How to celebrate Birthday Girls 13 years?

How to celebrate Birthday Girls 13 years?

Birthday – a special holiday for everyone, because on this day you turn into the center of the Universe. Friends and relatives send congratulations and gifts. Of course, I want to celebrate the event in a special. In the article we will tell you how to celebrate the birthday of girls 13 years and what to take into account.

What to take into account when preparing?

At the age of 13, most children no longer want to celebrate his birthday as before. Many generally ask parents not to interfere with them and leave someone in the apartment with friends. However, if you go on the thirteen-year-old children, you can be very disappointed, because at this age they are not so responsible and can arrange a small pogrom. On the other hand, the lack of an organization may harm, as adolescents are bored and either raise each other, or they will visit the whole evening and will disarm early. The holiday is spoiled, and the girl is upset.

To give birthday girls 13 years old, it is recommended to take everything to your own parents. First of all, it should be remembered that at this age the daughter is no longer a child, but a teenager who reacts very sensitively to everything and critically belong to oneself. At the same time, children sincerely consider themselves with full-fledged adults and in no way accept children’s contests and entertainment. Girls are already uninteresting to dress in suits of princesses and wizards, so this scenario defines accurately. If you decorate the room with pink bows and unicorn, the child will feel uncomfortable, she will be ashamed to friends, because all these children’s things are already irrelevant.

That’s why It is important with all the responsibility to approach the organization of the birthday of the girl 13 years. Try to come up with an interesting scenario that can involve in the celebration of all participants in the event. Teens will gladly take part in a concert, quiz with logical assignments, rolling games. You can come up with a humorous competition, where everyone will be able to laugh.

Better if the script for thirteenth anniversary will be written together with her daughter, because it is her holiday, and she must be satisfied in the end.

Be sure to take into account the sphere of the interests of adolescents, it will help to decide on competitions. If young people are pleased with the holiday, the popularity of the daughter takes off to heaven. If guests are bored, the child will not say exactly thanks.

When meeting guests, you can ask everyone to fill the wall newspaper with wishes or write a postcard with congratulations and throw them into the box. Later the birthday girl will be guessing who is the author of a particular note. Be sure to make small breaks between games so that the children can chat with each other. If the event takes place at home, the best leading will be the parent, because even at 13 years old it is important to feel support for mom and dad. The event can not go according to plan, but do not be upset if the daughter is not against. After all, the main thing is that she remains satisfied and with pleasure recalled his holiday.

Where to spend?

Many parents spend birthdays with friends in a variety of entertainment centers, restaurants or karaoke.

However, you can celebrate thirteen years old and at home. After all, the events sometimes cost Nedlyozy. Typically, birthday celebrations spend in the largest room in the house – living room to make a lot of space for contests.

If the room is small, you can cover the table in the kitchen, and in the living room speakers and contests.

How to issue?

When making a festive room, it is worth remembering that everything is arranged for a teenager 13 years old and pink ponies with Faymi are hardly suitable. But the cloud from the balls under the ceiling is suitable as it is impossible by the way. Every guest will be able to carry with him the ball after the holiday. An excellent option will be the arch from the balls or installation in the form of the number 13.

With the design of the table, it is better not to overdo it, as adolescents will not appreciate the tubes with glitter and dishes with the cartoon heroes. Do all restrained. It is better to limit the festive disposable dishes, it will relieve you from additional trouble after the holiday. It will be enough to add everything to the package and throw.

Unlike students of primary classes, thirteen-year-old guys have a disheveled appetite, so the treat should also be thoroughly thinking about. But you should not wise. Organize a buffet that the guests did not have to sit in one place, everyone will be able to approach and put themselves a treat on the plate, and then join the company of friends. Order pizza, sandwiches, lightweight baking. Sushi fit perfectly, teens adore them. Since at the event there will be mostly girls to take care of the presence of light salads, some have been followed by the figure and do not eat a flour.

Name-day cake better incorporate as a final treats after all contests.

Scenarios and tasks

There is a lot of interesting ideas that will help celebrate the birthday of girls 13 years. Funny contests, games for logic and much more will be necessary to taste teenagers. Following the results, you can give each small gift from the birthday girl. It can be a beautiful notebook complete with an interesting handle, a bank of sweets or decoration. Consider some interesting options.

  • Guess the melody. Music contest that needs to be together with the birthday girl, as adults are not always aware of fashionable performers. Rules simple: turn on the track on the phone, who first rents, the point. In this game, children will show activity and will be able to approach the next enthusiasm.
  • Karaoke. This competition for liberated girls who love and know how to sing. However, under the bisses, many will join. Now youtube has a karaoke video for any song. Let each guest fulfill at least one composition at will.
  • Dancing. The original contest of dancing, where every can show the ability to move and listen to music. Include popular tick-current melodies and give girls to show modern trends in the dance sphere. Be sure, many will surprise you with their talents. You can alternate fast and slow songs so that teens hardly have time to adapt to the right rhythm. When children get tired, spend a quiet game for recreation.
  • Puzzles. This competition will also be unusual, as guests will have to guess not only ordinary riddles and solve logical examples, but also relating to the conviction of the celebration. For example, you can create questions-riddles, where you need to call your favorite color, dish, artist, actor or birthday room. The game will help my daughter understand who of the girlfriends knows her best.
  • Chairs. Another mobile contest, who is known to all since childhood, but relevant even for adults. Chairs are put in a circle, and adolescents walk around them to the music. As soon as the melody stopped, they should have time to take free seat. Who did not have time to leave. The winner is the participant who will be able to win the last chair.
  • Quiz. Final game can be a small quiz with interesting questions. It is desirable that they do not touch the curriculum, since the children get tired at school. At the birthday day you still need to have fun and relax. Girls 13 years old will be happy to answer questions about favorite performers, actors, cinema, bloggers and tictorates. Not necessarily invent something awesome. Enough to ask about Harry Potter or the heroes of the film “Twilight”. Such fashionable questions will significantly increase your rating among young people.

At the very end of the holiday, you can distribute gifts and organize a disco to teenage, after which you quietly get out of the room, leaving them alone.

How to celebrate the birthday of girls 13 years old, look in video.

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