How to celebrate the birthday of girls 5 years?

How to celebrate the birthday of girls 5 years?

Baby turned 5 – it’s time to arrange the first anniversary, bright and memorable. At this age, the child is already ready to have fun 2-3 hours in a row, to hold attention on the scenario of the holiday and maintain communication with guests. So it is time for the first right party. It can be arranged at home, in a cafe, on the street, to do without the attraction of animators, and it will also be great. But the preparation will need considerable.

Rules of organization of the holiday

Times change, and what was in childhood by the parents themselves could easily be out. Do not be afraid to support the traditions of Western countries, adopt the most interesting and memorable.

8 points for organizers of children’s birthday.

  • Wishlist – a reasonable decision, and accurately with gifts do not happen. Not all children love surprises simply because not all surprises succeed. Modern parents often come so – together with the child make up a list of gifts that he dreams of. And then in the messenger, a chat with parents of invited children, Mom throws a wishlist, and other adults do not break their heads that give birthday. And a five-year-old girl in his holiday will get exactly what she wanted.

  • Holiday begins with invitation. Therefore, they must be bright, nominal, merry. If the dress code or other holiday conditions is supposed, all this is prescribed in the invitation.

Better if it will not be electronic mailing to parents, but cool paper invitations.

  • Timing at the Children’s Day – Very good idea. And the parents themselves are easier to the organizers, and all guests (to a greater degree, parents of young guests) can understand what will happen and how the birthday goes. Structuring holiday is always useful. Schedule, timing can also be bright and hang on the entrance door.

  • Dress code is interesting. Frequently on a children’s holiday, you can see those who came to run-jump (that is, put on T-shirts, jeans, shorts) and those who are dressed too solemnly, and the folds of ballroom dresses interfere with children fully participate in the game program. Therefore, prescribed in the invitation code maximally controls this issue.

  • Think over the topics – first. Thematic birthdays are almost an axiom. What can like the girl at 5 years old: Alice in Wonderland, Fay Winx party, adventure in the flower kingdom, laboratory of small scientists, adventures in the jungle and t. D. But the gender framework does not need to narrow: many girls would like a personal pirate party, and the holiday of brave Indians.

  • Think over the place and repel. If it is not possible to arrange a holiday in a cafe or a game center, and at home it is not quite convenient, you should not lose heart. Even in the courtyard you can come up with a cool holiday, which is also fun and passersby will raise the mood.

  • Conduct a report in social networks. If it is, of course, close to the family itself. It can be guided in the messenger so that other parents, grandparents can observe the nuances of the holiday.

  • Think over a festive photoozone. It must match the birth of the birthday. Made with your own hands – the most spiritual and warm. Optionally spend a lot of strength and money, prompts on interesting design will not make themselves search – by half the Internet.

Prepare for the holiday usually begin for about a month. Fine if the family can delegate orders. So, dad can engage in the purchase of products, technical design of photowons, printing invitations. All creative nuances usually on mom.

But it is not so important who and what does, most importantly, so that there is a clear organization, and the preparation was carried out in advance.

Celebration ideas

The child is important to be fun, it was possible to play and play a chance. It is not aware of 5 years, what a place is prestigious, and how to make a birthday “at the level”. Therefore, all parents should be repelled from this: fun, perky, by means, mentally. The rest is not so important.

A place

Café and game center – most popular now options. You can rent a special room decorated and equipped with a celebration for several hours. And many do this: note the holiday in such a place, it means that not worrying for beautiful design and subsequent cleaning. But if you like more home holidays, you should not look around on how the rest do.

Where else can you celebrate your birthday:

  • at home – everything is under control, there is an opportunity to relax a little in the usual conditions, the child will be nice to introduce friends with her room+
  • At the cottage, outside the city – if on the courtyard warm season, the street party will be the most useful (in terms of space, fresh air)+
  • in the courtyard of high-rise buildings – and this is real, most importantly, to organize everything and do not forget to remove+
  • on a picnic – if a big company is not planned, you can invite five-year one-year friends to a picnic in a city park or another suitable place (you need to take the ball, badminton and t. D.).

Houses in many cases – the best option. Yet 5 years – it’s not so much, the guys can get tired, and lie down on the sofa, walk through rooms easier than to look for the fifth corner in the cafe.


It is limited only by the fantasy of the organizers. You can go through all your favorite cartoons of the birthday girl and make a party in the style of one of them. You can make a guide to girls hobbies. For example, she is fond of drawing. In honor of the holiday of the house, you can organize a personal exhibition of her work and spend a master class on drawing with the guys.

Of course, parents will have to consider it in detail and prepare a girl in advance so that it is the main assistant.

What other topics can be used:

  • Art laboratory – With small guests you can sculpt, glue, draw, make various creative work on their forces and opportunities+

  • to visit to the doctor kazhkina – Guests will also become physicians for a whole evening, will be inventing magic pills, get acquainted with medicinal plants and learn to “treat” books, for example+

  • Indians are looking for a treasure – Guests can make special crowns from feathers, come up with a program of contests for the most bold and brave and give them at the end to find treasure in the form of precious stones (in fact it will be candy in bright metallized foil)+

  • film is removed – You can beat the topic on bloggers, for example, and thus in the game and accessible form to introduce kids in an interesting profession+

  • Sport Kids – All at such a party is subordinate to sports, the guys will participate in relay, to dance Zumba, try to break through the penalty and receive deserved medals (can, of course, chocolate)+

  • Evening of snowfai – It’s great for the winter day of birth, when the house is still decorated with New Year’s Eve: the main event of the evening will be the manufacture of paper faces in the form of snow fairies, every child will make it himself and will take home.

The more unique the themes, the more passionateness in children. And at least five-year kids hardly visited many birthdays, some standard scenarios they could already see.

Overview of competitions and games

We list interesting and appropriate games and entertainment that is easy to organize at home.

7 games and funny tasks for the birthday of the house.

  • Guess who is superfluous. Competition has several variations. You can print animal masks, one of which is fantastic. If there is a lot of adults on the holiday, you can ask everyone to go into the center of the room, putting or having tried a mask. Guys should call the animal and clap if it really exists. Among the currently existing hide and fictional, his guys must meet with a pin.

  • Confusion. Two boxes before the guys. They were mixed with cardboard pictures with an image of edible and inedible items. The task of children – distribute items on boxes according to their “food status”.

  • Dangerous bridge. Need to print paper or cardboard mugs, squares, rectangles in advance. They should be multicolored. These figures are laid out in the track that the guys must pass. But there is a condition – for example, it is impossible to step on the shape of the red. Who came back back.

  • Who lives in the book. The presenter says that the guys who read together with the parents of the book, in these most books live magical creatures. And in the books of the birthday girl – too. And today a special day, and these creatures are waiting for them when they are found. Kids can give a stack of books that they will open. And find there printed on dense paper (and better – illuminated) heroes of famous fairy tales and children’s works.

  • Find flowers. From a big bag adult pours a huge amount of paper tinsel. Task to children – find paper beautiful flowers among her. On the back of the flower there will be double-sided scotch. Adults are ready-made sheet A-3 with a glued basket or a vase, as well as colors’ stems. Children carry the flowers found to adult, he sticks them onto a sheet. As a result, it turns out a beautiful collective bouquet.

  • Finger drawing. Need an adult who gives the work of the guys. Those must put bright fingerprints who have been in the paint, and the adult telesses the black thin marker of the details – eyes, legs, mustaches and t. D. As a result, each child will have its own card with a drawn character.

  • Workshop. Five-year-olds willingly respond to any creative master classes. Of course, they require the organization of space, work materials and, finally, the presence of an adult who can manage the process. Background You can put unobtrusive festive music.

A lot of contests are not necessary to plan: it should be remembered how quickly five-year children are tired, as much energy they spend on recycling new information.

Script options

Here are just a few exemplary scenario plans for which the birthday of a five-year-old girl can develop.

  • Number 1. Guests meeting, dance workout, competition for attention, break for treats, relay competition, photo session, couple of competitions with creative orientation, takeaway cake, distribution of treats.
  • Number 2. Guest Greetings, invitation to a festive master class, dance break, invitation to the table, photo session, games and communication, takeaway cake, funny song on the track.
  • Number 3. Greetings of guests, treat, photo session, mobile contests, contests for smelting, communication and game, takeaway cake, musical farewell.

Be sure to consider how guests will receive a photo from the holiday than their borrowed birthdaynitsa (festive “Squares”). And you can still arrange a joint unpacking of gifts – almost at the end of the evening, but better after the cake.

In the next video you will find an example of the birthday of the girl 5 years.

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