How to celebrate the birthday of a child in 2 years?

How to celebrate the birthday of a child in 2 years?

Two years – this is probably the age in which the child is first aware of his own birthday. For most parents, their kid is the greatest value, and to his holiday they are preparing much more intense than to their. Such an approach is regular, but we will not forget that the culprit of the celebration is already an independent person, which means that the event should rotate around him and be interesting for Chad, and not only for invited adults.


To correctly celebrate the birthday of the child, you need to understand what is a birthday boy in his 2 years. In fact, many experts believe that the scenario of the first celebration in life as a whole can be repeated and too much to break her head over inventing a full-fledged scenario for the culprit of the celebration is not worth it – just because it will not be remembered. However, you should not also forget that the holiday, first of all, the baby means it should be at least just interesting.

In his two years, any child already has some preferences in everything that surrounds it. Some games like him, and others – no, and the same passability is observed in fairy tales, and in cartoons. Aloud, the birthday man is unlikely already talks about what he likes, but parents, something in a daily reaction, should understand how to please their chad. All this information should be competently beaten when choosing a holiday theme: all stimuli should be removed, surrounding the culprit of the celebration only by what is interesting for him. However, about choosing the subject we will talk a little later.

Meanwhile, it is worth paying attention to the fact that in his two years the baby can already be a rather social personality. It all depends on the conditions in which the child was brought up to this moment – whereas from some of the word “squeeze” each word (especially in the presence of other people’s uncle and aim), others are happy to come to contact and chat without silence. About the presence of friends, of course, it is too early to speak, but if it happened that communication with peers is already happening in one form or another, it is possible to organize such a birthday company.

In general, guests will be mostly adults, but, again, remember that this is a child’s holiday, and not yours, so you should not invite people who have never seen a birthday boy, and which he himself is not too interesting.

Child celebration is the most reasonable to spend in a game form, but your ideas, of course, should be implemented by the efforts of a two-year-old child. About the rigid observance of the scenario can not be speech – if the baby suddenly broke out, it is necessary to refuse that it causes his chagrin, even if the preparation of the competition or the game took a lot of time and effort.

If there are several children on the holiday, in all competitions, kids should only participate in a team with adults – a birthday officer can be elementary to get into the center in front of everyone and something they want. Competitions are best inventing such, participation in which it does not provide for obvious losers – even adult participants should not smash and the shadows of frustration on the face, because the culprit of the celebration is not such a misunderstanding, as someone could think.

Entourage is a separate topic. Let the child and will not remember this day, but today it should be good without any reservation. An integral attribute of the holiday is a big figure, showing how old the perpetrator of the celebration – it can be bought in the form of an inflatable ball, make it yourself from cardboard or colored paper, or even just twist on the wall photo in such a manner so that they are reminded.

If you are prudently not spending a holiday at a time when children should sleep, then bright garlands and festive stretch marks will be appropriate, but only not in overly large quantities, otherwise put the child to sleep you can not be up to a deep night.

Consider that children, especially if there are several of them, it is not interesting to sit with you at the table – they love to crawl and humble. The desire for continuous movement they have a lot, but with the abilities to stay on the legs, not cutting into anything, so far trouble means, let them have fun at the bottom, if only it was safe. For this, they collect a whole relax zone for them, for the “construction” of which absolutely any soft items are suitable: pillows, blankets, mats, or, if there is a pear chair. Combine all this can be in the most unexpected combinations to build a whole town.

Choosing theme

Although the hard scenario is a little child to anything, it is still better to celebrate the baby’s birthday in a certain entourage, which, as we said, must match the tastes and preferences of the birthday room. Here are some good thematic examples for inspiration or even imitation.

  • Little builder. The optimal option for the boy is not such a guy who in childhood did not try to build something or repair. Here, however, consider another point: the child is often more interesting to break, and not build, so that a good organizer, besides the conditional designer from blocks, it also provides toy hammer – to be more comfortable. Toy technique for entourage will also be in the topic.

Add coloritis will be able to congratulations in the form of road signs, and the total range is best to withstand in black and orange colors.

  • Tutti Frutti. Although formally such a script will suit the child regardless of the floor, it is often considered optimal for the girl. That’s where it does not have to break the head very much – it is important that the table is as many different fruits as possible, be sure to not only delicious, but also beautiful! The walls of fruit printed on the wall are also hanging on the wall, but it is desirable not those whom there is no on the table – why dawning to tease the appetite of those present? In games, fruit motives are also pursued, if there are toys in the form of fruit – generally excellent.

  • Young farmer. Another option that will equally interesting to children of any sex, because many kids love the topic of animals, as well as bright and beautiful vegetables and fruits. If the child has at least a general idea of ​​how the garden looks like, then such a scenario can be very interesting.

For color, you can use in the interior of the room layout of frightened, toys in the form of any agricultural equipment, whether it is a rake, blades or shoulder, decorative bags with hay.

According to a similar principle, parents can come up with a specific topic of celebration and create proper requisition for a household. If it is decided not to celebrate at home, but in some public institution, entirely and fully-oriented on small visitors, then the local animators will offer a lot of interesting ideas and active assistance in creating the required entourage. Thanks to this approach, it is not at all difficult to organize a believable holiday in style, for example, Masha and Bear.

Review of entertainment

And children, and adults at the holiday need to be engaged in something interesting – it is impossible only to eat all the time! The entertainment program will consist of very simple games for the birthday boy and his friends, if anyone are invited, and adults can afford contests in their circle – they can solve more complex tasks and will not be too upset, even if they lose.


If an adult company celebrates in a sense separately from kids, then for them you can invent full-fledged contests – with the only difference that the topic of the culprit of the celebration or childhood as a whole should be disclosed. Here is a couple of good ideas.

  • Victorina about the birthday. There are no random guests at such a holiday, but you can always check out who those present knows the few facts about the life of the celebration of the celebration. Questions go to the participants in random order and equal quantity relate to those in which the child was born and in which maternity hospital, what his favorite food, cartoon and so on. The winner is determined by more correct answers and may claim a symbolic prize.
  • Recall childhood. Having gathered about the holiday at the child, adults inevitably remember their own childhood. This idea can be turned into a game if the conditional presenter will show the guests of the heroes of the popular cartoons of past decades, and they will have to guess who mean. Alternatively, the lead can change – who guess, he will be the following leading. Then it is logical that the cards with the characters are painted in advance, and everyone pulled them at random.


Entertainment for kids should be subordinated to the general topic of the holiday or at least not contradict it clearly. Above, we offered three different options for the thematic holiday – respectively, to each of them we will offer one game, and then you will show fantasy themselves and diverse the evening program.

  • Roads with obstacles. One of the versions of the old good labyrinth with obstacles in the form of pillows, toys and the like harmless things. By such a town you can walk or “ride the car”, which the kids will surely be very happy.
  • Fruit Coloring. Why not – children love such entertainment, and in the format “Tutti-Frutti” it fits perfectly. Color, naturally, will be fruit. It should not be driven by kids in the generally accepted framework – even if they completely confuse the colors and draw you a blue apple or a green peach, they just have fun, and do not pass the exam.
  • Horse racing. Typical “farmer” fun who should like kids. As a horse, use everything that even removed on it looks like – if there is no mask in the form of the head of the required size, type socks and suck it on a stick. Jump more fun to music, and even more so – in the company of faithful friends!

How to finish the holiday?

Due to the children’s whim, the culprit of the celebration may want to finish the festival earlier than planned, and so that this does not happen, it is necessary to just remember that fatigue in two-year children is expressed not as an example more than adult. Consequently, the end of the evening should be relatively early, but so that guests not only are offended, but also realized that the script is logical completed.

These are the options for beautiful completion allowed.

  • Thankful poem on behalf of the culprit celebration. Reading it someone from adults, expressing the gratitude of the allegedly kid himself with an obvious hint on what I really liked, but I’m tired. This option is good because it can be played and in the unforeseen ending of the evening – it will be very believable. Of course, the rhymes read after the tired birthday room to go to sleep.
  • Distribution of gifts Guests. Arriving hardly expect that in someone else’s birthday gifts will get them – the stronger it will surprise them and please. Sweets or minor toys for children, photos of the culprit of the celebration or discs with the film about him for adults – this is an unequivocal signal that the holiday is over, but if someone could have been disappointed, it is leveled by a pleasant surprise.
  • Running in the sky of celestial lanterns or balloons. This is later, a few years later, the fireworks will be a chic option – now he is a child, rather, scares. But something is beautiful and bright that flies into the sky – it is very spectacular and symbolic. The main thing is not to pass a stick, and then the baby may seem that the most important thing he has just lost, because in his eyes is more valuable what looks beautiful.

About how to celebrate the birthday of the baby in 2 years, look next.

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