How to celebrate the first birthday of the child?

How to celebrate the first birthday of the child?

First birthday – not quite a children’s holiday. This is usually just a good reason for adults to get together and have a good time. The whole holiday is permeated with cute moments associated with the baby. Parents will have to think about many nuances – from the design of the apartment to the festive table and contests. By the way, to celebrate such a holiday more conveniently at home, because the unfamiliar situation of some restaurant can annoy the baby.

Features of the organization of the holiday

Mark the first birthday child in the cafe. This is easier to do, but more expensive. Most of the organizational moments will take on the administration of the institution. Adults this idea may seem tempting. A large room with decorations sets up for a holiday, and the apartment after the guests do not have to clean.

but For a child of 1 year, home furnishings will be much more comfortable. An unfamiliar situation can lead to the fact that the kid will be infinitely capricious, and adults will not be able to relax.

Home holiday is better to start after day sleep. So the child will be full, rested and ready to play.

Invitation guests

The first holiday of the kid is better to spend the people in the circle whom he has already seen. Permissible a few new people with whom the child can quietly meet. It will be good if you call several moms with children of the same age. Do not call anyone who comes to the neighboring sandbox. Enough 2-3 kids so they can play together.

Another question – how to invite. Of course, you can simply call everything and call. However more interesting to prepare invitations. So guests will accurately remember the date and time, and the postcard itself will remain in memory.

Invitations worth sending in advance, better a week before the holiday.


It is not so difficult to organize a holiday for the baby, if we think in advance the main nuances. The idea of ​​holding a thematic party is very popular. The ideas of design for boys may be such.

  • Football. Rooms can be decorated with posters with players or whole teams. The birthman himself can be adjusted. Even on the table you can put sweets in the form of balls.

  • Gentleman club. On the son you need to put on a shirt and trousers, butterfly. The hat with a tuxedo will be completing the image. Room decorations are drawn up in the form of ties, butterflies and mustache.

  • Pirates. Such a holiday is associated with maps, ships, turtles and bones, treasures and secrets. All these nuances should be taken into account in the design. Specific pirate slang will be the “highlight” of the evening.

There must be a camera on the festival. And even easier to invite a professional. Photos will remain a memory more years. Design Ideas for the Girls may be such.

  • Princess. It is such a topics for the children’s holiday is the most common. Many mothers want to wear their daughter in a beautiful lush dress. It is important not to forget about the elegant crown. Only choose it is carefully so that it is completely safe for a child. For the design of the room used balls and pumps, bows, flowers and sparkles.

  • Favorite cartoon. You can choose absolutely any, even from your childhood. “Masha and the Bear”, “Mickey Mouse”, “Peppe Pig Peppe”, “Smeshariki”. And you can simply choose different wizards and fairies. Girl need to wear in a suitable costume. Everywhere hang pictures with heroes, decompose toys.

  • Animals. At home should decompose a variety of toys and figures. Daughter needs to be drawn by a bunny, a bear or kitten, at will.

Many colored balls, hats and garlands. The whole room should look bright in positive. And even a good addition to soap bubbles. Such a spectacle will please not only children, but also adults.

Wall newspapers for decoration are used quite often, because the idea of ​​interesting. You can make it yourself or order from a professional designer. Banners with funny photos of the birthday girl look interesting.

It is necessary to immediately divide the entire room into two zones and need to be issued differently.

One part of the room should be designed for games. Need to remove all objects about which the child can hit. The floor is better to climb something soft and warm so that children can crawl on it. It is also worth preparing toys and, possibly drawing kits. The second room area is assigned under the feast.

A good solution will be a photowon in the same stylist as the holiday itself. This will make bright and unusual photos for memory. You can prepare funny masks and glasses, various attributes. And then soap bubbles will also be useful.

Festive table

The first birthday in the cafe will not cause special questions. There are already harvested options for an adult and children’s menu, the choice is not so complicated. But the home holiday will have to thoroughly think over. For adults you can cook any dishes.

Emboss the same table better in children’s topics. It is worth taking care of bright napkins, a beautiful tablecloth, interesting dishes. Plates and glasses for children should be different from adults.

This will allow not only to highlight the kids, but also to protect them from the accidental use of the wrong eating or drinks.

Children’s menu will have to think more in detail. You can prepare cutting some fruits. A variety of custodians from baby food will also be by the way. And, of course, cookies. Berry puree of their own preparation and juices will be by the way in the summer season.

The main decoration of the table will be a cake. You can order it or lose yourself. The second option will take longer, but will be clearly confidence as all the components used. The recipe can be any, it all depends on personal preferences.

When buying a shopping cake should be studied the expiration date and composition.

The choice is quite wide. You can arrange a cake with a cream, mastic and special pictures, figures. Baking can have a form of some animal or cartoon character. If a child has food allergies, you can make a separate small cake for him, and for adults – big.

I don’t forget about the candle. It will take a little time to explain to the child how to blow it. If the baby does not come, then you can unobtrusively help him. Usually after placing the candle, everyone claps so that the child felt the solemnity of the moment.

Review of entertainment

There may be different options for celebrating, which can be arranged at home. If you call a lot of kids, then it makes sense to invite an animator for them. You can simply focus all evening around games with kids. Then adults can draw and sculpt, just having fun with children.

If you plan to hold contests and games, then you should register the holiday scenario in advance. Initially, all guests come, and children need to give a little time in a relaxed atmosphere so that they are accustomed to what is happening.

Do not immediately include loud music or do something loud, so as not to scare kids.

Games on the holiday can be destined only for adults, it is quite normal. In this case, children should be held using interactive toys, plasticine. It is only important to always look at the kids. Quite fun and interesting when children can join adult games. Here are the ideas of entertainment for the children’s holiday at home.

  1. “Bebi Darts”. You should prepare a vase with sweets or coins in advance. And still need a kulek, boxes or hat on some distance from playing. Each guest takes a candy, voiced some kind of wishes to the birthday man and trying to get into the container. If the goal is achieved, then what will come true. If the candy did not hit the crook, then you can try again with another wish.
  2. “Pumping dragonfly”. Players can be how much pleased, it will take only lining gum, a few meters. Her ends need to tie to get a circle. Participants are so that one leg is inside the gum, and the second is outside. Everyone diverges that the rope stretches. The presenter includes music, and all move in a circle, dancing and having fun. After stopping the melody, you need to sharply jump out of the circle. Loses the one who has a gum stay on the leg. Usually the latter makes funny task.
  3. “Boxes of desires”. Excellent game for those cases when guests got tired or just founded and not ready for active entertainment. In boxes or bag stacks with tasks. Under the music, guests must pass the container in a circle as quickly as possible. When the melody stops, someone pulls out a note and performs written. Tasks should be so not to get up.
  4. “Who like a child”. Each guest gets a small paper leaf and handle. All write down their options and folds in boxes or in a vase. Kid can remind a celebrity, artist, athlete and even some animated character. There will be a lot of interesting and unexpected options. Then you can read all the answers and exclude them together. Notes recommended to keep memory.
  5. “Who knows the baby better”. This is a good contest if only close people are on the holiday. You need to make a number of questions about the child, for example, when I started sitting, what toy likes, about weight and growth, about your favorite food and like. Will be fair if you ask mom, and all guests on the leaves will record the answers. Each correct option adds 1 point. The winner can be rewarded with something delicious.
  6. “Who is gourmet here”. Need to prepare jars with different baby food in advance. All labels are stuck so that it is impossible to read the name. Guests try puree and guess what they are made. Wins the one who gave most of all the correct answers.
  7. “The most accurate”. A rather interesting competition that accurately like the perpetrator of the celebration. True, the child must be in the mood. All guests take turns take the baby to the hands and estimate its weight. Wins the one who called the most correct number.
  8. “Letter to the Future”. This game should be left at last. Very responsible task. For execution you need to prepare a leaf, handle and envelope. Every guest writes a letter with wishes and tips, which is worth passing the child after 17 years, for the eighteenth birthday. On the envelope you need to write a name, spelling date and number when the envelope can be opened. Be sure to seal. If you wish, you can choose another age in which the child will open a letter. For example, at 16 or after graduation.

Competitions and games allow you to celebrate the first birthday of the child fun and interesting. It is worth alternating active and passive entertainment. Some should involve kids so that they feel part of the holiday. You can also add pure children’s games. For example, who will finger until toys.

How to prepare for the first birthday of the kid, look in the video below.

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