New Year in a family circle: traditions celebration

New Year in a family circle: traditions celebration

New Year is a family holiday, hardly someone will argue with this statement. After all, it may be better than gathering at the festive table with a friendly company of relatives and loved ones, wish each other happiness and good luck in the coming year, summarize the outgoing, rejoice to gifts and fun to spend time talking and entertainment! Meeting of the New Year at home with a family can be a great opportunity to strengthen family bonds.

New Year’s menu

Traditionally, the new year prepares exquisite and delicious dishes that do not afford to afford every day, as it is either expensive or prepare for too long. It may be baked for a special recipe meat, seafood cocktail, unusual salad.

A variety of dishes are usually present on the New Year’s Eve. It can be:

  • meat and cheese slicing+
  • fresh fruits+
  • Several varieties of hot dishes, such as roasted chicken with crispy potatoes and pork rubber in soy sauce, fish baked in the oven with lemon slices+
  • Olivier, crab salad, greek salad, liver cake, searer “under a fur coat”+
  • Shortbread cookies in the shape of Christmas trees, stars, Christmas deer, you can bake your favorite cake or find a new recipe.

It is better to abandon the purchase of packaged juices, as they are full of sugar and preservatives with the complete absence of benefit, and cook Berry Morse do it yourself, children will love Milk cocktails, hot chocolate, Adults may limit champagne.

By the way, the good idea for the celebration of the New Year in the family of the family will be dinner, which everyone will bring something to him, be it salad or dessert dish.


Every year according to tradition, the name of one of the animals of the Eastern Zodiacal Circle. It also corresponds to a certain color scheme, which should be followed when choosing an outfit and a New Year’s decor for a home to back up the “host of the year”. Therefore, planning than and how you will decorate the home, can adopt this idea and choose accessories of the corresponding colors. If you think it will be enough just to dress the Christmas tree, then you are deeply mistaken.

Turn your home into a real winter fairy tale, waving festive lanterns, garlands, snowflakes, draw on windows and mirrors patterns with special stained inks.

Purchase toy Santa Claus and Snow Maiden, put them under the Christmas tree, and next to put beautifully packaged gifts.

Do not forget about the festive table. Low one bed Elegant tablecloth, Submire Beautiful dishes, napkins with New Year’s theme. Each Kushany Try artistically lay out on the dish and decorate lemon slices, dill branch, olives, cherry tomatoes. Put a statuette to the table that personifies the symbol of the upcoming year.


Celebrate the New Year in the family of the family is very fun, because you all know each other and love, and therefore you will not be shy to joke and fool. We offer you several options for entertainment events that you can adopt and develop a whole celebration program.

  • Mandarin cleaning in mittens. Competition for speed. Each of the family members puts the mittens and chooses Mandarin. After the words “on the start! Attention! March!”Exposed by one of the participants, everyone starts to clean their fruit, which is extremely problematic to do in woolen mittens. Who will be the first to cope, the winner.
  • Search for nominal snowflakes. It is necessary to prepare in advance and decompose snowflakes with the names of family members written on them. Do not hide them too carefully, because the searches can delay and turn out of fun to the tedious. By team “March!»Participants start looking for snowflakes and collect them. The essence is to collect all the snowflakes only with your name and make it faster all.
  • Comic divination. According to tradition in the New Year holidays, many are guessing, trying to find out what the coming year is promulit. We offer to conduct a comic divination. To do this, you should prepare small leaves, write predictions on them, twist them into the tube or fold the square, omit in the header or bucket. When the time is close to midnight, each of the family members will have to be rapidly pulling out a piece of paper and read their prediction.

We recommend that you do not write anything negative, And best of all will stop on the funny prophecies of the type “You will be cheaper and energetic, the year will become excellent for you!”,” Fate gilds your palm: Apartment Il Il Iron horse will appear, “” Waiting for you soon a trip to the sea “.


On the theme of Christmas and Christmas gifts you can speak forever. After all, choose them even more pleasant than getting! And what is the joy to see smiles of your favorite people and hear words of gratitude!

For the new year, everyone is waiting for a miracle. Therefore, you should not be limited to “duty” presents like socks, shaving foams or towels.

Show fantasy, because even the most modest means can be purchased something really right and pleasant heart.

  • Choosing a gift mom, Remember that it is not only your mother, but also a woman, which means that it may not be too good to delight a frying pan or a set of bed linen. Surely you know her size clothing (and if not, look at the clothing label or make measurements with a special ribbon) – Buy her beautiful pajamas or outfit for the house. If the budget allows you to pamper a mammy her favorite perfume or stylish decoration.
  • Father A little more difficult to please. But there is a win-win version – choose a gift associated with his hobby. If dad is an avid fisherman or a hunter, then go to a specialized store and purchase a certificate for the amount for you. Also a good solution will be the purchase of a leather belt, key or purse.
  • Grandparents and grandfathers It is also desirable to give gifts related to their hobbies. If Granny loves to knit, give her a couple of motors good yarn or new knitting needles + grandfather is interested in board games – Well, their choice is huge, buy something new, interesting and make a grandfather company.
  • Sisters, brothers Will be glad to new fashion gadgets. Wireless headphones, Powerbanks, Covers for phones and tablets – All this can be found in specialized vending points or order in the online store.
  • Husband, wife best give what he / she wanted for a long time. All the tastes and wishes of your second half you need to know! The classic presents for spouses are perfume, jewelry, gadgets, leather goods (belts, bags, wallets).
  • That’s where you can get to get intograded, so it is in choosing gifts to children! It can be toys, and interesting colorful books, and children’s gadgets, and new clothes. Mandatory is the presentation of a sweet gift.

It’s one thing – to choose a gift, but it also needs to be proceded and present. Here are some recommendations on this.

  • Make a package with your hand from cardboard.
  • Wrap it with beautiful paper, take a bow. You can add decorative elements in the form of Christmas tree branches, cones, artificial berries. Melo, paper snowflakes.
  • So that family members do not confuse, to whom what gift is intended, provide each box by the name of the tag.

Interesting ideas of the celebration

Finally, we offer you options for holding your family festival.

  • Choose unusual topics. You met a new year in Hawaii? And in the castle of Dracula? And what do you say about the pirate ship? Organize a party in any of the proposed styles, offering guests to dress up to the thematic masquerade suit. Cook and appropriate dishes: If it is a holiday, stylized under certain national traditions, find out a couple of chosen kitchen recipes + if your choice fell on the vampire ball, prepare more meat dishes, and serve berry juice and red wine – they can symbolize blood.
  • Schedurate Celebrate on the Central Tree of the City. If you do not want to turn the new year’s meeting in the absorption of dishes in front of the TV, are going to all your family. Go to the city Christmas tree: roll off the slides, let out the salutes, arrange the battle with snowballs, blinding the snowbank! If your pastime will be active, you will not leave.

If you do not know what to give close to the New Year, see ideas in the video below.

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