How to make a New Year’s wreath on the door do it yourself?

How to make a New Year's wreath on the door do it yourself?

The symbol of the new year right is the tree and christmas wreath. Christmas or New Year wreaths make from a wide variety of materials, ranging from natural and finishing with glass and metal decorations. It can be bumps, branches, Christmas tree toys – balls, beads, garlands, bells and pendants.

On New Year’s bazaars you can find many options, but much more interesting to make such a decoration with your own hands. In this case, the element of the New Year decor will be not only an ornament, but also a magnificent gift to relatives and loved ones, which will warm the warmth of the soul and love.

The tradition of Christmas wreaths was born thanks to the theologian Lutheran from Hamburg, who came up with a way to teach children to understand – how long remains before Christmas.

It happened in 1839, when, putting a TV wheel on the table, decorating it with fir branches, he put inside 19 red candles and 4 white. Red meant weekdays, and white – Sunday.

What materials are required?

To make the New Year decor with your own hands, you will need the basis – the circle that will keep the form. It can be a thick wire, a circle of dense cardboard, prepared from the autumn and fastened into the circumference of the branch – dried in this form, they perfectly hold the form. Well copes with such a role thermal insulation for pipes from the “Isode” series. These hollow soft tubes of different thicknesses are well kept shape, light and non-influxed natural effects. In the paper you need tools and material for the wreath.

  • Thermopystole, glue rods, scissors.
  • Conifer branches, cedar, pine and fir bumps.
  • Satin ribbons, tinsel, Christmas beads and balls (what they are less, the more beautiful will look in the composition).
  • Decorative berries and sprigs rowan, beautiful and fragrant spices – cinnamon sticks, stars of Badyan’s fruits. Whatever you want to use as decorations.

How to make yourself?

For a wreath of cones, you need to cook the cones themselves. Remove the defective: with broken scales, rotten, crumpled and just ugly, bumps wash in warm water, then boiled, well dried. Dried bumps paint or whiten. For lightening, many are advised to use whiteness, but practice has shown that the tool is almost powerless and able to give lightening in 1-2 tones.

If there is a desire to make bumps with light yellow, It is necessary to use bleach for wood – it is called “Inay”, although there are others. And you can also make a bump of snow-white, dipping them into white paint. During the time, so far sushi dry, you need to prepare the base – the circle.

The easiest way is to cut 2-3 circles of the desired diameter from the cardboard, to bind over with a glue gun, and top stuck burlap.

  • Do not immediately start securing the decor to the basis. First you need to lay out and see how it will look from: to add something or change places. Manufacturing a festive accessory with their own hands means the possibility for a variety of options. Deciding with the design, you can proceed to fixing the decor.
  • First you need to stick the coniferous twigs, better fir or fir, with a short cheese, then the bumps will be soloing in the composition. Do not stick often, they are needed, just like accent. Wreath in which all twigs have one direction, it looks elegant and stylish.
  • After that, they begin to fill out emptiness cones, trying to do it evenly. If there are seashes of several varieties or painted in different colors, they are placed symmetrically relative to the center.
  • Then add bright accents – Christmas tree balls, fastened with each other or separately, beads, decorative sprigs rowan, berries. Declaring the work of the bow from satin ribbon, suspension with bells, snowflakes. The composition can be translated by silver or golden cord, add cinnamon twigs.

It is important to remember the main idea – bumps. They should not be lost under the layer of jewelry – overloaded decor looks heavy and inaccurately. A wreath of Mishura is made much easier – the foundation is wrapped with tinsel, turn the coils along the ring evenly. Mishura selection depends only on preferences, most importantly, do not forget about the important principle. The longer the pile of a tinsel, the greater the base diameter should be. Cooking a wreath of Mishura, it’s time to proceed with his decoration.

  • Wreath neat Pleated satin ribbon contrasting color, downstairs make a decorative bow to which the pendant with bells or a bunch of christmas balls.
  • Throughout the diameter Distribute prepared decor – bumps, balls, cinnamon twigs, badyan stars.
  • On tinsel dark color: green, blue, purple appropriately looks gold and silver colors. On light background more effectively looks like red, blue, green paints. All this is attached with the help of a glue gun, thin knitting wire, thread.

A wreath of balls always looks unusual, catchy and fascinating, but the balls should be in the same color scheme, but the dimensions can be different. Making such a wreath is completely simple from a wire hanger bought in Fix Prius.

  • The hanger is disconnected by pliers and form a circle.
  • Vibble balls, trying to distribute them evenly around the circumference. The helpers use a glue gun or tape for fixing balls. The whole diameter should be filled tightly so that the balls do not come down in a bunch.
  • Filling around the circle, connect the ends of the hangers, wipe the hook suitable in color, ribbon. The hook should be slightly beaten to the back side so that the wreath hung freely, does not push aside. Christmas wreath from Christmas balls ready.



Wreath of fir branches has a unique aroma and beauty of the living forest. For fastening branches, you need a flexible Dark Wire. Gently fasten the branches on the basis, screwing them with wire and laying in one direction, florists make it clockwise. Forming a magnificent and smooth wreath, proceed with decoration. There are no restrictions for fantasy – you can put ribbons, spices, dried oranges and t. D.

Decor form evenly throughout the dimer or compositionally.


Correct the wreath on the entrance door of the house in several ways. Attach on the door hook on a sticky basis. Light wreath you can “plant” on double tape. Hang on satin ribbon, fixing on the top of the door cloth.

Ready ideas

        It looks beautifully wreath, made in monocompositions, or weathered in one color scheme. It can be colors from silver and blue to dark blue and purple. Wreath can be made in the form of a star or candlestick. There are unusual ideas when a large coniferous wreath lies on the floor and serves as the basis for the New Year’s composition.

        On how to make a simple New Year’s wreath on the door, look in the video.

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