How to celebrate Birthday Girls 14 years?

How to celebrate Birthday Girls 14 years?

It is very important to celebrate the birthdays of children colorfully and bright, because all these memories they will keep all their lives. Many parents wonder how to arrange a holiday for a teenage daughter at 14. It would seem that it is not so problematic, but there are their difficulties here. The rules of the organization of a celebration, as well as the choice of topics and competitions, consider in this article, and also get acquainted with the prepared ideas of the celebration of the 14th anniversary celebration.

Rules of organization of the holiday

From how the holiday is organized, and will depend on its further successful conduct. That is why even small details is important to pay great attention to.

To begin with, decide on the budget: How many parents are ready to spend on the decoration of the premises, on the solemn table and gifts for contests.

The organization of the holiday is best done with the birthday girl, taking into account all its wishes, ideas and needs. She must tell what holiday she wants what kind of treats is most important to them, as well as some scenery, for example, a photocona, she wishes to show her guests.

After determining the budget, it is desirable to start choosing a place. You can spend your birthday at home, in a cafe, but you can get on nature with friends. After determining the place, it is extremely important to start creating a good birthday scenario. From this will depend on the success of the entire party, and most importantly, this is a kind of plan that can be followed throughout the holiday.

Choosing theme

Today, very popular people are considered to be different kind of thematic parties for girls. And it is not surprising, because they are very funny, interesting and in some extent informative.

Choosing the theme of the celebration, it is important to take into account the preferences of not only the future birthday book, but also its guests. If one girls are invited, you can choose the topics of the holiday in the style of the beauty salon. Young girls will surely appreciate the birthday with beautiful scenery, delicious kendy bar with copyright desserts. But if the boys and girls will be on the holiday, it is worth paying attention to something universal. For example, to a party in the American style or in tropical stylist.

An interesting topics can be a pajama party – to celebrate the 14th anniversary with girlfriends in such a style will be glad Girl at any age.

Celebrate your birthday with friends, using the topic of superheroes, especially if the girl is interested in similar comics and films.

For example, a supergel style birthday will assume the presence of an original dress code, cool contests at home and thematic treats with superheroid symbols.

In winter, as a rule, parties are carried out in the premises, but in the summer at the request of the birthday girl you can spend a magnificent party on the summer terrace of a cafe or in the courtyard of a private house. In the fresh air you can install a delicious kendy bar, a photowon with balls and even invite dancers.

Do not forget that each thematic party should pick up a suitable photowon, treats, costumes and music. In addition, depending on the subject, guests can be sent original invitations by mail or via the Internet.

The topic of birthday can offer both a birthdaynica itself, it may have a favorite “Girl” series or a fairy tale, by the type of which she would like to recreate the holiday. Of the simplest and low-cost topics, we recommend paying attention to the karaoke party.

Overview of competitions and games

Funny contests and games do not give teenagers to miss the holiday, in addition, they are a mandatory part of almost any celebration.

For home

An interesting game can be a “pantomime”. In advance on cards should write the names of items: it can be a fork, a cup, machine and others. Then fold the cards into the box and suggest choose their guests. Guests must try to portray what is written on their card without using the hands, but only the facial expressions and pantomime.

Competition “In Search of Flowers”. This is a kind of home quest. In the selected room, you can hide several colors from paper, but you can even use real flowers, and then offer to guests to go on their search. Who will bring together the more colors, he will win.

An excellent proven game for a private house can be a game of hide and seek, of course, if the premises allow. For apartments this game is lowact.

In the cafe

Many Adults and Children are a hot potato game, but instead of potatoes you can use any fruit, vegetable or item that guests must pass each other while music plays. After the music stops, the one who has an item in his hands, must say congratulations to the young birthday.

In the cafe you can arrange a game on the execution of your favorite songs in karaoke, of course, if the guests love to sing. If the friends of the birthdaynance know interesting jokes, then without any problems, you can make a contest for the most funny joke.


An excellent competition for the birthday in nature can be “who is faster?”. Tasks can be 2-3, players are also several. Tasks are selected based on guest preferences. For example, who will quickly drink a milk cocktail, or who will eat the proposed fruit faster. The winner can be awarded a generous gift, for example, toy, and participants – incentive prizes.

The popular game is also considered “buffet balls”. Each of the participants must be given 2-3 balls, the task of each guest is to burst them without using hands, teeth and nails.

Script ideas

The script allows the host to control the process of the holiday, which is why it is so important, and they should not be neglected.

Parents or senior brothers and sisters may be as leading on the holiday. If the party thematic, then the leading must be in the appropriate costumes.

Universal scenario №1

This scenario can be used as a cliché, adapting for any thematic holiday. And it can be diversified by your own ideas.

  • Greeting Birthday. Leaders say the wishes of birthdaynice, for example, read verse, and also welcome guests. Solemn music sounds.
  • Holding a photo shoot. Shared photos make in the photo model or the desk.
  • Invitation guests to the table.
  • Speech leading. The first contests after the meal. Presenting gifts to winners and incentive prizes to other participants.
  • Conducting a disco or dance, after which you can also call everyone at the table or offer sweet treats in Kendy Bar at will.
  • Conducting the remaining contests.
  • Summarizing. Final speech leading. Playing candles on the cake. If the holiday is held on the street, guests can be asked to look at fireworks. General photos are made again.

Scenario №2

Here is another version of the script for the birthday of the girl 14 years.

  • Playing solemn music in the topic of parties. Congratulations from leading.
  • Invitation guests to the table. Trapeza. Conducting several packaging contests.
  • Photo session with birthday and guests. Invitation to the Sweet Table and Listening to Congratulations. Speech leading.
  • Equipment of songs and dancing guests at their request, conducting mobile contests with prizes and games.
  • Final speech leading, if desired, the analysis of gifts for the birthday girl. Playing candles on the cake, again photo session. If you can print photos for guests, they will surely be happy to pick up one common photo with them to memory.

There are many scenarios, but any of them should be adapted to a particular holiday and guests, and also considering all the wishes of the birthday girl and the interests of her friends. Only so all guests will surely be satisfied. Speech leading should be prepared based on the subject of the celebration. Leading can be heroes from the book, like the conviction of the celebration itself. For example, when conducting a holiday in the style of “Alice in Wonderland”, a father can be leading, fulfilling the role of a famous hat, offering children to pass the table or go to contests.

But when holding a celebration in the style of modern princess, Mom can be leading, fulfilling the role of a good fairy that offers to read guests poems or dance to get a delicious gift.

The main thing is not to be afraid to give the will of his fantasy and carefully listen to your child, given her wishes.

How to arrange a birthday for a teenager, look in the following video.

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