List of original metal gifts

List of original metal gifts

On the eve of any significant date, many do not know what to give a close friend, colleague, friend or relatives. At such a time, you can break your head, thinking that it is best to present as a successful present. If such a dilemma touched you, we recommend paying attention to metal souvenirs, they have a presentable appearance and will leave positive memories for many years. In this article we suggest to consider a number of metal presents.

Gift from tin

Tin gifts have an attractive appearance, as a rule, the handmade engraving is applied on the product, due to which a similar thing is not ashamed to give even the boss at work, and it will undoubtedly appreciate. The advantage of tin presents lies in uniqueness or a small rubage, which gives a gift. Today you can order absolutely any engraving on the product, so the present can be handed a colleague or business partners, applying a corporate logo to the design surface.

Copper on the anniversary

Products from copper for a long time has been taken to hand the spouse or spouses on their wedding anniversary. To date, traditions have not lost their relevance. This is determined not only by believing that copper bonds the bonds of marriage, but also has a charitable effect on the body, or rather:

  • Provides positive properties for the psyche+
  • contributes to improving metabolism.

That is why modern alternative medicine recommends that wearing copper decorations. Copper most often gives the seventh anniversary of the wedding, however, you should not wait for so long, you can please your halves of a thing of bronze. The alloy has not lost its positive properties, so it will also have the above properties. In addition, bronze accessories or souvenirs have an attractive appearance and guaranteed to delight your spouse.

Additionally, it can be noted that some couples order casting of unique coins on which the number of their first kiss, weddings or dating is engraved. Such gifts for believers bring wealth to the family.

But if you drop superstition, the coin will not lose its relevance as a gift due to its originality.

Original Present from Nickel

Nickel products handed over to the 12th anniversary of family life. In this case, the space for choosing a gift is quite extensive, there are many decorations, for example, bracelets, elegant looking on the gentle hands of a girl. In addition, the nickel dishes with additional engraving will not only be original, but also a practical gift that will delight the whole family in long years.

Additionally, it is worth noting that from this metal you can order nickelting bathroom, in which case you will extend its service life for many years due to corrosion protection. But this is not all, a nickel-covered technique has a presentable look, it can be handed out not only on the anniversary, but also in any significant day a person who means much to you.

Forged products – a gift for centuries

This section should pay special attention due to the fact that forged products can be given absolutely everyone, due to the variety of structures that are manufactured today. Thus, iron items can fit your girlfriend, grandparents, friends and even bosses. For example, for a private house will be relevant to order an original lamp together with a bench. Warm summer nights on such a colorful product will be delightful, the originality of the idea is guaranteed to delight the perpetrators of the celebration.

You can also give wonderful boxes of steel, where your spouse or mom will be able to store precious jewelry. Just look at the work of the master of your business. What is the advantage of such gifts?

Let’s briefly consider why it is worth paying attention to such designs.

  1. Cast iron forged products have a long service life due to their mechanical resistance. A similar thing can be inherited to grandchildren or even great-grandchildren, not having lost its original form.
  2. The practicality of gifts has no boundaries. You can have various items: mangals, shops, lanterns, figurines, decorations for the lawn in the backyard, artificial flowers as a gift to a girl and much more, in this case you can do everything that is enough for fantasy masters.
  3. Iron structures will look great in any interior, Whether it is an old wooden house or cottage created on a modern way, in the courtyard of a private site or on a balcony of a high-rise building.

As you can see, the presents of this type will fit each. They will emphasize the individuality of the overall interior or simply please the eye of their owner, and most importantly, will cause a smile at the perpetrator of the celebration.

Gift from brass

From brass, as a rule, perform any souvenirs. Light yellow color material allows you to perform an attractive and at the same time a relatively inexpensive gift. Most of the brass make medals, photography pendants inside, badges, unique coins under the order or with a small circulation. In addition, the material is perfectly inflicted on its surface of various coatings, for example, it can be:

  • Epoxy resin+
  • Enamel and many other coatings.

From brass you can make the original gift to a friend collector. A unique coin paid for your taste will be made in one copy, so it will become a valuable addition to the collection, and the key chain is a good memorable bass for a friend. Metal gifts are always attractive and fit absolutely to any holiday, the main thing is to choose the right one.

Handing a similar product to a close person, you will undoubtedly leave a pleasant impression about yourself and make the owner’s smile every time he looks at the precious thing.

Metal gift with their own hands – in the following video.

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