Make bulk paper snowflakes

Make bulk paper snowflakes

What’s new year without snow? Our country is north, snow is enough. In the snowdrifts Middle of the smallest snowflakes. Consider any in a microscope and see an extraordinary miracle. Predated in the New Year People decorate their housing with artificial snowflakes.


Flat two-dimensional snowflake can make each. She is undoubtedly good. But for the new year I want something unusual, and here they come to the rescue of three-dimensional snowflakes.

To decorate the room where the Christmas tree and a festive table be standing, create unusual snowflakes – beautiful and openworks of paper, from cardboard, from any material that succumbes to scissors, is shorted, glued, bends.

Only a few hours of inspirational creativity – and your home will be transformed into fabulous draws.

Materials and tools

Snowflakes can be made from different materials. Most often use paper A4 format. From one sheet you can cut both one and more than two snowflakes.

Required tools:

  • scissors+
  • Stapler+
  • glue stick+
  • Stationery knife+
  • Simple pencil+
  • ruler.

Technique implementation

Below are master classes showing how with their own hands from various materials step by step to make New Year’s snowflakes.

From cardboard

Prepare the required number of cardboard sheets at least two colors, from the calculation of 2 sheets of different color (for example, yellow and blue) for one snowflake. Next actions are as follows.

  1. Location one sheet along the main side into three parts. Blacks 2 lines. Put the second sheet, cut over the lines. We get 6 rectangles.
  2. We fold each of them in half, we make cuts perpendicular to the split as follows: 2 external, not reaching a couple of centimeters to the edge, and 2 internal – shorter half. The same actions for other billets.
  3. Each rectangle turn into snowflakes into the petal: the entire central part we stripped forward with respect to the general angle, and the short strip in its middle we take back to the corner. Diligently stroke all bends.
  4. Collect snowflake. To do this, glue, alternating colors, all blanks with outer strips. Ready.


The next snowflake is universal in size, however, many details will be required. Work is simple, but painstaking – good lesson for children. In addition to multi-colored paper, you will need a package with sequins. Precise dimensions do not give, choose yourself, roughly withstanding the relatives below.

  1. Cut two mugs, the diameter of one 3-4 times less than the diameter of the other.
  2. We harvest 8 squares from the paper of one color and side times in 2 more than the first mug. And other 8 relative to the second. Twist and glue 16 ults. These are snowflake petals.
  3. Along the circumference evenly to the larger mug we glue the petals first large, and after drying the glue – small.
  4. We are lining a small circle in the center. At the end, decorating it and the edges of large petals sequins.

Let’s show the snowflake that can be cut and copped the stapler in 10 minutes. Prepare 6 squares of paper or insole. Dimensions and colors – at your discretion.

  1. Square bended diagonally, the resulting triangle we fold again.
  2. Make in the direction of folding 4 parallel base of the triangle. The distance between them is 1-1.5 cm, we leave the same amount to the opposite side.
  3. Deploy the workpiece. Connect the corners of the central square and secure bracket. Turn over and fasten the following 2 strips. We repeat 2 times.
  4. In the same way, we will make 5 petals.
  5. We connect the petals in 2 groups of 3 pieces and already from groups we obtain the result.

Another simple volumetric striped snowflake. Material Material, Standard Tools.

  1. Cut 10 identical strips from the selected material. We lay 5 of them on a flat surface with gaps up to width. Others 5 are put perpendicular to the interweaving through one.
  2. Glue the adjacent strips in pairs. Central remains free.
  3. We also work with the second blank.
  4. We leave one semidery on the table, the second turn over and add to the first one with a rotation of 45 degrees so that the loose strips came into the twisted strips of the lower. In this place the strips glue.

Here’s another paper snowflake.

  1. Square sheet to fold diagonally 3 times.
  2. Pencil spend 3 arcs along the larger side of the triangle so that 2 bottoms do not reach the rib.
  3. Scissors cut over lines. Under the lower arc cut out 2 triangles.
  4. Deploy the workpiece. Medium strips of rays bend to the center and glit.
  5. In the same way we make the second blank.
  6. Glue them with flat sides, deploying relative to each other.
  7. We glue something beautiful to the center, for example,.

From Isolon

This is PPE-F Polyethylene, ISOLON 500 and 0.2-10 mm thick. The material is suitable for creating crafts in a wide range of sizes. Here is its basic properties:

  • Light, on average 30 kg / m3+
  • Soft – millimeter sheets are cut by scissors or construction knife+
  • non-combustible, when heated melts+
  • give in a small stretching, forming a wave that can decorate the product+
  • bonded with hot glue, threads or stapler or heated air flow from electric stove, hair dryer, soldering iron, iron+
  • changes the shape exclusively heating, not afraid of temperature drops and humidity.

For the manufacture of snowflakes from Isolon, we will need:

  • Hair dryer with two heating modes+
  • Adhesive gun with temperature switch (working – 105 degrees)+
  • Kraspopult+
  • Acrylic enamel or rubber paint.

Keep in mind, the isolon cannot be overheated, otherwise it melts, and the workpiece will have to do again. We recommend experimenting on trimming material with a heating temperature of a hair dryer and adhesive gun.

Let’s make a simple snowflake from Isolon. We need sheets of 3 colors: white, blue and blue.

  1. Install strips: 5 pieces of white, 10 – other colors. White strips – the longest, medium length blue and the shortest – blue. Dimensions arbitrary.
  2. Glue the tips of white stripes. For gluing it is best to suit the adhesive gun. To each white looper on both sides, glit first blue, then blue loops.
  3. Collect the snowflake of five petals.

In the center you can put some decoration.

3D snowflakes

Show how to make a very creative three-dimensional snowflake. From the tools you will need:

  • School eraser+
  • Thread with needle+
  • compass.

Algorithm of action.

  1. From paper A4 we prepare 8 identical squares. Cut the circles out of them.
  2. In each circle, blacksmith small circle. We carry out 4 diameters at an angle of 45 degrees and on them to a small mug we make cuts. We get 8 sectors.
  3. Each sector on all circles we turn the cutter, you can with the help of the handle, glue.
  4. We take a needle with a thread. First pushing a piece of erats and omit to the nodule so as not to break the paper. We ride 4 billets with cutters up, turning about 20-25 degrees, then down the remaining 4 with the same turns.
  5. The second piece of elastic squeeze our construction, trying to bring both gum as close as possible. Straighten spines – Snowflake ready.

Original Snowflake-Christmas Tree.

  1. Blacks on a leaf triangle – Tree profile. Her height in centimeters will give us the number of layers, let it be 17. Through a centimeter along the height, the lines will do the line parallel to the base. Lines in the diagram will give diameters of circles.
  2. For each diameter: We measure its value, cut the square with such a side, bend to the diagonals, carry out the fibers of the line, draw the circle inside it, cut out this circle, shit along the lines a little more than the middle.
  3. Each sector of the circle is tightened with a pencil, so that sharp cones are formed, we put them. Received 8-end stars.
  4. We produce wire through the cover and fix. We ride the stars in descending order of diameters, turning them in such a way that the cones lay in checker.
  5. Wire from above you can just bend. And ends the Christmas tree twisted in the horn.


Necessary materials:

  • 5 sheets of paper A4+
  • glue stick+
  • Metal line, simple pencil+
  • Colored glitters, sequins.

Phased actions are such.

  1. Blacks Middle Line Along List List. We fold one side of the sheet with a cross-line line by about 1 cm. We begin the other side until the middle and glue it to the already curved side. It turned out a volumetric figure.
  2. With a pencil from above and from the bottom from the edge, we note 2 cm. Customize the edges on the marks, you can using the line. As a result, 2 folds and the main fold on each side. We spread the figure and gently bending the main folds inside.
  3. We fold our workpiece in half, we sample so that it does not unfold, we celebrate the middle. On the right side we make a label of 9.5 cm from the upper edge, on the left – 5.5 cm. We connect these labels with two lines, cut off the extreme triangles.
  4. Repeat the previous steps for four pieces of snowflake.
  5. Glue the workpiece. The glue is applied with an inverted letter “T”: stripes in the middle and on bend. The bottom of the package of 5 parts can be hosted by the stationery closet until the glue drying.
  6. We apply glue at the top of the workpiece, completely unfold a snowflake. Click, wait when the glue dries.
  7. Decorating snowflake. We are applied glitter glitter on the most tips of the rays, sequins glue in the middle.

Another snowflake. Easy design, but attractive to its air. Need to prepare:

  • 2 sheets of paper+
  • glue stick.

Instructions for manufacture.

  1. From paper, we make 6 identical quadraticles: from one sheet 4 and from the second 2.
  2. One of the squares add diagonally. From the direct angle along the side we plan 6 screaks 12 mm from each other. In parallel to the other side of these labels, we carry out the line, not reaching the bend of about 1 cm.
  3. To speed up the work, put the remaining 5 in the distinguished square. Bend, with pressure stroke. Making cuts on the lines. Deploy 6 billets of petals.
  4. At the top of each billet form a cone, glue it. I turn over the shape, glue the following two strips. So do another 4 times. Petals are ready.
  5. We collect 2 groups of 3 parts each. Finally, glue all the snowflake.

Snowflake-ballerina will be the next handicraft. Standard materials.

  1. We draw yourself or find a silhouette of a dancing ballerina on the Internet. It is desirable to still use several different figures. Print, shove on thin white cardboard, cut out – Ballerina is ready.
  2. Skirt is a snowflake. Take the simplest flat stencil. Cut out everything that is painted in black.
  3. We will make a blank for a ballerina skirt. To do this cut the square of the A4 sheet. Moving it diagonally 2 times, thoroughly aligning the bends.
  4. Take the workpiece for both angle and pull the angles below the base with the imposition, as if you are cool. We achieve that the resulting sharp angle in the top was smooth, without folds, and the bends did not go beyond the parties. Align both ribs shapes.
  5. From the reverse side, an anoscele triangle was formed to which the selected stencil can be applied. We assign a template on a triangle, we supply out the contours, cut off everything too much, unfold. Here it is a bundle of ballerinas.
  6. We put the skirt on the figure, we liner if it does not hold.
  7. Now fasteners. If you plan to set up a snowbox-ballerina on the tree, stick the thread, for example, to her handle.

If you decide to put on the windowsill, use the stationery clothespin. Variants set.

On the eve of the New Year, adults and children want to make snowflakes with their own hands to decorate their homes.

The submitted article provides step-by-step instructions with which it is easy to perform from paper, cardboard or isolon. Beautiful three-dimensional, bulk snowflakes.

How to make a bulk snowflake with your own hands, look in the following video.

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