How to celebrate the anniversary of a man 35 years?

How to celebrate the anniversary of a man 35 years?

Each man is looking forward to his birthday. Even if he says he will not celebrate, it is sure to hoped that relatives and close friends will gather at the festive table. Of course, ordinary gatherings in the kitchen with homemade dishes seem interesting. But much more impressions will receive a birthday party and invited guests, if you arrange a thematic party for my birthday.

Choosing theme

The topics of the festive event – this party decorated under a certain topic in which all elements must correspond to the selected area. It is not only about scenery and festive props, but also about guest costumes.

The theme of the birthday can be a favorite online birthday game, book or film.

Sure, Creating a thematic holiday can not be called cheap pleasure. Main costs will be aimed at purchasing decorations. However, in addition to the design of the premises, you will have to consider the scenario of the event and the entertainment program or purchase a ready-made material in a good Event Agency. They, in turn, are ready to offer their customers a different options for holding a 35-year-old anniversary in a man.

For example, Pirates of the Caribbean, “Vampire Manor”, “Merry 80s”, “Rocker Party” and even “Game of Thrones”. However, pirate and cowboy topics, stylish and beer party use in great demand.

Start preparation for the anniversary need a month before the appointed date. A few weeks before the celebration on the hands there should be a script.

Traditionally, the holiday will be held in a circle of family and friends. If a serious mass event is planned, it will not do without a toasta. For a certain fee, this person holds a show program and as a whole supports a fun atmosphere of the holiday. When the number of invited guests is not more than 10-15 people, the leading event can be a birthday wife. You can organize a thematic event in a cafe, in warm time will be able to celebrate the anniversary in nature. Fun to celebrate your birthday happen in the country or at home.

Competitions and games

Surely everyone remembers the comic phrase “the first 40 years of childhood in a man – the most difficult time”. Respectively, The 35th anniversary should be held in a fun and even noisy setting. In order for the guests and the most culprit of the celebration, the mood has disappeared, you should add an entertainment program with interesting contests and games.

The major celebrations passing outside the walls of the house are invited to the leaders who have already developed a holiday scenario. There are incendiary contests, ranging from drinking and ending with active games, toasts with humor and fun.

If the birthday is held at home, his organization is engaged in a birthday name. She tries to prepare the most unusual holiday for her husband. Holding a show program she also takes into their own hands. However, if you correctly work out the concept of the holiday, the presenter will be able to manage the process of fun, sitting at the table.

For home

Next, it is proposed to get acquainted with several examples of contests that are ideal for the celebration of the anniversary at home.

  • Competition “Lily”. It is necessary to collect 2 teams – male and female. The presenter gives a signal, and players from each team begin to shoot any clothes, after which they laid it in line. Wins the team that the line turned out longer.
  • Competition “Favorite’s leg”. In front of the experienced women sit in chairs. Among them is his spouse. Then the subject is removed into another room and tightly tie his eyes. At this time, women are transplanted, and for greater humor, a man sits down to one of the ladies. Everyone needs to bargain one leg. Enough raise trousers and knee dress. After the subject comes with tied eyes. It is squatting, begins to feel the feet of ladies. His task is to guess his spouse. For more fun, you can enter the subject in complete confusion and on a man sitting in a female society to wear stockings.
  • Competition “Nyukhach”. The task of tested with tied eyes is to determine the smell that in front of them is. The master in the bag is hidden by several items, which he takes one by one and makes a player to the nose. For the first volunteer it is worth a task easier, for example, an apple. But then you can show fantasy. For example, give a sniff the can of beer or flavored condom. If the volunteer determines the smell that in front of him is, he takes a guessing present.

In the cafe

In compiling contests for the cafe, it is preferable to consider entertainment that do not require the exit of decency.

  • Competition “Zoo”. For the game you need a company of 8 or more people. All players get up in a circle, the presenter comes to each volunteer and whisper the role of “Eagle” or “Hippo”. Next, the music begins, everyone hugs each other by the shoulders. And here the lead loudly utters “Eagle”. Those who received this role must cover both legs and hang on their neighbors. Also happens when the lead calls the word “hippopot”. It will be very fun if in one large company one animals will be much less than others.
  • Competition “Balls Hunters”. From the props, only inflated balls will be required. On the ankles of the participants, you need to bind a few inflated balls. At the command of the leading players should start to burst the balls of rivals, while protecting their own from encroachment. The winner will be the one, at least 1 ball remained on whose ankle.
  • Competition “4×200”. This competition is intended for adult men who have no weakness to alcohol. 3-4 participants are invited to participate in the competition. Four faceted glasses are put in front of each, in which water, milk, beer, vodka. Wins the one who is the first will be able to drink the contents of all glasses in the specified sequence.

How to diversify a holiday?

Surely everyone got used to celebrating the anniversary at home either in the cafe means to sit at the table and participate in contests. But in these conditions it is possible to make a certain variety. For example, Cafe to celebrate the birthday can be located in the neighborhood of airsoft or paintball field, where guests can spend several exciting games.

Quite interesting if the rope park will be located nearby. However, it is recommended to climb on it only in a sober state. If the anniversary falls on the winter season, you can go with friends to the mountains, where you have time to spend time on skis or snowboard, and in the evening in the removed cottage to plunge into the atmosphere of the holiday and competitions.

As a diversity for the anniversary at home, it is preferable to use the Quest option. At the same time, its scenario can assume the use of the help of guests present at the celebration. There will also be contests and tasks, in which they will need to show a mixture, courage, skill and even physical activity.

Script ideas

Today on the Internet spaces you can find a huge number of scenarios for the anniversary of a man 35 years. The entertainment program is calculated on 5 and more guests. The prerequisite for each contest conducted is the presentation of encouragement prizes for the correct task.

The modern approach of the event agencies allows you to develop the thematic concept of the holiday with a funny program, complex riddles, unusual charades. It remains only to choose the best option. Further is invited to get acquainted with an interesting scenario, which has fallen to the taste of many fans of noisy holidays.

In the role of the host, you can invite Tamatu, or the spouse of the Jubilee will take on all the obligations.

It will be understood that the program began, it will be possible for the introductory speech of the leading. Tamada welcomes guests, the jubilee, congratulates him on his birthday and expresses his wishes. After reports that the competition came, and asks guests who of them are the most brave. Several people come out, the contest “Woodrovosk” begins. Before each participant, the box of matches is scattered. At the command of the leading volunteers need to assemble their smooth stack. Who will quickly cope with the task, the winner.

After the presenter gives guests a little rest, raises a glass of the birthday girl, then the “Sculptor” contest begins. Cards are distributed to participants. On their reverse side, one single letter is written. Then players get a piece of clay. The task of the participants is to make a figure, whose name begins with the letter offered to them. The most creative sculptor will become the winner of the contest.

Then again break. And then, when 1 of the guests offers to raise a glass for the jubilee, they are connected by the host and offers guests to take part in the competition for the best wishes to the birthday woman without words. Tamada distributes old newspapers, where you need to find the words of congratulations and wishes. They must be carefully cut off, after which you will present the anniversary. The culprit itself will already choose, whose present it seemed more valuable.

After the guests again rest a little, and after some time the presenter again connects, offering a new contest “Childhood of the Jubilest”. The presenter in advance found out from the relatives the first insightful words of the jubilee, recorded them and now asks the guests to correctly disassemble the children’s tearbarschin. Who will be able to guess more childhood names of the birthday girl receives a present.

The number of competitions in this program has no certain boundaries. They can be the most different, the main thing is that all the tests passed on a fun note. At the end of the event, the host reports that he needs to say goodbye to the guests, but he hopes to see again with all those present in the near future. Once again expressing his congratulations to the anniversary, wishes all the best and removes. And guests continue to celebrate.

The submitted scenario is ideal for celebrating in a cafe.

But not everyone has the opportunity to spend an anniversary outside the walls of the house. but Even for home furnishings there are many scenarios of anniversary celebration with special topics. For example, the anniversary of the 35th anniversary of a man called “Mafios”. To embody the script into reality, you need to talk in advance with guests, let them know what a suit should be. Rent or purchase karaoke. The only “but” – for such an event requires 2 leading.

According to tradition, the party begins with a meeting of guests, where everyone is awarded a badge with his role. For example, bank robber or racketer.

When all guests came and sat down in their place, show program begins. One of the leading comes out of the room, and the second remains to greet the guests who came and raise a glass of birthday birthday. And here it begins confusion, there are no alcohol on the table, only juices. Guests have many inappropriate issues. The presenter reports that they have a dry law, and the law must respect. Especially – juice and mineral water are very useful drinks. Guests drink, and after in upset feelings, salads begin to fly.

At this time, loud music is included in the corridor, accompanied by firing, noise, gap and shouts. The second presenter runs into the room, in his hands he holds several bottles of alcohol and reports that in a terrible fight was able to take a pair of live water bottles. Immediately on the faces of guests there are joyful smiles. The next toast is already flowing in alcohol.

After the guests go to the balcony to breathe fresh air, go to the restroom. When those gathered for the celebration of the face are returned, one of the leaders reports that he wants to congratulate the jubilee of a special song. For this, the karaoke was required. The main thing is that the song is cheerful and unusual for the topics of mafios. Ideally will be a “song about hares” or “Sleep tired toys”. After the presenters fulfilled a congratulatory song, guests reported that the notes were hidden under their chairs. Guests get the pieces of paper on which numbers are written. They mean the sequence in the queue for the performance of the song in karaoke. The winner will be the one who gains more points.

As an additional entertainment, you can enter a program somewhat relevant the subjects of contests.

For example, a Russian roulette with a water pistol and a stopper. The only “but” – the mafia theme is not always suitable for celebrating apartments. Arrange a similar walk where harmful neighbors live, it will be very difficult. Karaoke is a very noisy event, and the holiday will surely end up at 11 pm. The only option is to warn in advance the neighbors, which will be noisy. However, if they do not meet, you will have to consider another way of holding an anniversary.

Script version of the funny anniversary in the video below.

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