Options for a boy’s birthday

Options for a boy's birthday

All of us, and moms especially want the birthday of the child to be remembered for a long time. It all depends on the photowons, which can be organized on the street, indoors, in the garden.


Specially decorated space for a photo session consists of several parts.

  • The basis of the photowons on the birthday of the boy is background. As the main background, you can take anything. It can be the favorite cartoon characters of the future men, a huge banner with his photos, a booth with wishes.
  • This is also necessary to place the name and age of the perpetrator of the celebration. Inscriptions can be made volumetric: from flowers, lollipops, liver. And you can order balls with inscriptions. Here are posters, garlands with congratulations, growth flowers. If suddenly, the fun falls on autumn or winter time, then the photocon is recommended to form LED illumination or overflowing New Year’s garlands.
  • Where without a sweet children’s table – Candida Bara. Table with goodies is also recommended to arrange in a certain style.

    But before installing a corner for photos, you need to take advantage of designers:

    • Do not confuse the human entourage for adults and children: these are different topics+
    • It is worth paying attention to lighting, especially in winter or during the evening holiday.
    • Photosone must match the style, holiday theme+
    • On the birthday of photo trips should be distinguished by brightness, the embodiment of fantastic ideas+
    • Calculate space is necessary so that all invited company fitted+
    • Such space should be located near the celebration.

    Interesting ideas

    Design ideas a huge number. It is important to use and beat those moments that the child loves. Consider some.

    • For 2 years, it is recommended to place a zone with toys. Relevant will be big numbers and letters. Zonail the corner for memorable photos is convenient in the children’s.

    • The boys on the 3th anniversary will suit the zone from the balls, bows and ribbons. It is not bad to look for garlands of fabric, bells, paper.

      • For example, place for photo for 4 years It will be interesting to arrange in the form of a slashing with branches either from the greenery of the garden arch, and you can simply organize everything from the photo wallpaper overlooking the ocean or the sea.

      • Decorate space for photo shoot boy for 5 years Good layouts of popular buildings and structures. At this age, they are real inventors and builders.

      • At 6 years old baby not yet a schoolboy, but no longer applies to those kids who only learned to walk and hardly talk. Here will be the topic of animation and cartoons. BELOW Make a corner in the style of “puppy patrol”, “Ninja Turtles” or “Man-Spider Man”. Children’s delight will not be limit.

      • At 7-8 years will appropriately watch photocollages, Panel, the heroes of favorite films or computer games are also welcome.

      • In 9-10 years old Subscribe to his mature son of the photoconu with his statements, dreams about the profession, his some personal achievements.

      Among interesting ideas can be at some attention.

      • Pirate theme. Among the scenery, use a chest, doubling or toys of cold weapons, vessel layout, binoculars, fisheries network.

      • Popular cartoon characters are minions. Reduce the background with yellow or blue drapery, arrange the figures of cartoon characters.

      • Already that the season does not come out of the fashion “Tags”. Main color – red, car accessories will serve automotive accessories.

      But it is not worth filling out on color or one topic. Here you can use your favorite things, toys, games of the child: Designer, sports equipment, Toy transport.

      How to make it yourself??

      Before issuing something specific, you need to do the trim. There may be several variations.

      • The most advantageous and convenient option is a white translucent, unlikely canvas. Inconvenience is that heavy items cannot be fixed. Yes, and various slopes do hard.
      • Plywood or white board are suitable for the base. But here it will be convenient to mount any thing.
      • It is worth trying corrugated cardboard for packaging. It is convenient to give any color. But he quickly fails.
      • For the design of photowons, kids are better to use wallpaper or rolled curtains.
      • Original solution – expanded polystyrene. But the trouble – too quickly turns into a crumb, collects dust.
      • Backdrop It is recommended to paint water paint for wall coatings. You do not need to take acrylic paint, she hardly scatters light.

      Undoubtedly, marine design for the boy will be just right. For the design of such a zone, sea attributes will suit: shells, starfish, chains, small anchor or steering wheel, rescue circle, cord or twine. Main Background – White-Blue: You can make drape from light fabrics. As an interesting idea, a ship layout or submarine is considered.

      Posing on camera camera or mobile phone will look interesting if the child is in the balloon basket. Mom for decoration will need a large wicker basket, box, massive ball or many helium balloons. If there is no big ball, then for the main background there will be enough cardboard ball or carved from the Watman Sheet.

      Install on the street or home homemade wigvam. It is convenient for such a design by the fact that in addition to posing in the photo here it is convenient to rest or just retire. Pillows, garlands, folding windows and doors will become an additional attribute.

      Popular now than ever tantaamarski in different styles. This is a kind of rack with a plot pattern with holes for parts of the face, hands, sometimes and legs. Here you depict the heroes of films, fairy tales, cartoons. The photo gets alive, interesting, little with humor.

        Of course, what a holiday without garland, banners, beautiful ribbons: they can also be made it with their own hands. Flags, drawings, photos, various figures suit decoration. Use multicolored LEDs to illuminate specific items or parts of the zone.

        Accommodation options

        Options for placing space for photos and video films depend on the total theme of the holiday. Everything can be equipped in the building: in the house, in the country, in the apartment, either on the street: in the yard, in the garden, in the park area or on the shore of the reservoir.

        Beautiful places can be found in Nature: This is an original growing trees, meadow with flowers, original shore. Of course, it will be useful to spend holidays on nature in a warm period of time. Landscape Easily add hammock, swings, chairs.

        Winter holidays spend at home. As for the design of the room, then it is necessary to equip the photoconut in the bright corner of the house, so that the glare does not appear in the photo.

        Beautiful examples

        At the same time, paper garlands with various figures will look beautiful and original: soccer balls, birds, photos, hearts. Color selected appropriate: it can be a bright spot or beads with garlands, weathered in one style. Consider ready-made solutions.

        • Cardboard plates, Weathered in a certain topic: what is not a style and beauty? Fixings are sold now a lot of different. They look not only original, but do not spoil the material of the walls. Put the attributes in a checker order or make them figures – this is a fantasy of each.

        • For girls beautiful and interesting will be the idea with princesses. But why not come up with a corner of a prince for your son? To do this, you can put a big toy horse against the background of the castle with the towers. Decorate the background in blue using light white fabric as an add-on. The perimeter of the zone decorate garlands from crown, balls, numbers or cakes.

        • On the street, it will be quite original to look a photocurement in the form of painted and reedy fence. It is not difficult to put it a separate fragment, and there will be no time. Scenery you can come up with a lot: paint paint, fasten greens or artificial flowers, make cloud butafory, cheer out wardrobe items.

        • Easy and soft will create a zone with ribbons from satin or paper of different colors. For such purposes you need a stick with fixed ribbons. Houses background will continue in the form in which he was conceived. And on the street will be visible any breath of the breeze.

        Preparation options for beautiful and original photowers for boys quite a lot. But they are recommended to draw them, based on age, child preferences, party theme.

        If you decide to make up the design of the photo model on the birthday of the boy yourself, then you will learn about the best and original ornaments from the following video.

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