How to celebrate the birthday of a child 5 years?

How to celebrate the birthday of a child 5 years?

5 years – the first anniversary, which is eagerly waiting for both big and small. I would like to mention it violently, brightly, to get the holiday “one solid delight”. With the same success, it can be done at home and in the cafe.

The best topics

There are topics that are suitable only to girls or only boys, but there are universal subjects. The latter are preferable, because, as a rule, for the birthday of both sexes. I want everyone to capture the overall idea of ​​the holiday. Here are the subjects are considered the most successful.

  • “Fixy”. This cartoon has long become a cult, kids at this age are just starting to get acquainted with a cognitive cartoonerial. Yes, and adults are pretty these heroes. It is necessary to take into account that fixes are friends with science, and then at the holiday there should be a place for experiments and various scientific focus.

  • “Masha and the Bear”. This cartoon became international – it is loved on all continents, and the kids in 5 years will also support such topics. Clearance, music, contests – everything can be kept under the one carto.

  • “Jungle is called”. This transmission from the 90s probably remembers the parents of five years old, adults guests. But it can be reformed under our time. After all, exotic animals and adventures in the jungle are always interesting.

  • “Visiting clown”. One clown-leading is often enough for the holiday to be cheerful, structured, and all guests were shuffled and nasoyed. Clown in the arsenal usually contests and fun for all cases – it will not give anyone to sad.

  • “Flower party”. If 5 years is executed by a girl who does not want to hear about the universal theme of the evening, and she must certainly have something maiden, light and gentle, you can suggest her to arrange a flower party. She is a fairy colors and lives in the kingdom, where everything is beautiful, bright and colorful. In his palace, she treats guests with exquisite delicacies and spends the most magical contests with them.

  • “Sport-Kids”. The holiday can be held on the street: a buffet or a treat in picnic format by the guys usually like. Well, to arrange them relay, mobile fun games can be even without an animator attracting.

  • “In the kingdom of the snow queen”. If the birthday of a child in winter and coincides with the time when the house is decorated, the theme of the snow queen will be very organic. You can provide the guys to save Kaya by passing tests in the form of contests, and get treasure. And kai completely can be a cardboard, covered with a layer of easily removable paint, of any other composition, paper. And when they will find him guys, they will easily remove the “ice crust” from the boy’s figurines, and she will “come to know”. Or you can cut a fragment from the movie where Kai rejoices freedom, and put at the end of the party.

Most of the future birthday names know the topics of the upcoming holiday. If it is a complete surprise, you need to be 100% sure that this topic will like this topic.

Overview of games and contests

Contests and entertainment – the main “filling” of the holiday. They should be light, understandable to all. After all, the children are often present on the holiday, and older guys. It is necessary to arrange a program so that everything was involved.

For home

For example – 10 competitions for the birthday, which almost always enter “Hurray”.

  • “Cook candy soup”. This is a relay. At the wall on a wide table (or two chairs) you need to put two saucepans. Participants at the start, each has their own staff. In front of them (also on chairs) boxes with candy. You need a mylvelon gently take a candy out of the box (without hands) and bring it one to the pan, throw a candy in a saucepan and run back, pass the baton. Wins the smallest team.

  • “Tangle”. Children sit on the floor in a circle. At one – the girl, he throws it to any guest and gives a task. For example: “Tangle-girl, hear me a friend, call me the most cute beast”. And he calls the beast. He continues, sends the tangle and asks to call something the same (the most fun game, the most delicious food, the most favorite time of the year and T. D.).

  • “Zumba-Workout”. It can be included on the TV (on the Internet), ask for children to become comfortable, look at the screen, repeat over the coach. Wonderful if adults will join the children.

  • “We are looking for mushrooms, looking for berries”. Children share for 2 teams. One searches for mushrooms, the second berries – collected in the baskets. Cardboard mushrooms – berries need not particularly and hide, but also to follow so that they do not bile together. On the windowsill, on the table, at the TV, under the circuit breaker – in a word, leave them not on the most obvious to five-year places. All participants should prepare small prizes (lollipops, for example).

  • “What changed”. Choose the one who will guess. He put his back to the rest of the guys, tie their eyes. At this time, the guys must change something: shoes, such as other objects of clothing. Girls can give their bracelet or boot boys. In short, you need to produce several substitution. The child who stood with her eyes closed, should expose the remniments and see everything that has changed.

  • “Edible-inedible”. Old kind game will like the new generation. Adult enters the room a basket, box, hat, in a word, some item from which other items can be pulled out. Guys when they see edible, should slam when inedible – sit down.

  • “Photos from confetti”. Need to prepare some clappers, ideally as much as children-children. Clappers are the most common, with paper confetti. Each child is invited to the center of the room, the photographer is ready. When Color tinsel from a flapper sprinkled on the child, he must do what he repeats in front of him an adult. Adult for the scenes will show how to jump on how to wave with hands and t. D. As a result – each guest will have a memorable enchanting photo.

  • “Colepko, go on the porch”. It only seems that the game is old and the well-known. For the growing generation, it can be in a novelty. If the celebration of the girl, every little guest at the end of the game can get his ring (you need to buy several plastic in advance).

  • “Dance class”. Merry music and adults are selected without complexes, which becomes before the guys and shows them the funniest and ridiculous pas. Children can only repeat. Wonderful if the music is gradually accelerated.

  • “Hearts from guests”. You can prevent the parents of invited guys in advance so that they are at home with children made little simple pendants. Cardboard or paper, thread or ribbon. And in the hallway you need to put a few high, painted in a bright or gentle white shade of a flower. It will be a tree of good hearts. Each coming guest will hang his craft on this tree.

Conduct birthday at home you can always be very fun, with comfort and soulful. But in the cafe, celebrate the first anniversary, you can ambitious.

In the cafe

Many home contests and tasks are suitable for cafe. It is easy to organize them even with small forces.

  • “Encrypted menu”. Even before the guys are sitting at the table, they can be handing cards. Each one. On the card drawn something that will be a hint to solve dishes. For example, a ninja turtle that lies – this is a sign that the holiday will treat pizza. Or a cheerful penguin with a beautiful cup, probably in his cup ice cream.
  • “Considered-surprise”. Each chair can be attached a bag with a treat that guests will take home. In addition to snacks, there may be a blister with stickers or transfers.
  • “Motor, removed”. You can make a frame from the cardboard that will resemble a film. Each guest must say a couple of congratulatory words Birthday, and the adult will hold the frame so that it becomes portrait. Someone should shoot it congratulations on video.

Celebrate your birthday can be on the street, and at the sports ground, and even in the courtyard of a multi-storey building. Everything is real if adults will show the perfect pre-holiday training.

Preparation of quest

5 years – quite yourself for an entertainment and cognitive quest. He must coincide with the topics of the holiday. Here are examples of fun tasks for quests.

  • “Party in the jungle”. The guys are invited to assemble a map that shows where the treasure is. Fragments card as much as competitive tasks. They can be the following: on cards with traces of animals to solve that the beasts were held for the birthday secretly (you can use a magnifying glass). Collect a basket with treats that can really be found in the jungle, on a tropical island (drawn, for example, coconuts and candy). The following task is to determine where children are. Need to record the sounds of the forest, jungle, sea, swamp and t. D.

  • “Superhero Island”. The organization of this quest also implies a map search. And tasks can be as follows: battle pillows, search in paper Mishure card fragments, comparison of pictures of the type of 10 differences, guessing the melodies of children’s song and t. D.

Since the guys are still small, do the quest very complex and the multi-stage do not need. His goal is to captivate and entertain, and not to become for children too serious brainstorming. 5-6 contests to search for treasures enough. Then the guys who received all the fragments of the card must lay it on the table and see the place where the treasures are stored. It will be a cafe or apartment card. Treasure is a chest with portion treats that guys will take home.

Script ideas

So, what will be the funny and cheerful scenario of the birthday of a child 5 years? Let us give an example of a festival organization at home.

  • Meeting with guests. Makes sense to come up with funny rules so that the guys immediately cheered. For example, all those who came should say hello and hug not only with their hands, but also legs – for example, touch the heels to touch. Guest can immediately issue a festive cap and other attributes.
  • Greeting the lead. Even if there is no animator, parents behave. They must collect all the kids and happily announce the celebration. Tell what entertainment everyone expects, and why a good mood need to be pulled out of all pockets.
  • Entertainment began. If this quest, then you need to explain in detail the kids that it is what they are looking for and why. All contests in a row – too hard for five years. Between contests it is necessary to pause for treats and communication, musical dance pauses also need.
  • Solemn cake. In the room, you need to turn off the light, to warn everyone about the important moment and ask to pat the birthday.
  • Reflection. It will not be superfluous even in a children’s holiday. Just let the guys become a circle and transmit a toy toy each other, for example. And everyone will say that he especially liked.

Gifts are presented at first, as soon as the guests came. But you can do and otherwise, immediately ask you to take gifts to the room (free from the holiday), and after the cake, a birthday family with friends will go to unpack them. The children directly behave, the more it says that everything works. If parents are present on the holiday, they must be asked to participate in competitions, dance with the kids – they will be happy.

Separate moment – Photowon. It must be issued on the subject of the holiday. Photo is better to do closer to the beginning of the party, while the guys are not yet tired, and until the festive outfits sit on them smoothly and chinno. Ready photos can be sent to guests by email or transferred in the paper in beautiful envelopes.

Useful tips, how to organize a children’s birthday, you can see in the following video.

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