatives, if the holiday is common. Also do not forget about invitation. You can create them together with a child, buy ready or to custom. Be that as it may, invitations must be signed in person, as well as contain all the necessary information: venue, meeting time, party theme. The latter is indicated in the presence and if necessary, compliance with a certain dress code.

Be sure to hand the invitations in advance so guests have managed to free this day.

  • Select venue, date and time. The place is chosen depending on the budget, desire and season. Party can be at home, in a cafe, in the children’s center, in the fresh air. When choosing a place, consider also the number of guests. On average, for a comfortable location of children, 1 meter square is required for each. Additionally, you need to take into account the free space for the placement of tables, chairs, decor, as well as a place for holding contests and the implementation of the entertainment program.

If a joint holiday is assumed with adults, consider individual zones for each age group so as not to interfere with each other.

  • Think over the menu. The funny children’s party is always very tedious, but exciting, so thinking of treats for guests at the time of the parties stands carefully. First of all, food for children should be easy, diverse, but satisfying. Pay special attention to drinks, especially if most of the entertainment is active. Do not forget that this is a children’s holiday, so there can be a little more sweets on the table, the snacks than usual. The main thing in the children’s holiday is a cake. Depending on the number of guests, it can be multi-tiered or portion, in the form of cakes.

If the birthday in the summer, the children will be delighted with ice cream cake, for example: with fresh seasonal berries and chocolate crumb.

  • Think over a festive program. Entertainment program determines the entire holiday. It should be rich, but not too. In addition, when it is elected, it is worth considering the interests of the birthday girl and her friends. For example, if a girl is dancing, sings or likes to draw, you should not include only sports contests in the program, but 1-2 for physical activity in the middle of the program should cost, but not more than. The scenario of the event should include breaks for snack, free time, congratulations on guests, blooming the candle on the cake and so on. If the holiday is referred to professional leading, animators, it is necessary to discuss the program in advance so that the invited actor managed to adjust it in advance depending on the individual preferences.

Feel free to make your changes – you should not agree on everything that is proposed by the lead. Every child is individual as his party.

  • Make a detailed. Describe in detail every hour per day. This will not miss anything important. Distribute the roles of each of the family members in advance.

Ideally planned day – party success.


Conducting a party at home – one of the most accessible and simple ways to organize a holiday, but this does not mean that this option is the most boring.

Pluses holding a party in the apartment:

  • availability+
  • convenient to prepare guest treats+
  • No need to organize transportation of decor, inventory for contests, treats.


  • Limit space+
  • It is impossible to noise loud at certain hours+
  • It is impossible to take a large number of guests.

In the cafe

Today, parents have an excellent opportunity to spend the birthday of a child in a cafe.

Pluses holding a party in a cafe:

  • The possibility of choosing treats and programs+
  • Ability to accommodate any number of guests+
  • enough space for entertainment.


  • not suitable for a small budget.

Overview of competitions and games

Prepare a program for the birthday in the family of a family can be independently – you just need to choose interesting, funny contests and games.


  • “In which language I say?”. The essence of the game is to burling one of the worlds in the world so that guests guess him. In a hat or opaque bag Place notes with written languages. Use the most popular and most recognizable. Guests take turns pull notes and try to spark out the language. Important – gestures and items cannot be used. The winner is the one who gods the most.
  • “Name the country for three words”. Competition is carried out by analogy with the first, only the essence of the game – guess the country. The participant leads the country, the task of the first – describe it with only three words. The winner will be the one who will guess the faster than all.
  • “Determine the picture and artist on the fragment”. The presenter offers guests to look at the image fragment and guess what it is. It may be pictures of famous artists, fragments of films, cartoons. The task of guests – guess as much as possible.


As entertainment, you can offer guests any desktop games except gambling. Such entertainment is quite calm and is suitable for completing the holiday.

For teenagers, you can offer the following board games:

  • “Monopoly”+
  • “Falling tower”+
  • “UNO”+
  • “Erudite”.


The holiday program needs to include mobile contests and games.

  • Dance. The presenter offers guests to dance, but it should be not just television, but folk dances of different countries to the music. Greek, lezginka, dance – participants will learn to dance them and spend time with benefit.
  • “Self-portrait”. Participants are divided into two teams, the task of each of which is to draw a portrait, but everyone is. The relay is obtained very funny due to the fact that each of the participants creates a portrait as if he draws himself, so the drawing is very funny. Do not forget to reward the winning team.
  • “My chair”. A classic competition for the event will suit both adults and children. Participants to the music go around the chairs, the number of which decreases constantly. When music stops, participants should take place. Wins the one who will remain on the last chair.
  • “Fights of the Roosters”. Divide the floor with a straight line, on both sides of which two volunteers occupy a wave of a militant rooster. The task of the participants is to get on the opposite side of the line, not touching one foot of the floor. To overcome obstacles, you can push the opponent shoulder or breasts. Win the one who will turn the line first.
  • “Eat me”. Movable relay for speed. Children are divided into two teams, candy hangs at a distance of 2-3 meters. Participants in turn coming to them. Their task is to deploy and eat candy without hands. Wins a team that will eat more candies.

How to diversify the script?

The perfect scenario is the one that will appeal to both a birthday party and guests. First of all, do not forget that parents and adolescents can have different ideas about the perfect holiday. Cool, according to mom, contests can be uninteresting birthday, so you need to cook carefully.

Party for a girl of 12 years old can be done at times more interesting with a large number of gifts, albeit symbolic. Presents for all guests in the form, for example, sweets will raise the mood. Gifts can be given simply so, but it is possible for participating in the competition, and then the whole program will be more attractive for guests.

At the very beginning of the organization of the holiday, it is best to ask the girl, what should be her perfect holiday. Based on the expectations of the birthday girl, you can figure out what to diversify the script. Perhaps the girl herself will tell you how she would like to complement his party.

How to arrange a birthday for a teenager, look in the following video.

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