How to celebrate New Year in Russia?

How to celebrate New Year in Russia?

New Year is one of the most important holiday for Russians. He is waiting with impatience, and they are prepared in advance. New Year’s Eve is the most lively and noisy time, because all the inhabitants are having fun and congratulate each other, and not only at home, but also on the street. But this holiday was not always like that, his traditions and customs were formed for many centuries.

From the history of the holiday

The origins of the celebration of the New Year in ancient times were not fully understood. According to some sources, in the pagan times, this holiday occurred on March 22 – the day of the spring equinox. On the same date accounted for Maslenitsa. After the baptism of Russia, the new summer began, and the Julian calendar appeared, which fastened the names of months. According to the new charter, the beginning of the year accounted for March 1.

Over time, the Orthodox Church postponed the New Year on September 1. The celebration of this date was preserved until 1699, while Peter I did not publish a new decree on the postponement of the holiday on January 1. To such a dramatic step, he prompted a trip to Europe. He saw people in those parts celebrate the beginning of the New Year, and decided to adopt this tradition. Then it was customary to go to the Gregorian calendar.

For Petr I, it was important not only to change the holiday date, he wanted the New Year in Russia to celebrate with the same scope, as in European countries.

First of all, he published a decree to decorate trees in his own yards. To do this, used candy, nuts, vegetables and fruits.

Directly trees began to dress only in the middle of the last century. Day On January 1, 1700, a parade on Red Square was held in Moscow, and in the evening people contemplated a festive firework. From this date, the new year in Russia has gained a secular character, while he had previously had solely church importance. Such a holiday liked Russians – they sang, danced, having fun and exchanged gifts.

Other Western traditions of celebrating the beginning of the New Year. For example, this event began to celebrate on the night of December 31 to January 1, they organized noisy feast, invited relatives and friends, dressed up a Christmas tree in the house and put presents to her. After some time, Santa Claus appeared and the Snow Maiden, who, according to pagan mythology, live in the city of Veliky Ustyug.

When noted?

Russian Federation, like most countries of the world, celebrates New Year on the night of January 1. Nevertheless, there are different peoples who celebrate this event in other numbers and times of the year.

  • In Greece The holiday falls on January 14.
  • In Asian countries, For example, in China, Korea, Singapore and Malaysia, the new year has a “floating” date. He falls on the day of the first noving, which should take place after January 21.
  • In India The beginning of the new year is celebrated several times. About the first already mentioned above. The second is called Holi, and celebrate it on February 24. Third celebration falls on March 10. The 26th of the same month meet the beginning of the year in the staff of Andra-Pradesh.
  • Residents of countries such as Azerbaijan, Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan Celebrate New Year at night from 21 to March 22.
  • In Burma The holiday also has no accurate date, the Ministry of Culture reports about it. Every year, he comes from April 12-17. Celebration lasts 3 days.
  • In Thailand The new year is called Songkran and celebrate it on April 13.
  • April 14, the holiday comes to the territory Laos.
  • Israelis Celebrate the completion of the year on September 1 and 2.
  • In Ethiopia This event falls on September 11, and usually it marks the end of the rainy season.
  • In Indonesia holiday celebrate on October 7. On this day, it is customary to ask for forgiveness from loved ones to start a new year with a clear conscience.
  • In Yemen, Oceania And on the Hawaiian Islands, the calendar year is completed on November 18.

    In most countries, the celebration of the New Year begins from midnight, and the fun lasts until the morning. But in some nations, it is customary to celebrate this event. As for the duration of the New Year holidays, in Russia they usually end after Christmas, t. E. January 9. While Catholics, which celebrate the birth of Jesus in December, is considered to be only January 1.

    New Year’s vacation

    Despite the fact that the new year became the public holiday of her in 1700 g., He remained working day until 1947. This year, the Supreme Council of the USSR issued a decree to recognize January 1 weekend. The second January was the holiday weepen only in 1992. Over time, the vacation duration increased to 10 days, but in 2013 it was decided to reduce them up to 8. Consequently, Weekends end after christmas.

    New Year’s traditions and customs

    New Year is customary to celebrate With special scope. Russian people are convinced that how they will meet him, and they will hold, so the tables always break away from the treats, and the house is pissed by decorations. Today, the holiday is celebrated in a circle of family or friends, but it can also be found in an entertainment institution, which usually prepare the entertainment program to such a large-scale event. Before the feast, you are sure to listen to the congratulations to the president, driving glasses with champagne crawl under the battle and congratulate each other with the coming new year.

    In Russia, it was customary to arrange folk walking. Everyone went to the square, satisfied Masquerade, sang, danced and having fun. Similar tradition exists to this day. After the feast of the Russians go to the street to the dressed up Tree, which is usually installed on the main square of the city. In the same place, as a rule, fairs and concerts are arranged, salutes and fireworks are launched, congratulate each other with the holiday and wish happiness in the new year.

    The mandatory attribute of the New Year is Santa Claus with the Snow Maiden, who bring gifts to children.

    Previously, family members were changed in them and congratulated the kids, and those, in turn, taught the New Year poems, and then told their grandfather-wizard. Today, more and more often ordered animators who work perfectly with their role. New Year’s Eve is the time of magic, so many make various rites for the fulfillment of desires, finding love, recovery or enrichment. Some of them resemble christmas rituals.

    Feast and treat

    New Year’s table Pestrit with a variety of dishes. It is customary to serve several types of garnish, various salads, cutting and many snacks. In each family, the festive menu has its own characteristics, But there is a traditional food in it:

    • Salad Olivier+
    • Herring under the fur coat+
    • Sandwiches with red caviar or fish+
    • Bay fisher+
    • aspic:
    • stuffed eggs+
    • baked chicken or duck.

      Of the sweets on the table, there must be tangerines, candy and cookies. As for drinks, the champagne is considered traditional, which is drunk under the battle.

      A long-standing tradition is connected with it: you need to write a desire for a piece of paper, burn it, and pour off the ashes in a glass, then drink content exactly at midnight.

      Festive decorations and attributes

      A week before the new year by tradition, Russian-speaking peoples decorate the house. First of all dressed up the tree. Previously, sweets and fruits used for this, but over time, glass and plastic toys, garlands, lanterns and multicolored tinsel appeared. Under the decorated Christmas tree, Santa Claus and Snow Maiden figures are drawn, as well as gifts.

      The windows usually decorate with artificial snow and snowflakes, which are drawn directly on the glass or cut out of paper. No less creatively Russians are suitable for their own New Year outfits. Still preserved tradition to arrange dinners with changing clothes. Someone for this specifically sews or rents a suit, and someone simply decorates his clothes with brilliant Mishur, “rain”, snowflakes and other. Another important attribute of the new year are Bengal lights, flappers and firefoot. They are ignited or exploded exactly at midnight for happy laughter and loud congratulations.

      Where usually celebrate?

      New Year is a family holiday, so it is traditionally celebrated at home. As a rule, relatives are collected from the senior family members, they prepare together, cover on the table and exactly at midnight begin to the meal. The younger generation prefers to celebrate friends in a circle, and for this they usually gather at someone at home or rent an apartment.

      Those who do not like to organize the houses of the feast and burden themselves with cooking and cleaning, prefer to celebrate New Year in entertainment establishments, for example, in a restaurant or in the Club. In such places, the celebration is very fun and colorful, t. To. For guests, a festive program with treats, dancing and contests is thought out.

      More wealthy Russians for the New Year go on a trip. Especially popular use Warm countries and islands. Nevertheless, there are those who prefer to celebrate in the mountains – they choose ski resorts.

      What is accepted to give?

      New Year – this is not only a Christmas tree and feast, but also gifts. As a rule, they give interesting things that symbolizing this magic holiday, for example, souvenirs in the form of a symbol of the coming year or with his image. The most common options are cups, magnets, key rings and postcards.

      New Year is the time when desires must be performed, so it is customary to give your relatives and loved ones what they dream about.

      For children, traditionally give sweets and toys, which they are asking for Santa Claus in advance. For your beloved men, men usually choose decorations, perfume or fur products, and in return get a good perfume, a set of tools, personal hygiene or expensive accessories.

      For the older generation, gifts must be more practical, so you should choose things that will be needed in everyday life. That’s just not worth buying an ultramodern technique, t. To. Pensioners will be difficult to understand how to use it. A good choice will be the simulator, massagers, electric kettle, dishes and kitchen utensils.

      Bad tone is considered to give money, alcohol, food, socks, towels and other household items.

      For women offensive to get kitchenware as a gift, with the exception of the expensive technique they dreamed of. Men, in turn, do not like when they are presented with a shower gel or shaving gel, exception can only be a company set of cosmetics.

      It is important to remember that the main thing is not a gift, but attention, so do not be upset if it is not possible to give something special.

      In addition, if you can show a fantasy, you can make a present with your own hands, which will definitely be appreciated.

      In the video you will learn why in Russia New Year’s Eve celebrate twice.

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