How to celebrate New Year in Uzbekistan?

How to celebrate New Year in Uzbekistan?

In Uzbekistan, the new year is celebrated twice. First, the holiday is celebrated on January 1, and then March 21. Both of these days are non-working.


New Year in Uzbekistan celebrate European style since Soviet times. European traditions had to do. During the period of celebration, in many settlements of the country, a unique color with decorated with forest beauties and Santa Claus.

The center of festive entertainment is the capital of the state – Tashkent. Elegantly decorated Christmas tree is installed on the main square of the capital, wearing the name Mustaclik. Farm trading comes nearby, where you can buy Christmas trees, decorations, souvenirs, taste delicious dishes and drinks. Residents and guests of the city participate in interesting competitions and lotteries, enjoy the performances of music groups. On New Year’s Eve, Uzbeks and guests of the city are going to the square in anticipation of the battle of the Kurats at midnight and festive salute.

The kids are gathering on holidays on the square, located near the city circuit. There are attractions, trading points where sweets and toys are traded. Every day, the speeches of clowns, acrobats, Santa Claus and Snow Maiden are organized.

Santa Claus in Uzbekistan is called Corbobo, and Snow Maiden – Corkis. Movement of the movement of Santa Claus is a donkey.

As soon as the beginning of December, the streets of settlements of Uzbekistan are decorated with garlands and scenery. On the squares, in large shopping centers, the Christmas trees are installed. Everywhere hang posters with congratulations.

On holidays, residents of Uzbekistan decorate the house of a lively or artificial Christmas tree. The most common element of the decor is cut with their own snowflakes, fixed on windows windows.

And in March, 21 numbers, on the day of spring equinox, another new year is celebrated, which is associated with the climatic conditions of the state and real astronomical events. The celebration of this holiday marks the joyful awakening of nature, after the winter passes, and the time of preparation for sowing work begins.

The holiday has ancient war origin and is associated with the worship of the sun and the name of the famous Zarathuchwhtra, the name of Navruz, translated meaning “New Day”.

Spring New Year received widespread in many nationalities in Central Asia. The main difference of Navruz from the European New Year is that he is found in the afternoon, in a family circle. The main day of the celebration March 21. The next month of Uzbeks receive guests and go themselves, acquire and plant fruit trees, ride picnics.

On the eve of the holiday, it is necessary to make cleaning in the house. For 7 days, the subbotnik is declared, during which garbage is cleaned on the streets. From the morning they collect a festive table, which should consist of sweets (according to the tradition they treat each other), 7 evaches on the letter “C”, shurps, pillows, melons, mumblers, Khalima.

It is customary to present the presents not only to relatives and friends, but also to friends, even those who are not Muslims.

In Uzbekistan, there is a belief that those cases that are made by a person during Nedruz will be done for 12 months. Therefore, these days are trying to not quarrel and live in Lada.

Holiday menu

The festive menu necessarily contains National Kushan Uzbekistan. Basic dish – chicken pilaf or lamb, well-fried by spices. On the New Year’s table there are meat with vegetables, Lagman, which is a homemade noodle on meat broth, manta, Uzbek cakes, a dolma, which is a cabbage in grape leaves, Kaza – home sausage from horseback, Khasyp-sausage from lamb.

As sweets, Hulva, a thick fruit juice, called Beckmes, Chuck Chuck, which is a product from flour with honey, pulling caramel, nuts and dried fruits.

Among the drinks on the New Year’s table can be found Ayran, sorbets made of pink petals, pomegranate and grapes. Alcoholic beverages: Araq, grape or rice vodka.

Traditions and rites

Many traditions and rites are connected with the New Year holidays from Uzbeks. Famous rite – breaking up old plates that cracked or knocked. There is a belief that such a job will help get rid of all the negative, which was in the old year.

12 grapes prepare for the next rite. With each flock of chimes, you should eat in grape and make desires. If a person has time to do this, then all the desires will come true.

On the New Year’s table be sure to put watermelon. Than he is sweeter and ripe, the good to the year.

The celebration of Navrugas is also associated with certain traditions. Much depends on the person who came on this day to the house. If he has a quiet and good temper, has a good sense of humor, a good reputation, it will bring good luck to the house.

About how the new year celebrates in Uzbekistan, look in the video.

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