Italian style party

Italian style party

Italians accustomed to say that Italy is not a country, but feeling. Special charm here is inherent in almost all, starting from music and ending with food. In addition, here you can see unique landscapes and chic mafios. That’s why The party decorated in a similar style is in great demand and popularity.

Features of training

In order to create an unforgettable evening, which will be deposited in memory of all guests, need to carefully prepare for the holiday. If you postpone all at the last moment, it will not work out such important moments as the decor of the room in the correct colors, table setting and the feed. It will also be necessary to take care of dress code, decorations and entertainment. All this will create a truly Italian atmosphere.

Today exists Many options for a similar party. In Italy, there is a huge number of regions, each of which has its own unique features. It can be Venice with channels, historic Verona or Ancient Rome.

A distinctive feature of Italy are wine, pasta and pizza. Be sure to try to file all this at your party, so that guests can feel the spirit of the cultural capital of Europe.

Of course, You need to take care of invitations in advance. They can be performed in the form of small flags of the country. It looks very interesting and stylish. In addition, Venetian masks are often used. If you wish, you can also use colored paper by cutting out pieces of pizza.

In Italy, it is customary to make small gifts to guests. An excellent option will be figures from Murano glass. If they are difficult to find, you can pick up small souvenir wine bottles.


Regardless of where the party will be held, it is not difficult to organize everything. You can choose a house in nature, cafes or apartment – each room without problems and damage to the budget can be reappeted.

Some details are advisable to make it yourself: it is quite simple and does not take much time.

During the decoration of the room, you need to pay close attention to the color gamut. The most popular colors in the country are green, red and white. If you need to show a rural flavor of Italian regions, then you should give preference to red and white.

Among the main ideas for scenery, you can allocate the following.

  • Application of fabric in a cage. These can be various napkins, bows, flags or other composite elements. On a green background there will be a good red fabric.

The use of motley textiles is considered a more optimal option than one-photon fabrics.

  • In order to make the atmosphere as comfortable as possible, you can use Wicker mats and beautiful blankets.

Present preference is worth the natural tissues of the same color. Italians choose such options because the tricolor looks very beautiful on their background.

  • Walls are decorated with tricolor garlands or decorative pieces of pizza. You can also print beautiful Italian landscapes and glue them to the wall.

  • For the scenery of the ceiling can be used Various balloons with ribbons on which decor trays. Paper compositions are used as decorative elements, cards in the form of boots, as well as the letter execution of the word “Italy”.

  • In the market today you can find colored pasta or paint them on their own. They will become an excellent choice for decorating photos or gathering in beads. Spaghetti can be collected in a handful and tie with a bow.

  • Use of various souvenirs, which are directly related to Italy. This is the Pisa Tower, carnival masks and much more.

  • The presence of Italian will make it possible to largely increase the atmosphere in the room. You can sign invitations, photos on the walls and other interior items. If this is a regular party, then the inscriptions “Benvenuti Alla Festa” (“Welcome to the party”) will be enough. In addition, you can search for various motto or jokes in Italian.

It is worth remembering that this people are considered extremely poetic in statements about love, food, fault and friendship.

  • For scenery alive flowers You can use red or white lilies, as well as other flowers. Even ordinary greens will become a suitable option.

From the use of VAZ it is better to refuse to favor pita and bottles.

  • In the decor be sure to emphasize reverent attitude to food and guilt. Olive oil is worth separating bottles, and grapes serve in wicker baskets.

If the party is scheduled for a lot of guests, then you should take care of the organization of photosons.

How to dress?

The distinctive feature of Italian parties is that Dress code is pre-stipulated in the invitation. If the focus is on Italian mafia, then choose optimal clothes will not be labor. Representatives of the beautiful half of humanity can give preference to long black cocktail dresses in combination with black pantyhose and a small hat. An ideal addition will be red lipstick and clutch small.

As for men, for them the optimal solution will be a strict trouser costume and a dark blue or white shirt.

Do not also forget that cigar and holster are considered a mandatory addition of such an image.


Set the correct mood at such a party is extremely simple – enough to include Italian music. Locals love relaxing and funny songs that are suitable for dancing. At the party you can sing, dance, play games and engage in all that your soul.

The choice of Italian singers is so great that every person can pick up the most suitable option for his holiday.

From any plot or script it is best to refuse to entertain, After all, it is not for nothing that only Italians know a lot about how fun to spend time. To plunge into a unique atmosphere, you can come up in advance to a quiz and invite guests to pass it. Of course, questions should be on Italian topics, and as a prize, you can pretend a bottle of good wine.

Recently, great popularity uses Game “Perevils”. You can simply remake the Russian songs to the Italian manner and see who guesses the melody. For example, a little smoking, you can turn “oh God, what a man” in Mamma Mia, what kind of syignor “.

In the most of the Italy, one of the most sought-after entertainment is “Divine Taste”. A dish is served, and the contestants need to determine the maximum amount of ingredients. For example, in the first round, products that were used in the process of cooking pizza are guessed, and in the second round it is tasted with sauce. The final tour is to study the composition of wine and determining the grape variety.

If the party takes place in a house with a household plot, you can play football, because it is extremely popular in Italy. But in the apartment it turns out to arrange a real competition in desktop football or just throw olives in glasses.

The last option is extremely in demand among Italian youth, whose representatives drink a glass of wine every time you do not fall into the target.

If you wish, you can arrange some Romantic contests. Each couple tells each other nice words and confesses to love, trying to use Italian or just do it on Italian manner.

Well, the most popular game in the country are associations. Everywhere you can see the crowds of people with wine glasses that show various words and try to guess them.

Of course, it is almost impossible to imagine a thematic party in the Italian style without pizza and pasta. In addition, you can find a huge number of dishes, the preparation of which occupies the minimum amount of time. You just need to show fantasy and a little patience.

In recent years, enjoyed in great demand at parties Salad Capres, For the preparation of which you need tomatoes, mozzarella and basil. Each ingredient is the color of the Italian flag. For guests can also be submitted ravioli with various fillings, Pizza “Margarita” and Lazagan. As for the dessert, there will be an indispensable tiramisu or panna-cotta. If you manage to find in supermarkets, you can pamper guests Sicilian oranges. All together will be extremely tasty and satisfying.

Thus, the Italian party will be an excellent solution for celebrating his birthday, New Year or any other holiday. With a properly selected menu and scenery, it will be possible to recreate the present Italy and surprise the guests of the greatness of this country.

About how to organize a party in Italian style, see the following video.

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