How to celebrate the birthday of a child?

How to celebrate the birthday of a child?

Birthday of a child – a holiday that is looking forward to not only a birthday girl, but also his parents. They make a lot of effort so that every names are remembered for many years, causing only warm, joyful and happy memories in memory. For a child no matter how many treats will be on the table, what gifts will be presented, because the main thing is positive emotions. Therefore, to the issue of organizing a children’s birthday, it is necessary to approach with all seriousness.


Parents on the birthday of their child also feel particularly, because it is thanks to them on this day the world saw a new person. No matter how much it will be, – they will still always consider it a little. Children’s birthday – a special holiday, it is always fireworks of feelings, emotions, joy and fun. Therefore, adults are trying to make it original and unusual.

Parents know all the preferences of their Chad, his hobbies, interests and beloved classes. It is from this that needs to be repelled, especially if the organizing of the holiday adults are engaged independently.

In order to be significant in the life of the child, the day passed as successful as possible, with its preparation should be considered some nuances.

  1. All children are different and customized: someone can not do without friends, walks, active and fun pastime, and someone prefers to sit at home and is fond of calm, intellectual games.
  2. Age of the child. What can cause interest in a 2-year-old baby, is unlikely to like the 15-year-old teenager. The same for the very celebration: young men and girls want to celebrate this day not only with their parents, but also separately from them (in a circle of loved ones).
  3. Budget. Organization of any particide begins with financial planning. If you do not install the limit, then you can spend money several times more. Therefore, it is important to take into account the financial well-being and opportunities of the family.
  4. Holiday decoration. Based on the interests of the child, it should be decided that it will make it more: an animated, loud, costume party, where because of competitions and entertainment, there are quite a bit time for communication, or a simple, but cozy “Pirushka” with the most close people.
  5. Treat. Any holiday does not do without treats. Children’s birthday – special, because almost all children love sweets. Therefore, this aspect should be thought out more carefully: cake with candles, cake and ice cream – this is what the kids will be incredibly glad. However, it should be remembered that even on the holiday, they are much longer spending in games than the absorption of food. Therefore, a buffet can be an alternative.
  6. If the birthday is planned to celebrate at home, you need to take care of the dishes in advance. Children are unlikely to evaluate a rare porcelain set of plates – preference is better to give a beautiful disposable dishes. It is hygienic, and will also significantly reduce the time of cleaning after the holiday and will protect against possible traumatic situations.
  7. Decorating the room. Little children do not see the holiday without helium balls, bright posters, soap bubbles. For an older generation, you can make a book of congratulations or a thematic wallpaper with photos of a birthday party, where every guest will be able to leave his wish.

Choosing a place

Undoubtedly, the choice of place where the celebration will be held – one of the most important and responsible moments. Mark the birthday of a child can be at home or organize leisure out of the house.

At home for the birthday girl and its guests, you can arrange a masquerade with an interesting game program. Lovers Sweet will like the holiday in a cozy pastry cafe, a fidth. Conducting a party can be organized in the game complex.

Choosing a holiday location, it is necessary to take into account the time of the year on which the name day. Good weather promotes outdoor celebration: in nature, cottage or in amusement park.

The main thing in this case is to take care that all the guests feel as comfortable as possible, and also think over the design of the selected zone.

Ideas for holding

Birthday options There is a huge amount: from the simplest (budget) to creative. The idea can be invent yourself or use already ready. As already mentioned, to organize a holiday is necessary, pushing off from the interests of the child, its age, such as character.

1-2 years

At this age, the kids are the most unassuming, and they will not be able to please. The smallest birthday books do not go through gifts, they are satisfied with any place. The main thing is that the most native person. therefore The most convenient is the family version of the holiday, which you can invite close relatives.

In this case, it is desirable not to use the services of animators – the reaction to their small child is difficult to predict: it can be frightened and splash, and the whole holiday will be spoiled.

So that the child remember this day, need to decorate the room with bright posters, air helium balloons. Most babies love children’s music, so you can prepare a disc with cartoon tracks. Having a festive table – a prerequisite even for the smallest. On it, besides the adult menu, there must be those products that the child at its age already uses.

A memorandum also will also be a photo session of a baby or video encodes made on this day. For this, it is not necessary to order a professional photographer or operator – the photo made by their own hands will look more touching and penetrating.

3-5 years old

Guys at this age become very active and sociable. They appear first friends: from the yard, kindergarten. therefore, To make a birthday bright and memorable, it is necessary to organize such an event on which the child will be able to show all its children’s activity. However, it is important to remember that small children get tired quickly, so after an entertainment program you can go home or another quiet place where guests will already be waiting for the treats and mandatory festive candle pie.

We list the options of the celebration.

  1. Visit to the entertainment complex, where there is a specially equipped children’s room for games.
  2. Excursion to the zoo or amusement park, where there are many children’s carousels. Extra picture will help sweet wool or other pleasure treats.
  3. Organization of the game zone with colored balls. The child will be delighted if he sees a children’s pool (without water), filled with a variety of soft toys and special balls that can be purchased in a children’s store. It is desirable that its size allows you to put several children at once. In addition to the container, you can hide various beautifully packaged small boxes with surprises: children with passion will look for them.

6-9 years old

At this age, differentiation of children on boys and girls occurs, interests and hobbies are determined. Therefore, preparation for the holiday, which will present a company of different guests, should be particularly thoughtful.

  • Guys at this age adore thematic parties based on favorite cartoons or films. You can also arrange a real cowboy party. To do this, you need to stock with cowboy hats, which as accessories distribute to each guest. For girls, a feast in the style of fairies and princesses. In any case, in order to organize such a holiday, you need to prepare all the necessary costumes and materials in advance.

  • Dance party. Most children love to dance and make it very cute and directly. You can pre-download different children’s songs, determine the place of the dance floor and at the right moment to include music. To be even more interesting, dancing can be diversified by funny tasks and contests. For example, an adult stops the player sharply, and at the moment of the pause of the music work, the guys must frost in the position in which they were at that moment.

  • Water weapon battle. Such a game will make more boys, but girls can also take an active part in it. It is possible to conduct it only if the birthday takes place in a private house or at the cottage in the warm season. In advance, you need to purchase water guns in the children’s store in the amount of how much the guests will be on the holiday. After treating, everyone will charge pistols – and in battle. To recharging weapons you need to take care of the pelvis with water.

10-12 years old

The greeted child will surely want to invite close friends on his birthday and girlfriends. At this age, teenagers are not delighted with long, boring gatherings at the festive table. However, it should be borne in mind that at this age not all children want to see a cake with candles on it. They will make them more buffet with pizza, sandwiches, sandwiches and various fruit drinks.

To organize a fascinating holiday, which will be interested in all guests, use different contests with prizes, games, arrange the thematic disco.

  • Treasure hunting. Children at this age love to feel with detectives, treasures, search engines, so such a game should like it. In advance, it is necessary to draw a map of the area, where the “treasure” will be hidden. In his quality, you can use any decorative subject (key chain, handle, fridge magnet and T. D.) or an interesting book. To effectity, you can form a map: wet the paper in water, to grab, then dry, in some places burn the candle and t. NS.

  • Quest. The purpose of such a game is similar to the previous, but other rules. Children are awarded the first tip from which the search begin, for example, “Go to the sandbox, which is in the yard. In its right far corner you will find a second tip “and T. D. The length of the quest can be done in different ways as far as the fantasy of adults. The reward becomes a valuable prize, which is pre-hid in the end point of the path.

  • Lasertag. The game is to shoot with infrared rays. It seems that such an event is more suitable for boys, but girls are also happy to demonstrate their military-tactical skills. In order for the event to be as fascinating as much as possible, adults are better to contact specialized clubs who prepare and carry out such games. Additionally, it is advisable to book a living room where you can organize a buffet or tea party.

13-16 years old

This age is considered one of the most difficult: teenagers assert themselves, often want to get out of parental control. Therefore, such girls and boys can no longer please the animator clown or cartoon characters. Many parents worries the question whether it is worth staying at such a holiday, because young people in the presence of an adult restricted and does not behave naturally. Psychologists argue that adolescents over 13 years old should provide free space for communication, especially if this is a birthday.

  • The most successful and popular option for those born in the warm season is a picnic in nature. A variety of entertainment program may include walks, moving games, songs under the guitar, evening sitting near the fire. So it’s boring will not be anyone. As a treat, all guests will appreciate the kebab or any other dish cooked on coals.

  • Visiting Bowling. This sport is becoming increasingly popular among the younger generation. Modern Bowling Clubs provide special entertainment programs for birthday women. Teenager will be very happy to go there with her friends. Such an event will be dynamic, emotional, with the presence of Sports Azart. Adults should only book tracks in advance. Bowling has almost always a cafeteria, where after the game you can organize a treat.

  • Cheerful will be a holiday held in the Amusement Park. And a photo session to make a memorable event will help, because many city parks have picturesque corners and specially equipped photowons. Alternative – spend birthday in karaoke club.

Useful recommendations

The right organization of the holiday is based on recommendations, which can be made impeccable. The solemn day will remain in memory not only a birthday room, but also all his guests. When carrying out the event, it is necessary to take into account the following:

  • If it is carried out at home, adults must provide complete safety to children: hide all sharp items that the child may be borrowed, remove all excess electrical appliances and t. NS.+
  • It is important to be aware of all allergic reactions or phobias of invited guests+
  • Games should be dynamic and varied not boring children+
  • The person who acts as a host must “feel the public”: if the general mood of the guests can be seen that the competition or the game they do not like, it does not follow on it – it is better to immediately switch attention to something else+
  • It is not recommended to abuse competitive contests: the losers are often upset and offended+
  • In the process of the holiday, it is necessary to change the activities of children: noisy and active games can be alternate with gatherings at the festive table+
  • For each guest, you can prepare a small souvenir: Cleaches with sweets, keychain, small toy+
  • We will add fun soap bubbles that can be used in contests, colorful caps on the head+
  • Competitions must be harmless and designed for the maximum number of children so that none of the guests feel deprived.

Parents, organizing a children’s holiday, should be extremely attentive and prudent, take into account all the nuances and details from which he consists. After all, it is in childhood that everything that happens seems very significant, and the triumph dedicated to the birthday must be one of the most fun and long-awaited.

In fact, children demand from us a bit: In some cases, the child is ready to give all the gifts to just be close to her mother, to go with a dad on the evening fishing or, holding everything together by arms, make a family walk on the Skater.

              Sometimes even a teenager wishes to celebrate his birthday in the circle of the most relatives to him – parents. The child, like no other, feels all warm and affection, which surrounds him. It is absolutely optionally to arrange a lush feast – you can go to the rink to the roller, feed on the river ducks or ride a swing. And memories of this day will continue for life.

              How to prepare a holiday for a child, look in the video below.

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