Ideas for creating crafts in Steampunk style with your own hands

Ideas for creating crafts in Steampunk style with your own hands

Steampunk is becoming increasingly popular – and not only in young people. And it can be used in almost all areas. It can be reflected in clothes, decorations, room decoration. This style is good because any item of the decor can be created with your own hands, especially since there are many ideas in the style of steampunk.

What can be done from papier-mache?

Scientific discoveries of the XIX century associated with steam energy, spawned this style. He was widely used in art, which led to the creation of fantastic things, sometimes reminiscent of the time machine created from bizarre mechanisms.

It should be remembered that Steampunk is a mixture of antiquity and progress, new and old, the ability to move together at first glance, incompatible elements. All this in the end allows you to “be born” very original things.

    For beginners creative figures, you can choose something not too complicated. But if it is decided to make a work in the style of steampunk with your own hands, then, In addition to the main tools and materials that will be needed, it is necessary to get no less important subjects to which:

    • Nuts, screws, nails+
    • All sorts of gears+
    • Old locks and keys+
    • Metal pieces of different shapes, wire+
    • Any metal things (even the old iron and scissors come down).

    In general, you can not limit your fantasy. Sometimes a look at a completely ordinary thing is enough to present the entire future picture of the whole: what will the subject look like, what place it will take, what kind of fool’s materials for its creation can be used.

    In the process of creating interesting things, sometimes you can use as the basis of papier-mache. So, you can cut the bulk ball (suppose it will be a globe), and then decorate it with all sorts of details and even try to identify the main main students. In conclusion to cover certain areas with special colors that mimic any metal surfaces, you can even artificially oxidize metal or reproduce rust.

    The easiest and simple and at the same time a fascinating option to try your hand in the new form of creativity – take a papier-mache mask and make the necessary decor. Act in a certain way.

    • First, from Foamiran, cut out pieces of arbitrary shape, pierce (on some) holes, these pieces will simulate further iron fragments.

    • Next, we stick them on the mask, on top of this coating placing wheels, gears and different parts from a cardboard chipboard. We have them arbitrarily.

    • Then use metal accessories, complement the space nuts, rivets.

    • When the surface is ready, it should be covered with its black paint. After we take acrylic paints of different colors and apply to various sections, for example: blue, brown, green.

    • Then apply gold acrylic to designate iron plates, some areas can be treated with silver.

    These are only the main steps. But the mask can be brought to perfection infinitely, experimenting and trying his ideas. A mask can be divided into two parts and decorate differently.

    Master class crafts from wood

    Homemade from the tree do not difficult. You can come up with the most original things. When the principle of manufacturing things in a similar style is clear, just turn on the fantasy. You can make any panel, as the basis using a wooden board. From gears, cogs and other items you can create any item, be it machine, motorcycle, butterfly or bird.

      A good decoration of any room or an original gift will be a box. Consider how to do it by choosing, for example, sea topics.

      • We take the usual wooden billet. This can be purchased in a specialized store for creativity, like other elements that may be needed.

      • Covered black paint, glit to the right side of several flat sticks. Above the gears of different sizes from cardboard. We do it all over the surface.

      • We glue octopus and other details. All these patterns can be purchased in any stores for creativity. If there is time and desire, you can and independently make them from cardboard.

      • Cover texture paste with marble crumbs Some sections. Next will need a 3D gel. It is applied to the remaining sites.

      • Turn black paint again. Next goes to the blue acrylic. We look at the casket, paying special attention to the protruding elements.

      • Sprinkle the surface of dry paint of the same color. Add bronze gleam using spray.

      • Metal elements (gears, numbers, key, lock) cover black paint.

      • While they dry, the casket is processing wax different colors, highlighting some elements.

      • Then prepared details stick on the box. Decorations can be chosen on your taste.

      How to make an ornament?

      Decoration do it yourself not so difficult. For example, you can create a metal suspension. Even without applying the maximum fantasy, you can attach to the chain (copper or silver) key, lock, having trained a couple of gears to them. If necessary, you can cover special paint for the effect of the composition or rust. From the same gear, you can build owls, attaching them to each other and sticking the eyes of pebbles or beads.

      Decorations can be made not only from metal – skin, black atlas and even feathers. For example, everyone can make a hair rim for themselves. You only need to take a strip of the skin, enter an elastic band in it, stick to the leather surface, sew metal elements.

      Just just you can make a bracelet. Satin ribbons are sewed to a wide piece of leather (it will be strips). To the central part of the bracelet attached a massive metal brooch. Very good if such an old thing will be able to find in a grandmother’s chest.

      Create a picture

      Picture in Steampunk style Each creates based on general design and own desire. Principle is still the same. Metal items should be selected, prepare a wooden frame with a cardboard basis. Next, you can pull the skin on cardboard, spread the papier-mache layer. You can simply paint the cardboard with black paint and put it on it.

      As in the case of a mask and a casket, we place items on the surface, but not in chaotic order, but adhering to the idea. It depends on what we want to portray: Machine, motorcycle, tree, butterfly, bird. Here you have to show exclusively your fantasy. Next you need to cover the surface using acrylic paints, sprays with copper or silver effect.

      Frame, too, can be decorated with elements in the style of steampunk or just make it black, copper or silver.

      About how to make a steampunk car (panel), look in the following video.

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