Make a New Year tree with your own hands

Make a New Year tree with your own hands

New Year – Time of Magic and Creativity. Amazingly adults are transformed as children, considering the New Year’s toys and sincerely rejoicing the decoration of the house, especially when the interior details are performed their own. New Year tree from non-standard materials – a great opportunity to create a festive mood and a pleasant pastime with children.

Original and creative ideas

Christmas tree, as an integral element of the New Year holiday, came to us from Germany. It was there for the first time they began to decorate fir branches with sweets, ribbons and ribs, in order to please the spirits. In Russia, the first decided to support the custom of Peter I, and after the wife of Nicholas I. New Year’s beauty so loved to people that even Joseph Stalin allowed to arrange the Christmas trees in honor of the New Year for children.

Since a long time and still people in pleasant hassles buy live trees and decorate them, rejoicing with a pleasant smell of needles, albeit short-term. However, Some try to take care of nature and perform their New Year fantasies, the masses of the Christmas trees from prudent and non-standard materials. Some of them become a unique element of the interior, others under the delight of children are sent to exhibitions in kindergartens and schools. Anyway, the mood of the holiday is spread with an incredible speed.

New Year tree with your own hands can be made of anything, however, the most accessible and simple is the manufacture of decor from tinsel. Indeed, thin brilliant needles Mishura are so reminiscent of the Christmas tree, and the color of the decoration today makes it pleases with your manifold. Wanting to make an option that does not occupy a lot of space, you can fix a tinsel, bending it in the shape of a Christmas tree, right on the wall. Mix the decoration can both on the buttons and on the transparent scotch, depending on the coating. For the bulk version of the Mishur, the model of the Christmas tree of the Wire, in conclusion, decorating it with bows, ribbons, cotton balls and rain.

Wanting even more decorate the walls, you can create a Christmas tree from the garlands, fixing them on the wall either in the corner, attaching the design volume. Extraly look like ordinary garlands with LED light bulbs and garlands in the form of sparkling stars or colors.

Another option, saving place – Christmas Beauty from Christmas balls. To make it performing toys of various diameters, ride on the fishing line, which, in turn, represents the fuke. The product begins with one toy, becoming wider with each near, like a real coniferous beauty.

The idea of ​​drawing up a Christmas tree from a variety of rows seems to be needlewomen in various options. So, especially cozy a spruce from a tree, in which the rows from the shortest to the longest and linked, are laid out of the branches of various lengths and linked. The finished product is decorated with Christmas balls, beads and other New Year’s attributes.

Cute miniature Christmas trees are performed by paper craftsmen or magazines. The most different techniques come to the aid in the manufacture of the manufacture, whether quilling, origami, bulk modeling, twisting of newspaper tubes or classical appliqué. Many paper ideas are available in the sale of children. Paper frame can be successfully made of different submitted materials, such as buttons, beads, mosaic, New Year cards, thread coils.

Reverently related to painstaking work, you can try your strength in the fulfillment of coniferous beauty from beads. The work is obtained small, however, causing genuine admiration. A Christmas tree from a bottle of champagne can be a stylish decoration of the festive table, exquisitely decorated with fatin, corrugated paper or organzo and augmented by candy, located on the designs in the form of Christmas toys.

In continuation of the theme of bottles and their decoration, the craftsmen are offered to produce a Christmas tree from wine plugs, painting them into different colors and placing in the form of a triangle. It is worth noting the strength of the finished product, because the rough surface of the plugs is perfectly held with glue or fastens with wire.

Another idea of ​​the decoration of the interior and a festive table is a Christmas tree from candy. Favorite children’s delicacies are attached to the carcass cone from cardboard or wire. Candy of any form looks advantageously, however, more classic option – round in golden foil.

Snow-white tree can work out of cotton disks. For this, the products from the wool are folded in the form of a triangle and are fixed by the stapler at the base. “Neighborhood” are performed as simple as possible, and therefore the idea can be used for homemade creativity with children. Ready parts are glued to the cone base and are complemented by beads.

Continuing to create a festive mood together with children, it is useful and interesting to feel like sculptors, creating plasticine. If the product is stored in universal accessibility, it is better for it to use a soft solidifying plasticine that does not collect dust. The main parts of the design can be made of cones, having done from plasticine decoration and figures for decor.

Make a Christmas tree can also be from stationery, for example, from clips. Such an iron beauty is different and plenty of small details. Fastening them with each other, feel like a real design master and, probably, so such a way especially love the boys.

Today, the chief attribute of the holiday can be built from everything that is at home. Designs from books folded in the shape of a Christmas tree, filament balls, pillows, glasses, bottles, disks and even photos look original, unique and very boldly.

Step-by-step master class

Unfortunately, not all materials you can perform a really big and creative interior Christmas tree for the new year. Make a bulk model on the wall possible with the help of the most affordable and simple material – colored paper. Paper chevy easily attach to the basis using any adhesive composition.

Tools and materials

For creativity, simple materials and tools will be needed, which can be found in any stationery store, namely:

  • Large sheet of dense cardboard or foam+
  • Green colored paper+
  • Shiny colored paper+
  • foil+
  • PVA glue+
  • stationery knife+
  • marker+
  • Double-sided tape+
  • ruler.

How to do?

The first step is to define the size of the future interior exposition. Big Christmas tree will require one large sheet of cardboard or several glued together. If this is not available, It can be replaced by a sheet of fine foam, which will ensure the best maintenance of the shape and ease of construction. So, from cardboard or foam plastic cut a triangular blank. A homemade Christmas tree can be wide or narrow, depending on the selected location. Additionally, a triangle is cut out with a leg and star using a stationery knife. On the wall the basis can be fixed with scotch or buttons.

When the housing is ready, proceed to the manufacture of needles. To do this, you will need a lot of tight colored paper, which we fold and fix on the basis of an inverted fuel – accordion. At this stage it is important to measure and determine the future length of the harmonic. Place Mount of the needle on the basis should be 2 times already than the green canvas. For long accordion sheets of colored paper glued together and only after that fold. The laid out of the fan-harmonic winds from below. The topmost harmonica is the shortest, as it falls on the top corner of the triangle.

The edges of the fan, arranged by rows, hang each other, creating a welcome volume. It is attached to the basis of the harmonica with the help of plow adhesive or double-sided tape, glued in 3-4 places and on the edges. The design must be free and mobile. Corners at the same time can be slightly lifted using Scotch. It is important to completely close the basis of the “needles”, and therefore the edges are attached with the help of glue or tape on the wall.

For the finished Christmas tree of foil or brilliant paper, a star is cut out. For the decor, rolls into small foil balls and sticks to the familiar needles. “The leg” christmas tree is also performed from colored paper and is glued to the basis. Homemade coniferous beauty is ready. It pleases with its ease and air, simplicity and environmental friendliness, a sense of satisfaction from his own creativity.

Beautiful examples of crafts

Beautiful volumetric model made of colored paper can decorate any space, whether it is an office or a house.

Stylish festive table addition – Christmas tree from a bottle of champagne with a delicious addition of chocolate candies.

Cute homemade Christmas trees from paper molds for cupcakes fill the comfort and atmosphere of the holiday.

New Year’s designs from Christmas balls, strung on the fishing line, can be performed both in flat and in bulk versions.

Small Christmas trees from different colors based on-cone look homemade cute.

The model made in the technique of bulk modeling conquers its impressive dimensions and creative views.

How to create an original Christmas tree from ordinary cardboard, look in the video.

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