How to celebrate the birthday of daughters 8 years?

How to celebrate the birthday of daughters 8 years?

Celebration of the birthday of the daughter of 8 years has a certain specificity. On the one hand, the wishes of the birthday girl and its guests should be taken into account – for example, many girls will prefer contests with dressing or creativity of active games. On the other hand, it is important not to forget that this age already requires more thoughtful entertainment, and the concept of the holiday itself – a simple round dance with a cake can no longer do.

Features of the organization of the holiday

Regardless which the girl’s birthday script is 8 years old, the organization of the holiday should include a number of required points. If the event is planned to be carried out in an urban apartment, it is necessary to clean it from extra furniture to the maximum and just in case you will protect all sharp corners. It will be correct to highlight the dining area and the game zone – of course, it is best to distribute them in different rooms. When the choice is made in favor of the cafe, it is necessary to take into account the convenience of establishment for all participants, and its compliance with the topic of the holiday. The decor for the room can be done independently, and you can trust the specialists.

Of course, always with a bang of balls, pumped helium, colored garlands and paper pumps perceived. Special attention should be paid to the design of the Candy Bar, if it is planned.

A good idea is considered to be the organization of colorful photocons, which will make photos from the holiday not only spiritual, but also with high quality. Deciding with the theme of the celebration, it makes sense to prepare all sorts of accessories that children will then be able to pick up. We are talking about invitation, caps, decor for photo shoots, guest cards and other pleasant trifles.

As for treating birthday, it is better to combine the taste and benefits, as well as make every dish portion, visually attractive and fast for use. For example, it can be mini-kebabs from meat, seafood or vegetables, small sandwiches, profitrols stuffed with salad, tartlets and other unusual snacks. Candy bar is made to fill in cupcakes, cupcakes, lollyipops, marmalade, nuts and ordinary candies.

Another important question that should be concerned in advance is what to take guests before the event. The easiest way will be included cartoons – but they also need to be pre-found and, for example, throw off on the USB flash drive. Additionally, you can organize a zone with coloring, pencils and markers. The final gesture of the holiday should be something global – an unusual cake, a salute or a giant pinyata with sweets, which the birthday officer will break.

Choosing theme

Themes for the holiday, which the child will have to celebrate with friends at home or in a cafe, must be selected, based on the interests and preferences of the very birthday. The event can be devoted to the favorite Heroes of the Birthday, book, lesson or even color.

Conducting competitions and festive decor are also selected depending on the main topic – it will be stupid to buy a garland with cartoon characters “Masha and the Bear”, if, for example, the princess ball is planned.

Overview of competitions and games

Funny and cheerful contests can be held at home and in a cafe or some other public institution, even on the street.

It is believed that intellectual and creative entertainment are more suitable for the premises, and in the open space you can arrange active games and engage in a variety of sports equipment.

For home

The guys can offer to play charaks, or declare competition for the best birthday greeting. Always gladly schoolchildren perceive the offer to play hide and coming up in Twister. For the female circle, all variations of the “beauty salon” are suitable – young guests under the leadership of the elders can do hairstyles, pick out outfits, paint nails or apply their first makeup. Everyone without exception will like the competition, in which with closed eyes you need to cut off a convolution with gifts and souvenirs.

If the space allows you to make a contest “Ball-Nevashka”, which is a fun plain with a balloon laid on a tennis racket. The same ball can be decorating for a while – draw him “face”, try to tie a handkerchief or wear a hat.

In the cafe

In the cafe, it is most convenient to use the services of professional animators who will spend a well-thought-out program, and most importantly, they will try to captivate each guest. If the festival is organized on someone else’s territory independently, it is better to give preference to some calm activities – quiz, riddles or solidification of crosswords. In principle, the cafe is quite convenient to organize phantas. For this, all participants are discharged into a pre-prepared bag on one of their own things, and then leading with tied eyes pulls one after another and distributes tasks. Participants will have to sing a song, depict the animal, read the poem, play a simple scene or make several dance passes.

Preparing the quiz, it should be made thematic or general education, requiring not only knowledge, but also of smelting, intelligence.

For example, participants may ask to guess the characters of fairy tales and films, complete well-known proverbs and sayings, solve several riddles.

Script ideas

If a mixed team is expected in the child’s birthday, consisting of a small number of guys, then you can pick up some kind of universal scenario, for example, dedicated to the elements. At the beginning of the holiday, each participant receives a talisman, symbolizing one of the elements: water, air, fire or land. Next, they have to cope with a variety of tasks: to solve riddles, paint the circle accordingly, come up with a character, sing a song.

If only girls are expected among guests, they will probably be delighted with the “School School”. At the entrance, each participant is awarded with a cap and a magic wand, after which she will have to visit a number of magical lessons. For example, in the kitchen it will be necessary to make a magical drug in the recipe, in the office of the work desk, to solve charaks and read the resulting spell.

A fairly simple solution will be purchased by “Quest from the box” – a ready-made set with a script, a detailed and necessary instructions for holding a festive “search operation”. Another successful option will be an invitation of a professional capable of conducting a master class, interesting for all participants in the event.

A scientific show is suitable for a mixed company, and only for girls – the creation of jewelry, which, by the way, can be connected to a further fashion show.

In general, the quest, considered the best scenario for a children’s birthday, is relatively easy to make up. The organizer must come up with a story with his favorite namesman characteristics, the meaning of which will be the search for any object or making a phrase. In order to complete the task, you will need to pass several stages, on each of which children will receive either tips or further instructions.

For instance, Guests can meet a sorceress with 7 scrolls – messages from Disney Princesses. To find each of them, you need to cope with the tasks: to solve a riddle with empty and filled glasses, solve the puzzle, answer the question about fairy tales, to determine what kind of product, draw a picture, connecting points, and others. In every scroll, the word riddles will be hidden, deciding which will get to know the location of gifts for all participants.

About how to celebrate the children’s birthday, look in the following video.

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