In which countries and how to celebrate March 8?

In which countries and how to celebrate March 8?

Among the many memorable dates in Russia there is a spring day, which is a female holiday and celebrate it on March 8. In Russia, this public holiday day and it is noted wide and fun. According to the United Nations, which has 193 state structures, International Women’s Day is a memorable date. However, at present, not all states that are part of the UN are interested in this holiday.

How to celebrate in Russia?

For Russians, the celebration of March 8 is one of the beloved and expected when men congratulate women, give them gifts, flowers and their attention.

This spring day is assigned a day off status, so people are going for a festive table, celebrating a celebration in a family or friends.

The appearance of a female day is associated with the German political actor Klara Zetkin, which was one of those who formed the Communist Party in Germany. She gave a lot of strength for the provision of equal rights of all women with men. The main idea of ​​Clara Zetkin was equality, so the ideological promise quickly picked up women of other countries.

One day a year, workers’ patriot world celebrate a holiday, which is a symbol of respect for a woman, recognizing her equal member of society. The first such holiday was celebrated in 1914. After the October Revolution, when a young Russian state was formed, March 8 was recognized as a national holiday, but at that time he was not considered a day off. Thanks to the revolution, the women of our country were able to get equal rights with men. Pursuing the Spirit, they were ready to proclaim the idea of ​​unity and equality far beyond the state, supporting the female population of the whole world in this undertak.

In the post-revolutionary Soviet state in this spring day, women were allowed to leave jobs a little earlier than usual. It was customary to collect production meetings, where distinguished workers were awarded with diplomas and valuable gifts, encouraged their social consciousness and labor valor.

Weeping day holiday on March 8 officially became only in 1965.

At the beginning of spring, one of the first blooming plants was mimosa, so it became a symbol of the holiday on March 8, which firmly rooted and preserved to the present day. Mimosa depicted on postcards, posters, painted in wall newsnets. It is noteworthy that Mimosa personified a woman – a strong, bold, beautiful, the same, like this flower, not afraid of frost. Mimozu massively delivered from the southern regions across the country and gave these twigs with yellow balls to many women.

After the collapse of the USSR, the tradition of giving mimosa was replaced by tulips and roses, Often modern men give women on March 8 live potters. The holiday itself gradually lost political painting, while remaining the day when people congratulate each other with the arrival of spring and honoring women. In 2002, in the territory of the post-Soviet Russia, this date was officially recognized as a public holiday.

Russian people are accustomed to celebrating this holiday at the current tradition:

  • Men congratulate all women from Mala to Great, without sharing social status and age+
  • The main gift for the spring holiday is flowers – a bouquet of tulips, roses or several twigs of fresh mimosa+
  • Men in honor of the holiday take all economic affairs, freeing women from home routine+
  • Honorary certificates and souvenirs as a gift now came out of everybody, but they are replaced by perfumery, decorations, confectionery, beautiful dishes and so on+
  • in training and labor collectives colleagues, fellow students and even classmates congratulate girls, girls, women with this spring day+
  • On the festive table, there must be a delicacy that loves all women – cake or pastries, chocolate candies and champagne.

    On March 8, meetings and rallies are no longer held, men congratulate women verses, compliments, smiles, flowers.

    According to the tradition of congratulations to female colleagues in the production or institutions of another nature occurs on the eve of the holiday – March 7, as the calendar day of March 8 is a general weekend.

    Traditions celebrating abroad

    As mentioned above, the International Women’s Day is recognized not everywhere. The list of celebrating on March 8, those countries who had previously had a socialist development path were hit. The official holiday status This day acquired only in 1975 by UN decision.

    It seems that many will be interested to find out how the spring day passes on March 8 in different countries.

    • British women This day is not celebrated by going around the day of the mother, which is celebrated annually 3 weeks before the occurrence of Catholic Easter. In the spring day of mother women get flowers and gifts, confessions of men and compliments.

    • In France – the country, in essence, the symbol of the revolution, is the holiday of March 8, too, do not celebrate. Its as well as in England, replaces mother’s day. This day falls on the last Sunday of May.

    • In East Germany (former GDR) This day is not recognized as a weekend. It is believed that the holiday has lost the relevance, as well as a socialist past, who left this part of the country. Here March 8 is the usual day of the week, so men do not celebrate women, do not give them flowers. However, as in other European countries, it is customary to celebrate Mother’s Day.

    • In Greece Love and celebrate the holiday of March 8, and in this country they even developed their traditions of his celebration. Women are allowed to joke on men in every possible way, you can even pour them with water, and in the villages all the inhabitants are going and congratulated the oldest woman living in their location.

    • In Poland know and remember women’s day on March 8, although he lost his festive day status. This day is officially ordinary, but the old tradition remains for many. Polish men aged give their women bouquets of flowers.

    The young generation has a holiday almost lost its relevance.

    • In Bulgaria, which was previously part of the socialist camp, loved to celebrate March 8, but now this tradition gradually goes into the past. Official holiday and weekend on this day on the territory of Bulgaria. Only some men, keeping the tradition, give their favorite flowers and small gifts.

    • In Cuba Spring Martov holiday and to this day wears a revolutionary color, being one of the symbols of freedom for this state. On this day, Cubans arrange lush festivals, organize rallies and demonstrations of peaceful meaning. Men congratulate women, necessarily handing them a bouquet of flowers. As before, it is customary to arrange a feast, exhibitions, folk walking and carnivals. On this day, no one works in Cuba – it is considered a weekend.

    • In Italy Holiday is still honored, and Mimosa, like us in Russia, here is a symbol of female equality. Italian women celebrate this holiday separately from men. It is customary to collect bachelides, where women can gather a cheerful company in a cafe, bar or restaurant. Closer to the end of the party for their ladies, men come and pay a female banquet.

    In Italy, there are entertainment facilities everywhere on this day, where the entrance to women is supplied free.

    • In African Uganda also know about the celebration of March 8, they say it with pleasure, but very peculiar. Political attack this holiday does not imply. Respect for a woman’s men manifests the fact that the representatives of the wonderful sex shower. There is a tradition of female bathing Nagishche in order to obtain energy from women ancestors.

    • IN USA There is no such holiday. And this is despite the fact that for the first time it was noted (according to one of the versions on the origin of the celebration) in 1909 in New York, the women of the Trade Union Committee of the Tailors. This fact influenced the well-known European revolutionary feminists, including Clara Zetkin.

    • In Japan Also, the holiday of March 8 does not exist, but in March there are two other women’s days. The first comes 3 numbers, and he is dedicated to the blossom of peach and young girls. The second holiday celebrates the 14th – this is the prototype of March 8, when congratulations receive all women having a beloved. No political coloring in these holidays.

      On the territory of the post-Soviet space to the International Women’s Day also has an ambiguous attitude. Let’s see how the former fraternal republics are celebrated.

      • In Kazakhstan March 8th is taken to celebrate since Soviet times. It is still considered traditional to this day, so men give women their attention, gifts and flowers.
      • In Belarus Spring day officially recognized as a public holiday and weekend. The celebration of him passes largely and wide, with congratulations in the homemade circle and teams. That is, everything remains still.
      • In Lithuania The holiday has lost official status and stopped being a day off. Unofficially, this day is celebrated by people who are immigrants from Russia, while the indigenous Lithuanians do not support this tradition, considering it heritage of socialism.
      • In Turkmenistan March 8 has the status of a public holiday. In labor collectives, the best female workers are honored on this day, give them memorable gifts and letters. The holiday turns into folk walking, the solemn program to which the creative teams are preparing.

      International Women’s Day is a large-scale event. There are many countries in the world where the holiday passes solemnly, officially believing the day off day.

      But still, in most states, March 8 is not among the officially recognized memorable dates.

      In which countries on March 8th day?

      To understand how common is the spring holiday, let’s see, in which countries, except the Russian Federation, it is officially not working:

      • Angola, Afghanistan+
      • Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belorus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Ukraine+
      • Burkina Faso, Guinea, Zambia, Cambodia, Uganda, Eritrea, Cuba+
      • Vietnam, Laos, Mongolia.

        Of course, some states, especially from the republics that come earlier in the USSR, have other official names. However, many of us know what we are talking about, so they will not be mistaken, thinking, for example, about Belarus, reading “Belarus”.

        In addition to those listed, you can call China and Madagascar. But there March 8 is a day off for women only for women.

        How to celebrate March 8 in Germany, look in the video.

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