Options Decoration of the street tree for the new year

Options Decoration of the street tree for the new year

New Year’snthery turmoil is always accompanied by joy and good mood. Children write letters by Santa Claus, prepare gifts to parents. Adults make up a festive menu and instead of Santa Claus runs on shopping in search of the desired by Chad Present. Well, in the pre-holiday weekend, home and yard decoration begins. Yes, the courtyard should also be decorated to the New Year’s mood starts from the threshold. And if spruce or pine grows in the yard, not to decorate it will be a big mistake.

Select garlands

To date, a huge amount of New Year’s decor has been developed. But despite this? The chief symbol of the holiday remains a tree. This green beauty attracts the enthusiastic views of adults and children, watering rounds around her, under her Santa Claus hides gifts.

It is the dressed tree fills the house with the feelings of heat and comfort. Only one thing when the decorated Christmas tree is in the house, – a well-dressed fir in the yard looks completely different.

When placing a festive tree, the Soviet cartoon “Prostokvashino” is immediately remembered, where the most diverse utensils in the attic was used as toys. And what is interesting, even today, this approach is considered the most acceptable. However, before getting cottage consumers, it is necessary to decorate the street fir blade.

Modern producers of Christmas decorations offer customers glowing tapes of different shapes and sizes. Consumers remain only to choose the appropriate option, considering that the electric garland will decorate the street fir tree.

  • Garland-thread. The most common version of the luminous tape, represented today in lengths up to 200 m.

  • Garland network. Commissioning threads during stretching create different geometric shapes. At the same time, each thread is filled with bright LED bulbs.

  • Garland-Bakhroma. The feature of such a garland is in bulk. Additional wires with light bulbs are attached to the main threads in places of their intersections.

  • Garlands – Sosselki. Unique modern version of the LED christmas tree. The maximum effect is obtained when the lights flow down inside each icicle.

  • Garlands-toys. Interesting LED decoration, in which each light bulb is hidden inside the Christmas toys. This garland saves on acquisition of additional Christmas decorations.

It’s no secret that street garlands must have a number of technical features, as they will interact with harsh weather conditions. Sometimes on the new year the air temperature drops to 30 degrees of frost, and the next morning bright sunlights begin to pull the dropped snow.

This means that garland should have moisture-repellent, frost-resistant and dirt-proof characteristics.

When buying LED ribbons, it is important to pay attention to the IP indicator. This is the degree of protection against moisture and abrasives. The first digital indicator speaks of resistance to solid subjects, the second – to water. Specialists recommend stopping their choice on garlands with IP44 and IP54 indicators. The more the numbers, the higher the level of protection of the light thread.

Selection of Christmas tree toys

Deciding with the garland, you can start the selection of Christmas toys. First of all it is important to remember – the decor of the Christmas tree decorated in the yard must be safe. It is worth abandoning glass balls: with severe wind gusts, they can break out and crash into small fragments, which adults, children, and pets can cut down.

Ideally, it is worth choosing plastic or foam balls with moisture-resistant paint. Poor-quality toak toys from exposure to strong cold can crack and even fall off, which will negatively affect the beauty of the festive tree.

For a major street tree, you should choose large toy size. Small balls will be ridiculous to look at the festive tree. Well, as for the forms of toys, there are currents can use a variety of options.

Today, by the way, the toys of the USSR returned to the fashion. Only analogs are made not from glass, but from safe plastic. But externally, they are not inferior to the figures of fabulous houses, birds of bullfight and cones.

What else to choose for registration?

You can decorate the Christmas tree near the house not only by standard balls, garlands and tinsel. Basement and attic trash will be used as design. The main thing is to correctly pick up unnecessary utensils.

First of all it is important to remember that the Christmas tree growing in the yard, live, respectively, big and high. Selected toys must fit its dimensions. Conventional balls in this case will be inappropriate. But, for example, a pair of old shoes, painted with gold paint, will be a creative solution in the design of the street New Year’s beauties.

The old mittens, complemented by Mishur and Snowflakes, will be originally. Children’s toys sent to the attic – a stylish idea of ​​the design of a festive tree.

The Christmas tree can be arranged with unnecessary kitchenware, for example: manual wedge, circles, even a colorful kettle. If the head of the family will be able to send an economic inventory before the holiday, it will be possible to send everything that failed: screwdrivers with knocked tips, saws with remote pre-teeth and much more. The main thing is to show a fantasy, any spoiled thing can be issued a New Year’s fir, in charge of this way that the present light view is.

Special attention should be paid to the territory around the Christmas tree. If dogs run through the yard, they can not break some toys. And may be of interest to grab your teeth overflowing the garlands and pull into the booth. So that this does not happen, it is recommended to arrange the christmas tree on the edges – boxes with gifts. So home pets will be more difficult to get to the festive tree and spoil his decor.

How to make decorations with your own hands?

To work, you will need: thread for knitting, PVA, plastic cup and air ball.

  • Balloon is inflated.
  • Pva poured into a cup.
  • Knitting thread goes down in PVA, after which it is wrapped in a ball in chaotic order.
  • Crafts postponed for a day.
  • The next day, when PVA will dry, it is necessary to pierce the ball with a needle and pull out his remnants from the filamentary craft.
  • It remains to tie a string for fixing on the Christmas tree “Lapa”.

Stylish decoration of the street tree will be crafts from beads. To work, you will need: beads, wire, satin ribbon and pebbles for weighting toys. It is important that the wire is dense, otherwise it can burst in the cold.

  • The tip of the wire must be bandaged to the notifiable beads.
  • Next, the wire is given the necessary form.
  • Beads must be bandaged up.
  • The end of the wire after the ripples of all the beads must be wrapped up several times and bend so that the aircraft does not crumble.
  • Last Stage – Fixing Satin Ribbon. It must be skipped through the top loop toys. With her help will be hung on the Christmas tree “Lapa”. And the place of the joint of the wire must be hidden under the bow of the satin ribbon.

The presented master classes are actually very easy to perform. However, there are more complex crafts, which goes much more time to create. For example, a sock snowman. The finished result is obtained so cute and attractive that it is almost impossible to distinguish it from crafts of highly qualified masters.

To work, you will need: white socks, colorful terry sock, rice filler, scissors, several buttons, white yarn, black yarn, beads to create a face, cloth for scarf, glue and needle with threads.

  • From white sock cut up top to heel. Rice filler falls asleep in it – so that a little free place remains.
  • The upper part is flashing with large stitches and is delayed.
  • White yarn is tied to the middle of the stuffed sock – so that the smaller part of the filler is above.
  • From colorful terry sock cuts up top. With a piece with a stop are cut off the heel and finger tip. It is this part that is treated with a secret line so that the fabric does not bloom. Here it is and a blouse for a snowman.
  • The upper part of the terry sock turns inside out, the edge is stitched by simple stitches. After the workpiece should be turned back. It turned out square hat.
  • Next, the white yarn is taken, several threads are connected to each other, after which they are trimmed, turning into 2 pompon. This very decor should be decorated with caps on both tips.
  • Blouse and cap wear on a snowman figure. Next on clothes sewed buttons. The face is glued to the nose and mouth. For spout used beads, for mouth – black thread.
  • From knitted material, you should make a scarf and bind the neck of the snowman.

There are a lot of similar toy options. The main thing is that all of them can be made with their own hands using the old consumer industry since the attic.

Beautiful examples

Decorations for the Christmas tree in the yard can be the most different. From ordinary CDs that have already practically use no one, you can make beautiful Christmas balls. And from old burned light bulbs and you can make a bright garland at all.

Gorgeous idea of ​​creating Face Figure Claus from 5-liter plastic containers.

The best use of old buttons.

Simplest, and most importantly, win-win toys for registration of the New Year tree.

About how to make a decoration on the Christmas tree, look in the sealing video.

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