How to decorate the girl’s birthday room?

How to decorate the girl's birthday room?

Birthday of the child – a holiday in which there is no smaller. Every moment of the upcoming celebration is planned and prepared in accordance with the general idea. Room decoration is one of the key points of preparation. From how much matches the new decoration of the festive atmosphere, the mood of the child will depend on. Especially sensitive to such visual manifestations of the girl.

Design elements

Decorate the day of the girl’s birthday and without attracting decorators. Do it yourself to make it quite simple, especially when on hand. There are at least 3 points from which you can push off.


What a holiday without balls: they will always be an attribute of joy, celebration, fun. Their number is limited to adults on registration. The color scheme can also be the most different.

One of the most sought-after options for today: multicolored balls in one bundle. It can be both helium balls and ordinary.

You can arrange a room and balls of oblong shape, of which flower and animal figures often make. Although classic balls are considered the most win-win option. By the way, the same balls will be a wonderful way to diversify the festive photo session. Even just standing with a bundle of balls in his hand – already a reason to make a memorable photo.

But the girl balls can be tied to the tips of the braids: they will raise pigtails up, and a very funny photo will come out.

Of course, you can use balls with the image of the child’s favorite heroes. Than the younger girl, the greater the likelihood that she will like this option.


Flowers – Constant Birthday Attribute. And not true that the flowers will appreciate only adult girls and women. The earlier the dad begins to give flowers to his baby, the more love she will receive and the ability to rejoice not only useful, but also beautiful things, touching signs of attention. Therefore, a small bouquet is a birthday officer.

Another remarkable solution – Paper Flowers. Today in fashion huge flowers that are elegantly decorated walls or stand on special racks. They are perfect for photocons. But you can do and more modest options. For example, make paper roses from tank paper – first, such a decor does not start and will rejoice a girl for a long time. Secondly, it is very touching and unusual.

Master classes how to create such beauty on the Internet a lot.

Paper decor

Today on sale Which paper is not: Corrugated, velvet, metallized, Predated, Designer. You can finally use printouts to find the same texture. And then from this paper you can cut a plurality of small elements that will be the basis of the garland. They are easy to tie together, just striking these homogeneous elements.

What a paper garland may consist of:

  • Circles+
  • Triangle+
  • flags+
  • Rectangles+
  • Flashlights+
  • Ship+
  • Bears and bunks+
  • Flowers+
  • Girl figures in a skirt+
  • Snowflakes (if the birthday of the girl falls on New Year’s holidays).

From beautiful textured paper on templates, you can make a fairy charm, which will be donated by a birthday party and will become a new suspension in the children’s. This fairy will guard the dream girl. You can do this: grind old greeting cards and make a mosaic from these fragments to be used in the Fairy Outline. Good wishes of guests, loved ones, relatives, will not be just stored somewhere in a box, but “Woakut” outfit for fairies.

It will become a warm gift that is used and as a paper decor for a birthday.

Decoration ideas for different ages

It is logical that the decor depends on how many years is the birthday. What will appreciate older girls, do not understand kids (and on the contrary).

1-2 years

At this age, babies are already aware that such a beautiful, bright, funny. They won’t notice some small nuances, but in general will be happy to the festive atmosphere. What can be the design of the room for girls of this age:

  • Very simple figures of beloved animal heroes, even primitive, not complicated by a special styling+
  • Pleasant colors, preferably, not very contrasting and screaming so that they do not put the child to the nervous system+
  • The whole decor should be environmentally friendly and safe for the girl (so that it could not be injured, stifled)+
  • it should not be a lot.

Standard option for the design of the hall or children’s house: paper garlands (which can be admired, not to pull and dance), balls (also under the ceiling, and if you play with them – only under the supervision of adults), the title figure of his favorite character in the center of the room.

3-5 years old

In 3, 4, 5 years old, the child has already favorite characters of fairy tales and cartoons. And the presence of them in the decoration of the room is always perceived as some kind of magic. That’s why It is only worth calculating, what character will make more concrete girl. Well, paper garlands will definitely not be superfluous.

At this age, the baby will be glad and Candidy Baru, which can be opened in honor of the holiday. What kind of sweets will be there, parents decide.

6-9 years old

If in 6 years you can rejoice in the design of a children’s “Masha and the Bear” style, then in 9 and even 8 the child’s priority can significantly change. Then it will help out the design in the style of the theme, which is selected by the basis of the Name Party. For example, it was decided to arrange a Hawaiian holiday: here are flowers and greens will become the main visual attributes.

The girl at the age of 7 will like the romantic topics: dolls, mermaids, cartoons characters for schoolgirl girls.

It is possible to arrange a surprise at that age and not necessarily, you can not only ask the idea of ​​a child, but also to attract the future heroine of the celebration for registration. She will look forward to when the fruits of her creativity will appreciate guests.

10-14 years old

Teenagers are more critical, and the less independence is worth showing parents. Registration should rely strictly to tastes and attractions of the birthday girl. Her favorite themes, colors, aesthetic preferences. You can watch the Internet selection with the girl, find the appropriate option.

As a rule, at such age, the floral and tropical topics are choosing more often, something neutral and already far from cartoon topics. Although flags, garlands and illumination are always in honor.

What I like in 11 years can cause a different reaction to 13 and even at 12, because it is necessary to consult with the child. So as not to feel the annoyance from the inappropriate pink and unicorns, for example.

15-16 years old

If you want to do exactly a surprise, then let it be homemade garlands, woven generous on the room. Let it be a bunch of such a number of balls, how old is the girl being executed. And necessarily live flowers in a gentle, delicate bouquet. And back Family congratulation poster or Named collage – Wineware options.


Several tips for designing the room will help not make annoying misses and unnecessary mistakes. Councils of decorator.

  • Makes sense to make an emphasis on something one. If it is paper, then let most of the decor be from it. If Aerodesign, then the main space fills it.
  • If the room itself is framed brightly (in terms of finishing), you do not need to try to replay her festive decor. In this case, it should be neutral, gentle. And vice versa – in the white walls, a cream rue in the design will be appropriate.
  • Styles should not mix. You can make a bias toward the vintage or some clear theme, not trying to connect. Or, for example, a frequent mistake: Birthday in winter, in the New Year holidays, and it turns out that the New Year’s decor is mixed with the birthday. But the balls can take white and silver, garlands – in the same colors, and everything will be organically.

Decor needs to be stored and after use: in boxes, packages, chests. Perhaps it will apply not yet on one festival and will become something like family value, traditions.

Beautiful examples

In addition to advice – illustrations that show what delight can create a festive decor.

  • Bright garland of mugs and fluffy flowers from a strong paper.

  • White, Pink and Golden – Luxury Candidy Bar and Photowon.

  • For a birthday in Hawaiian style is very simple, but a beautiful option.

  • This design is suitable if the birthdaynice is already 8-9 years old.

  • Paper garlands in the form of ice cream – unexpectedly and cute.

  • Just, bright, fast and cute – if there is no possibility to decorate the whole room.

  • Adorable option for spring birthday.

  • Real fabulous atmosphere.

  • Not necessarily arrange too lush design, everything can be modest, but bright.

  • Little lovers pink dedicated.

How to decorate a birthday room, look in the following video.

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